Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Celtic Necklaces

Celtic Necklaces

Sterling silver Celtic necklaces are the most popular type of Sterling silver Irish jewelry second only to the Irish Claddagh ring. In fact there are Irish Claddagh necklaces that complement the Irish Claddagh ring. Celtic necklaces are fun to wear and fun for the Irish symbolism.

Let's take a look at Celtic necklaces and see some examples of what the sterling silver Celtic necklaces look like.

The Celtic knot necklace is slightly different from the Celtic necklace. The Celtic knot necklace implies a Celtic necklace with Celtic knot pendants only while Celtic necklaces can include Irish and Celtic symbols that are not as much made from various Celtic knot work.

As you can see from the top three Celtic necklaces, they are all Celtic knot necklaces but they are all very different with the only commonality between them being the Celtic knot style.

Even though there are only four Celtic necklaces displayed in this blog there are over 250 Celtic necklaces. Each Celtic necklace comes with your choice of three types of sterling silver necklace chain and each Celtic necklace chain comes with your choice of fourth lengths. This makes one Celtic necklace into twelve sterling silver Celtic necklaces.

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