Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photographers In Utah County

Photographers In Utah County

When you are looking for a photographer and your living in Utah you want the best and most affordable Utah photographer. Utah is a very diverse state county by county. With on-site photography so popular now days you need to look for your Utah photographer county by county.

Every county is different for on-site photography and if you get a photographer that is experienced in a certain county you will have the best shot at getting a background that meets your personality regardless of the types of photography you want.

So to find the best photographers in Utah you should look by County.  Photographers in Utah County as in any county should know their county well. Some outdoor venues become overly popular so they Utah county photographer needs to always know some great locations to cater to your needs. is the perfect source for Utah County photographers. Colette is a life time resident of Utah county and is an expert at adapting the location to the personality of  party being photographed.

Photographers in Utah county are divided between people in Salt Lake who think they know Utah county or will go to a site of your choosing where ColettesCreations will consult with you to make sure everything is coordinated at the right location is selected to give you everything you want in your family pictures, Wedding pictures or whatever type of pictures you are looking for.

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is so vast and popular. Their are countless types of Celtic jewelry. which is known for cross jewelry and Christian jewelry also has the largest collection of sterling silver Celtic jewelry in America.

They have Celtic rings, Claddagh rings, Celtic necklaces, Celtic Pendants, Celtic cross necklaces, Celtic cross pendants, Trinity rings, and Celtic charms to name a few more types.

They also have a nice selection of a sub-genre of Celtic jewelry for women.  There collection is so large that to make it more accessible they have divided their collection of Celtic jewelry to Celtic jewelry for women and Celtic jewelry for men.

Of all the thousands of Celtic jewelry types the single most popular type of Celtic jewelry and in this case the most popular of  all Celtic jewelry for women is the Claddagh ring.

There are Claddagh necklaces, Claddagh pendants, Claddagh charms and the Claddagh ring. None is more popular than the ring and I don't think it is because the Claddagh ring is a Celtic jewelry item and a Irish jewelry item.

The symbolism of the Claddagh ring is a pair of hands, a heart and a crown. The Claddagh ring meaning is more detailed but the short side of the symbolism of the Claddagh is that the pair of hands represents friendship. The heart means love and the crown is loyalty.

For more information on the Claddagh ring meaning and for a very interesting rendition of the history of the Claddagh ring click on Claddagh ring meaning.

Is there a difference between and Irish Claddagh ring and a Celtic Claddagh ring? Technically yes. The Celtic Claddagh ring is Claddagh rings with Celtic symbols on them and the Irish Claddagh ring has no Celtic knots or symbols.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mens Cross Necklace

Mens Cross Necklace

The sterling silver mens cross necklace is the quintessential cross necklace for men and the most popular type of Christian jewelry for men. If you like the mens cross necklace or are looking for a gift to give your Christian man then the mens cross necklace is what you want to look at.

There are thousands of cross necklaces for men at so they have divided up the mens cross necklace genre into several pages. To go to their main page for cross necklaces for men click on mens cross necklace.

Cross necklaces for men allow the Christian man to show his faith by wearing a sterling silver cross necklace. However some men prefer to wear the mens cross necklace under their shirt as a personal and private testament to their Christian faith.

Either way the man wants to wear a cross necklace for men that satisfies his personal style.

Regardless of the various styles of cross necklaces for men there are other lesser known but engaging symbols of the cross necklace for men. Some styles of mens cross necklaces have added symbols to the cross for the sake of decoration and symbolism.

Besides the traditional symbolism of the cross necklace the cross necklaces also have additional symbols that go along with the four lines that make up the cross. One set of symbols is Faith, Hope, Love and Eternity. Another set of symbols for the cross necklaces for men is Mercy, Grace, Love and Forgiveness.

Sterling silver cross necklaces for men are the perfect way for Christian men to enjoy a  symbol of their faith.

Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry

Sterling silver religious jewelry is a unique genre of jewelry in that it covers so many other types of jewelry genres. For instance, under the genre of religious jewelry is Christian jewelry, Hindu jewelry, Jewish jewelry and Buddha jewelry to mention a few.

Cross jewelry, Angel jewelry, Ankh jewelry and even Celtic jewelry also fall under the religious jewelry genre. In a sense, the religious jewelry category is like a "catch all" designation for combining all other types of religious jewelry.

Now having said all that, in America, while the previous statements are technically true, Americans look at it a little differently. Because "religion" in America in predominately Christian and Jewish, the term religious jewelry is synonymous with Christian jewelry and even Jewish jewelry. So when you search for religious jewelry your expecting to find Christian jewelry most of the time., known for their sterling silver cross jewelry collection has an extensive collection of sterling silver Christian jewelry, Jewish jewelry and other types of sterling silver religious jewelry like Hindu jewelry, Buddha jewelry and Angel jewelry to mention a few.

So at HandCraftedCollectibles you will get what you expect and a whole lot more.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Horse Jewelry

Horse Jewelry carries one of the largest collections of sterling silver Animal jewelry in America. They carry the most popular types of animal jewelry. Like the horse jewelry genre and dog jewelry genre.

This blog will focus on horse jewelry or otherwise known as Equestrian jewelry. Horse jewelry is the number one most popular type of animal jewelry. SilverAnimals has such a large horse jewelry collection that it takes four pages to display them all.

The few equestrian jewelry pictures shown here are just a tiny sample of the horse necklaces that they carry. To see a full collection of Equestrian jewelry click on Equestrian jewelry.

Everyone of the horse necklace photo's shown here is made from sterling silver. All the other horse necklaces they carry are sterling silver as well.

Of all the equestrian jewelry the horse necklace is by far the most popular, after the horse necklace comes the horse charm and horse pendants.

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic knot jewelry is one of the most popular types of thematic or specialty jewelry. When you look for Celtic knot jewelry made from sterling silver then it gets even more popular.

Sterling silver Celtic knot jewelry has all kinds of categories of Celtic knot jewelry like Celtic earrings, Celtic cross necklaces, Celtic pendants, Celtic rings, Claddagh rings, Celtic necklace and the list keeps on going.

Because the categories of  Celtic knot jewelry are so vast we will narrow the field down to Celtic earrings and other various types of Celtic knot earrings.

Out of all the Celtic earrings we will narrow the focus to specifically Celtic knot earrings and Claddagh earrings. One important note, the Celtic earrings we're looking at are all made with sterling silver.

The sterling silver Celtic knot earrings shown above represent the versatility of the Celtic knot. There are many more Celtic knot earrings as well.

The next type of Celtic earrings are the sterling silver Claddagh earrings that we'll take a look at.

The Claddagh symbol is two hands that hold a heart which is wearing a crown. These three symbols stand for...Hands means friendship, Heart is love and the crown stands for loyalty and fidelity.

These Claddagh earrings are all sterling silver made and several of them have matching Celtic necklaces.

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling silver cross necklaces comes in countless shapes, styles, and designs. has such a large collection of sterling silver cross necklaces that they have split them up into many different type of silver cross necklace pages.

For example, they have a Cross necklaces for women page, a Celtic cross necklace page and so forth. There is also a collection of sterling silver cross necklaces that don't really fall into a major genre so the collection of sterling silver cross necklaces shown in this blog is a miscellaneous collection of great silver cross necklaces.

When you're looking for a sterling silver cross necklace look for the design or style that speaks to you. What type of silver cross necklace inspires you? What  type of sterling silver cross necklace do you want to wear? When you have the answer to these questions you have selected the right silver cross necklace.

The sterling silver cross necklace collection is represented in the photographs shown in this post. There are many other sterling silver cross necklaces to look at so click on sterling silver cross necklace and find many more pictures to look at to help you in your quest to find the perfect silver cross necklace.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Irish Jewelry

Irish Jewelry

Sterling silver Irish jewelry is the type of jewelry you wear any times of the year but on St Patricks Day many will wear the outlandish costume jewelry. St Patricks Day bring out the Irish in all of us. But one thing to consider is if you like the Irish jewelry genre then buy sterling silver Irish jewelry for St Patricks Day.

Sterling silver Irish necklaces are a favorite way to wear Irish jewelry. The clover, shamrock and Claddagh symbols are very popular in Irish jewelry as Irish necklaces.

The Irish charms are used to make Irish necklaces and Irish charm bracelets.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celtic Crosses

Celtic Crosses

Sterling silver Celtic crosses are Christian crosses with a strong Celtic influence. The Celtic symbols often make the Celtic cross necklace very popular among Christians who enjoy wearing cross necklaces.

To really get into the deep meanings of Celtic crosses click in Celtic cross meaning and learn about the Celtic symbolism and history of Celtic crosses.

The Celtic cross necklace is most popular in the sterling silver style.  The sterling silver Celtic cross necklaces genre has a broad range and the pictures of Celtic crosses shown hear in this post are picked to be an example of the range of Celtic crosses.

As you can see, some of the Celtic cross necklaces have a lot of Irish influence which increases the symbolism or the Celtic cross meaning.

To see dozens more sterling silver Celtic cross necklaces simply click on Celtic cross necklace.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sterling Silver Cross Jewelry

Sterling Silver Cross Jewelry

The sterling silver cross jewelry genre has all kinds of cross jewelry such as cross necklaces, cross rings, cross charms, cross pendants and cross earrings.

There is so many types cross jewelry that one blog post cannot do justice to so we will look at some of the engaging cross rings and cross earrings.

Cross Rings
Sterling silver cross rings are a popular way to wear a Christian symbol of faith, the Cross. There are many different cross rings and sizes to suit every ones needs.

The cross ring needs to appeal to the Christian and inspire them at the same time. To see the great selection of the popular sterling silver cross ring just click on cross ring.

Cross Earrings
Sterling silver cross earrings are popular among the Christian women and there are several cross earrings that will match cross necklaces.

Just like sterling silver cross necklaces are so much more popular than any other type of cross necklaces, the same is true of the silver cross earrings. Not to mention that there are some wonderfully designs silver cross earrings.

Sign Language Jewelry

Sign Language Jewelry

Sign language jewelry is based on the special theme of the America sign language. American sign language jewelry carries themes like the ASL necklace which is a necklace with a 3D pendant representing the "I love you" American sign language symbol.

The collection of this sign language jewelry is based on the 3D ASL pendant and the I love you necklace shown below.

The sterling silver ASL necklace shown above is a cross over type of jewelry. It is part of the American sign language jewelry genre, the I love you necklace genre and the love jewelry genre. Some would even say this ASL necklace would fall into heart jewelry genre.

The I love you necklace shown above comes in many varieties as show in the picture below:

There are many types of I love you necklaces but none of them are at the quality of this I love you necklace nor do any other I love you necklaces come in such a variety with the core element being the same.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry has a vast collection of Celtic rings, Claddagh rings, Irish jewelry, Trinity jewelry, Celtic earrings, Celtic knots necklaces and many more types of sterling silver Celtic jewelry.

Inside the vast genre of silver Celtic jewelry are several sub-genres like Scottish jewelry, Irish jewelry and Trinity jewelry. Trinity jewelry is a whole spectrum of jewelry fashioned after the great Celtic trinity knot.

The trinity knot is the three-cornered knot where each corner represents the Christian Holy Trinity. Trinity jewelry has Trinity earrings, trinity necklaces, trinity rings and much more.

Of all of the types of trinity jewelry the trinity knot necklace is the most popular. But there are many other types of close popularity like a trinity ring or trinity earring.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic knot jewelry is the same as saying Celtic jewelry except not all Celtic jewelry is made from Celtic knots. So to delineate the difference the phrase Celtic knot jewelry was coined to show the different between Celtic jewelry and Celtic knot jewelry with Celtic knots the primary focus of the Celtic designed jewelry.

Celtic knot jewelry is reflected in Celtic knot necklaces, Celtic knot earrings and Celtic knot rings. To make this post readable we will narrow the scope of this blog to Celtic knot rings.

As you can see from the three pictures of Celtic knot rings the Celtic knot ring comes in many shapes, styles and designs. The Celtic knot ring is a great way to wear Celtic knot jewelry. It is a interesting fact that of all the types of Celtic jewelry the Celtic ring and the Claddagh ring are the two most popular types of Celtic jewelry.