Monday, May 14, 2012

Word Charm

Word Charm

The sterling silver word charm that we will look at is a round 7/8" circle charm. It is engraved on both sides of the word charm.There are over 150 sterling silver word charms to choose from. The word charm genre got their start or gained their popularity from these silver round word charms.

These word charms evolved into word jewelry and word necklaces. These word charms started out as affirmation charms with positive words like love, believe, hope, faith etc. Then someone got the idea to add sports to the words charms collection. Then the word charms grew with other kinds of words and the only way to see all these words click on word charms.

Word jewelry, is closely connected to word charms. From the word charm comes many, even countless possible word necklaces make up the sterling silver word jewelry genre.

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