Friday, May 18, 2012

Affirmation Charms

Affirmation Charms

Sterling silver affirmation charms are a great type of jewelry that goes with positive affirmations. Each of the affirmation charms are engraved on both sides and are 7/8" round.

Affirmations are great sayings and power words that if you repeat over and over it can affect a change in your behavior in a positive way.

The Affirmation charm is solid .925 sterling silver. The affirmation charm is engraved on both sides and the affirmation charms can be worn singly on a necklace chain or several affriamtion charms on a necklace. An affirmation charm can be worn with another type of silver pendant adding a unique meaning to it.

Sterling silver affirmation jewelry consists of the affirmation charms, affirmation necklaces and two types of affirmation heart charms and pendants. Affirmation jewelry is basically all types of word jewelry.

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