Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cross Necklace


There are many tpypes of cross necklaces and many types of names to assoicate with them. The one consistant thing about naming a cross is "a cross necklace by any other name is still a cross necklace".

Like we say "A cross necklace by any other name is still a silver cross necklace."

Sterling silver cross necklaces are so widely popular today because sterling silver is less expensive to work with for jewelry artisans and they can afford to invest more time and money into developing more types of sterling silver cross necklaces. They take traditional designs of crosses and add something to it, they create cross necklaces where the design is so new that a name hasn't yet been given to it. This all contributes to the decline of looking for cross necklaces by a certain name but gives more cross necklaces to select from!

 Most people just type in cross necklaces when looking for a cross necklace, or maybe somthing like cross necklaces for men or women's cross necklaces etc.

As an example of what they are doing with silver crosses: Rember that awesome Footprints In The Sand Poem? Now skilled sterling silver jewelry artisans have made Footprints in the Sand Cross Necklaces.

Another new silver cross necklace is the Timber Rope Cross Necklaces as shown below:

With the advent of so many sterling silver cross necklaces picking a different kind of cross necklaces is easy to do. And with this wide selection of sterling silver cross necklaces, Christian Churches and Christian consumers are being exposed to so many types of cross necklaces, anything goes with the sterling silver cross necklace.
The art of heraldry has given many different names to the sterling silver crosses used on the cross necklace. Various Christian Churches have laid claim to certain styles of sterling silver cross pendant. But at the end of the day, most Christian Churches can wear whatever kind of sterling silver cross pendant necklace they want.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Christian and Religious Jewelry For Men

Christian and Religious Jewelry For Men
Men's Cross Necklaces and sterling silver cross jewelry can help Christians by being uplifting and inspirational. Women have worn sterling silver cross necklaces for women for centuries or more.

Men however, when they have worn cross jewelry for men have worn it under their shirt and then not every Christian man has worn cross necklaces for men. That is changing. For the last few decades men have been wearing cross necklaces in plain view.

Christian and Religious jewelry for men is divied into two categories: Traditional Cross jewelry for men and Celtic Cross jewelry for men.

Cross Jewelry For Men
If you want to find Sterling Silver Religious and Christian Cross Necklaces for Men go no farther than HandCraftedCollectibles.com. But since this is a sterling silver jewelry blog and we want to be neutral I would suggest a few keywords to search on Google for Cross jewelry for men.

Mens sterling silver cross necklace and pendants or any variation of them. They will get you to several sites for sterling silver cross jewelry for men.

But remember that the best selection of Cross pendant necklace jewelry is HandCraftedCollectibles

Silver Celtic Cross Jewelry Necklaces For Men
Remeber we said there were two types of cross jewelry for men. We have come to the Celtic Cross jewelry for men part of this post. As far as Christianity is concerned there is no difference between Celtic Cross Charms and Pendants for Men and a Men’s Cross Necklace collection except the Celtic and Irish Cross necklaces are more decorative and stylized with Celtic and irish influences. They are extremely popular today.

Celtic Cross Chains for Men are a great way to celebrate your Christianity and be very fashionable. You can wear sterling silver Celtic cross jewelry for men anywhere or anytimes. Sterling silver is the most highly reflective precious metal and at the same time sterling silver is a neautral color. Because of this wear your cross necklaces during any activity including going to Church.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Silver Animal Jewelry

St. Francis of Assisi said a long time ago "If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."

Another thinker said: "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant
One way or another, Animal Jewelry is worn by animal lovers. So you're a animal lover and want to show your support of you particular animal casue or you want to show of your animal totem or celebrate your favorite animal or pet, you want to wear animal jewelry but you want something elegant to wear.
SilverAnimals.com is known for its elegant and broad selection of sterling silver animal jewelry. With sterling silver you can where a Horse Shoe Charm Necklace in a casual setting or a formal affair because sterling silver animal jewelry is elegant, the most reflective of any precious metal and neautral, meaning it goes with anything from casual to formal. One Silver Butterfly Necklace will last throughout the day. From a tennis match in the morning to a lunch date with friends to a formal dinner at night.

Whether you're an animal activist or just a animal lover you'll find what you need at SilverAnimals. Whether you like Silver Dog Charms or want Horse Charms for Necklaces, you'll find what you're looking for at SilverAnimals.
Because SilverAnimals has the largest collection of sterling silver Butterfly Jewelry some one thought up and suggested changing the name to Charms Butterfly or create a web site just for butterfly jewelry called Charms Butterfly. That won't happen but you will find the best selection of sterling silver butterfly jewelry at our web site.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

HandCraftedCollectibles.com has the largest collection of sterling silver cross necklaces of any where on the web and probably any where that sells sterling silver jewelry. We have over 18,000 sterling silver cross necklaces to choose from.

This post is intended to give you a sample, only a sample of all the silver cross necklaces that we carry. And this sample is only of afew genres of cross necklaces. You need to visit our web site to see all of the sterling silver cross necklaces that we have.

We have several pages dedicated to the cross necklace for men. That also includes the Celtic Cross necklace collection.

For more sterling silver mens cross necklaces you will need to click here Men’s Cross Necklaces

Our collections of sterling silver Celtic cross necklaces is huge. We have Celtic cross necklaces for men and we have Celtic Cross Necklaces For Women. These wonderful and detailed celtic cross necklaces are made with Sterling Silver Celtic Crosses.

This is a short example of another mens cross necklace page. We have so many cross necklaces for men that we have to have several pages to make the selection per page more manageable.
The Fleur de lis cross necklace is so named because the four tips of the cross are endcapped withe a fleur de Lis design. Similarly designed necklaces are called Crusader cross necklaces.

We have this and many more Fleur de Lis Cross Necklaces

Crusader Cross Necklaces
We have several Crusader style cross necklaces. Many of them are crusaders cross men jewelry necklaces.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sterling Silver Christian Cross Jewelry

What can WWW.HandCraftedCollectibles.com do for Christians?

We sell sterling silver Christian Cross jewelry to Christians as a way to give Christians a way to wear a constant visual reminder of their Christian faith and values. All of our Christian and Cross jewelry is made from sterling silver.

HandCraftedCollectibles is a great online Christian jewelry store that helps you find inspirational cross jewelry just right for you.

Sterling silver is elegant, unique and affordably extravagant. Silver Celtic and Cross jewelry sales have been on the rise due to the rise in the price of gold and due to the fact that sterling silver Christian jewelry is the affordable precious metal. This silver is a gender neutral color and silver jewelry crosses are often gender neutral. Both men and women can wear it with equal amounts of style and sophistication.

Sterling Silver Christian, Celtic and Religious Crosses are used as cross charms and cross pendants to make various types of cross jewelry. With all the combinations and mixing and matching different crosses with cross chains you have access to over 20,000 pieces of Christian jewelry.

While sterling silver jewelry crosses make up the vast majority of our Christian jewelry we have much more than cross jewelry. Although the focus of this post is on Cross jewelry.

Our sterling silver cross jewelry is non denominational. Our Celtic cross jewelry is as gender neutral as our Orthodox cross jewelry.

Silver Celtic Cross Jewelry

Silver Christian Celtic crosses or Cross Charm

Wearing cross jewelry such as Irish or Celtic cross necklaces, it is a great way to testify to the world you are a Christian and believe in the Lord. Daily living is such that you can’t go up to every person you see and talk to them about the Lord but wearing a testament of cross jewelry tells people you are just one of many Christians who are proud to be counted as such.

When you search on Google for Crosses Jewelry what would you expect to find? Typically you would expect gender specific cross jewelry like Sterling Silver Cross Charms and Pendants for Men or cross jewelry pendants for women.

But would you expect to find a sterling silver cross jewelry selection as vast as: Orthodox, Ankh, Maltese, Timber Rope Cross necklaces, and Cross Chains. At HandCraftedCollectibles.com you can find all those cross necklaces and so much more. Considering they have over 20,000 pieces of Christian jewelry then you would also expect to see a collection including Silver Ankh Cross Jewelry, Orthodox Crosses Jewelry, Cross necklace jewelry and Religious Cross Pendant Necklaces and Silver Cross earrings.

Never under estimate the power of wearing cross jewelry such as Christian crosses or Ankh cross jewelry as a way of standing up for Christian values. Just make sure your way of living also reflects your Christian values. Cross jewelry get’s their attention but you have to demonstrate that the cross jewelry is not just for show but a real testament of your beliefs.

 is the back bone of Celtic cross jewelry. The Celtic cross jewelry genra is the same as other cross jewelry collections except for the difference of being celtic crosses instead of traditional crosses. There are Celtic Cross Pendants For Men. Irish Celtic Cross Pendants, Celtic cross earrings and Irish and Celtic Cross necklaces as well as specialty irish high cross necklaces like the Irish Claddagh Pendant cross necklaces.