Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cross jewelry


Sterling silver cross jewelry is very popular becasue of two parts. The part that cross jewelry is made from sterling silver and the second part is the cross jewelry is the most popular of all Christian jewelry.

Silver Cross jewelry provides the unique sparkle and reflective qualities that only sterling silver can bring to the extra meaning cross jewelry. (HCC) is the world leader in providing the very biggest collection of sterling silver cross jewelry.

Under the genre of cross jewelry is cross rings, cross earrings, cross pendants and cross necklaces to name a few. HCC has all of these styles of cross jewelry. With all of these types of cross jewelry and more you can find all the silver cross jewelry you are looking for.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Butterfly Necklace


As beautiful as butterflies are, sterling silver is reflective. This makes a good combination mixing highly reflective sterling with Butterfly jewelry. Butterfly jewelry is comprised with Butterfly earrings, butterfly necklaces, Butterfly pendants and Butterfly charms.

Sterling Silver Butterfly Pendant Necklace

The two most common types of sterling silver butterfly jewelry are Butterfly necklaces and butterfly earrings.

Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace

With a vast collection of sterling silver Butterfly jewelry that has you can make your own Butterfly Necklace with Butterfly pendants and sterling silver necklace chains also inlcluded on SilverAnimals.

Butterfly Earrings are are great way to accessorize the Butterfly necklace pendant.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cross Jewelry For Men


What do you get when you cross a mens silver cross pendant with a sterling silver necklace chain? You get a mens cross necklace.

A sterling silver mens cross necklace is the perfect Christian or cross jewelry piece for Christian men. The silver cross pendant or the silver cross charm makes for a perfect collection of cross necklaces for men.

Cross necklaces for men provides the typical Christian man with a very large (17,000+) selection of sterling silver cross necklaces that will dress up a normal outfit giving it a second life. These cross necklaces for men also are the kind that look great and can be worn any time, anywhere including formals and to Church.

Mens cross necklaces are the perfect way to breath new life into a pair of clothes you may be tired of. Mens cross necklaces are great to accent your outfits and give new value to what would otherwise be a through away outfit. Thus making your purchase of a mens silver cross necklace all the more valuable and affordable when you consider all that mens silver cross necklace does and the symbolism it provides.

The silver cross necklaces men wear need to look the part. Most men would prefer to larger more conserative cross pendant on their cross necklace. is where all the thousands of Cool cross necklaces for men are located. You should go there and see just how vast the collection of mens cross necklaces are and mark it in your favorites or Bookmark it for easy reference. provides the largest collection of sterling silver cross necklaces men wear. You will always find what you are looking for. Even if you're looking for cross necklaces for women.

Mens cross necklace silver pendant and charms are also available at HandCraftedCollectibles. so the essence of this blog is to let you know the best place to go for cross necklaces for men.

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry


There is a large selection of Celtic cross necklaces and Irish Cross necklaces. In the Sterling silver Celtic jewelry genre the Celtic cross necklaces and the irish cross necklaces are often terms used interchangeably but are also combined together.

Under the sterling silver Celtic jewelry category are also jewelry pieces like Celtic rings, Claddagh rings, Celtic Earrings, charms and pendants. This Celtic jewelry blog post is about a specialty item in the silver Celtic jewelry genre, Celtic Cross Necklaces. These three Celtic and Irish cross necklaces that will be discussed in the blog are both Irish cross necklaces, Celtic Cross necklaces and one that is a combination of the two.

The Silver Claddagh Pendant Cross Necklace consists of two elements, Celtic designs and Irish symbolism. The Claddagh symbol is Irish and the Trinity knots are Celtic.

Then there is the Saint Bridget Cross Necklace, a cross necklace for one of Irelands Patron Saints.

The Celtic shield cross necklace is one of the most authentic designs of a Celtic cross pendant the has in its largest collection of Celtic cross necklaces.

Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry


This sterling silver Christian jewelry is a specialty type of Christian jewelry is a couple of ways. First this silver Christian jewelry is actually a collection of Christian necklaces. Second unique aspect of this collection of Christian jewelry is that these Christian necklaces are made from affirmation jewelry word charms.

What make these Christian necklaces so great is that they have Christian theme words engraved on the affirmation jewelry charms and create a stylish and unique piece of Christian jewelry that will update and accent you outfit perfectly. These Christian necklaces are a go anywhere, anytime type of Christian jewelry.

Cross Necklace. Cross Necklaces for Men. Cross Necklaces, Charms & Pendants

IN THE WORLD has over 17,000 sterling silver cross necklaces. Here is a small sampling of the types of cross necklace collections they have.

Cross Necklace. Cross Necklaces for Men. Cross Necklaces This is the main page and has access to all sterling cross necklaces and other religious jewelry.

Mens Cross Necklace. Cross Necklaces for Men. Mens Cross Necklaces The mens cross necklaces is probably the single biggest if not the best collections of cross necklaces for men.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cross Necklaces For Men


Sterling silver cross necklaces for men covers a huge genre of mens cross necklaces. This mens cross necklace blog is going to focus on a group of cross necklaces for men that really cross necklaces for boys, young men and boys.

It you read on the footer on HandCraftedCollectibles that make this disclaimer, they sell jewelry for young people but they do not recommend jewelry for babies. In fairness we mention this disclaimer becasue while young men of boys can be responsible with something like a mens cross necklace, a baby could brake it, sloww it and choke.

In fact this writer doesn't recomend, even full out discourages any use of baby jewelry from rings, to earrings to necklaces or even bows on their head. Anything that can break away and get intheir mouth is dangerous.

Silver mens cross necklaces are a great way to show your Christian faith. Cross necklaces for men are a great anytime gift. They make a great Christian holiday gift like christmas and Easter. Mens cross necklaces make great birthday gifts.

Know someone who is stryggling with theur faith? Cross necklaces for guys make great presents of love and faith. Any guy would be happy to wear one the thousands of mens cross necklaces for sell at

Lets review mens cross necklace genre and break it down from mens cross necklaces to cross necklaces for teenage boys. The primary difference between cross necklaces for boys and men is the size. Their can be many more differences like the decorative styles etc but the main design difference is the boys typically prefer a smaller size cross pendant where men like the cross pendant larger.

This sterling silver cross necklace for men features a complex herring bone design and the cross pendant measures about 1 1/3" x 1 13/16".

This chunky cross necklaces for boys is a much smaller, chunky style of a cross pendant. The cross charm/pendant measures about  5/8" x 3/4" and 1/4" thick.  It has a many look about it and it is a popular mens cross necklace but it is also a populat cross necklace for teenage boys.

This cross necklace for guys is a great example of a cross over cross necklace. It is a medium size simple style cross necklace that works great for cross necklaces for men and cross necklaces for teenage boys.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mens Celtic Jewelry

Sterling Silver Mens Celtic Jewelry

Silver mens Celtic jewelry cover the full spectrum of mens Celtic types of jewelry. Celtic necklaces for men, Mens Celtic Knot Necklaces and  Men's Celtic Trinity Knot Necklaces.

There are even Celtic cross necklaces that include the Celtic knot design along with a blend of the Christian cross pendant. Perhaps of all the Men's celtic necklaces the Celtic cross necklace is the most popular. Perhaps the Celtic cross necklaces are the most popular Celtic genre un the Men's Celtic Jewelry collection.

The mens style of Celtic Knot necklaces is diverse. Surely the Celtic cross necklaces belong under this category becasue of the liberal use of Celtic knots in the design of a Celtic Cross.

Also under the mens Celtic knot necklaces is the very traditional Celtic necklaces. Keeping in mind all jewelry mentioned on this mens Celtic jewelry blog is made from the affordable precious metal, sterling silver.

Just as Celtic cross necklaces is a distinctive stle away from regular Celtic necklaces, so are Men's Celtic Trinity Knot Necklaces. The Celtic trinity knot is typically know as falling under the Celtic knot genre of Celtic designs but they are often just referred to as a Trinityknot necklace.

A Celtic trinity knot necklace be it for male or female is a three sided knot. The three corners represent the Holy Trinity for Christians.

The one thing all the celtic necklaces have in common is the Celtic knot.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Religious Jewelry


Sterling silver religious jewelry is primarily a collection of Christian styles cross jewelry. If you want to see a collection of non Christian jewelry then click on non Christian Religious Jewelry. This web page has some non Christian religions like Hindu, Jewish, Buddha, Celtic jewelry and other types of non denominational Christian jewelry.

Silver religious jewelry is huge at They have the biggest collection of sterling silver Religious jewelry of any web site on the Internet, world wide.

The collection of silver religious jewely has all kinds of Christian themed jewelry like Cross Necklaces for Men.  They also have the largest sterling silver collection of Cross necklaces for men over the span of several secondary pages.

Remember the Cross necklaces they have and all other religious jewelry they carry is all sterling silver jewelry. There primary collection of all the types of religious jewelry is cross necklaces.

The cross necklace collection is huge representing over 40 genres or styles of Cross necklaces. Looking for the right cross necklace. Then click here for the biggest and best variety of the famous cross necklace.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Silver Cross Pendant Necklace


What do you get with a chain necklace with a cross? A Cross pendant necklace. But this blog is not just about cross pendant necklaces, it's about sterling silver cross pendant necklaces.

These cross pendant necklaces are made from sterling silver necklace chains and sterling silver cross pendants. This collection of cross pendant necklaces are all made from sterling silver and cover a very broad range of different types of cross pendant necklaces like a Greek cross necklace or a Budded cross necklace or even an Italian cross pendant. has litterally thousands upon thousands of sterling silver cross necklaces. They are organized by genre's. However there are numerous cross pendant necklaces that don't fit into a genre or there are two few of them to place in a genre so the Cross Pendant Necklace page is where you will find these terrific cross pendant necklaces.

This page of sterling silver cross pendant necklaces has over four hundred cross pendant necklaces. Simply a collection of sterling silver Chain necklace with cross pendants.  Here is just a random examples of just a few of the many cross pendant necklace items found on this page.

Italian Cross Necklace has alot of details about most of the crosses they carry but they don't list and information aboutthe symbolism of the Italian cross necklace.

Budded Cross Necklace
The budded cross necklace is symbolic cross. The Budded Cross Necklace is also known as a Disciples Cross Necklace

A budded cross is generally a Latin cross with each end cap consisting of a three pronged bud. This end cap is often a fleur de lis design. Sometimes the end cap is a three-leaf clover end cap. These end caps must contain three prongs or element because they are used to represent the Trinity or Godhead. Some go so far as to use these three buds to represent the great bible virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.

Other Christian symbolism for the Disciples Cross necklace is a connection with Aaron's staff that budded and was preserved in the Ark of the Covenant, showing that life can emerge from death. It also represents the buds of a flower where there is no guarantee the the buds will bloom but we have faith that they will. The faith is rewarded with a beautiful flower.

Remember that there are many silver cross pendant necklaces. To see them all just click on

Friday, October 1, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry


October is Breast cancer awareness month. It has been a very successful PR event to call attention to Breast Cancer. It has also created a very nice side affect. It has called attention to other cancers as well. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years October becomes Cancer Awareness Month reflecting on all cancers.

In a way it already is doing that. But that's not really the purpose of this blog. As it is Breast cancer awareness month it also calls to mind a way you can show your support for Breast cancer. First you should donate to a good charity for breast cancer. And then wear some high quality sterling silver  Breast cancer Awareness jewelry to all the events you support this month.

Their are pink ribbon jewelry charms and all manner of cancer jewelry at the Cancer Awareness Jewelry page.  The pink ribbon jewelry collection consists of  pink ribbon charms and pink ribbon necklaces.

Cancer jewelry is a great way to support those who have cancer, or have had cancer or knows someone who has had cancer.

Silver Peace Sign Jewelry

Sterling Silver Peace Sign Jewelry

The Peace sign symbol is an old symbol having been around a long time before the popularity it received in the 1960's.  Peace sign jewelry and particularly the peace sign necklace got it's start with the hippies of the 1960's. They beaded their peace sign pendant or carved it and hung it on hemp or leather or even string to make their colorful peace sign necklace.

Originally peace sign jewelry was seen as a symbol of rebellion during the peace marches and Vietnam protests. But for some reason long after the hippies cut their hair and moved on with their life the peace sign necklace did the same thing the hippies did. It under went a transformation.

It is not unusual to see Peace sign necklaces in white gold, silver and gold. But now days with the price of precious metals being so sky high, Sterling Silver has become the new gold. Sterling silver peace sign necklaces are very popular becasue they are still affordable and their are many more choices in style and shape of the peace sign charm.

The Peace Sign Necklace started as a novelty jewelry or homemade jewelry with no foreseeable future. evolved into a genre of specialty jewelry with staying power. Now peace sign jewelry is worn in sterling silver and gold and other precious metals. What makes sterling silver peace jewelry so popular is that sterling silver is the most reflective of any precious metal.

When the peace sign pendant got popular in the 1960's it was popular among both men and women. Peace sign jewelry for men and Peace sign jewelry for Women are split evenly in popularity. The designs between Peace sign jewelry for men and Peace sign jewelry for women are not really that different.

Click here for the best and biggest collection of Sterling Silver Peace Sign Jewelry. They have all the usual pieces of peace sign jewelry like peace sign earrings, peace sign necklaces in wide variety, peace sign pendants and peace sign charms. They also have the most unique peace sign necklaces as shown in this blog.

The unique peace cross necklaces with the round word charm come with your choice of four lengths.

All peace sign jewelry reviewed in this blog post is made from fine sterling silver. You will also notice that many of peace sign necklaces match the peace sign earrings.