Friday, January 31, 2014

Christian Fish Charms


Sterling silver fish charms are a popular symbol for Christianity. In fact, they were the original symbol for Christians.  Before the always popular Christian cross, Christians would use the fish as their symbol. It was then and still is a very popular Christian symbol. Christian fish charms are simple and complex. Some even contain a Christian cross in the Christian fish charm.
These sterling silver Christian fish charms go great on sterling silver chains and sterling silver charm bracelets like a silver Rolo charm bracelet or a curb charm bracelet.

There are some great types of Christian jewelry come in the form of a sterling silver charm bracelets like a Rolo charm bracelet and a Curb bracelet for starters.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014



The sterling silver sign language pendant which is found in the American sign language jewelry genre is the foundation of this collection of sign language jewelry. From this sign language pendant comes many types of sign language necklaces.  It also looks wonderful by itself.  Look at the amazing detail in the wrinkles of the knuckles and the finger nail detail.
This silver ASL I love you pendant is designed in 3D and the bails or the hooks that hang it from a necklace are on the back side of this I love you pendant making it hang very nicely.
In addition to the tradition ASL I love you pendant or charm there is another great I Love You sign language charm shown just below. It is a word charm.

Jewelry For Men


Sterling silver jewelry for men comes in all types and style of jewelry design for men which includes all types of genre. The jewelry for men we will look at includes a Buddha necklace.
This sterling silver Buddha necklace is just the tip of the iceberg. The collection this Buddha necklace comes from has other silver mens necklaces in the genre of Buddha.
When ever I talk about Buddha jewelry I like to throw in some sort of Buddha quote. He is a good one:
("Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship." Buddha)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Necklaces For Men


Sterling silver necklaces for men come in a countless array of genres and styles. We will look at just a few examples of sterling silver necklaces for men. The first necklace for men is a Celtic cross necklace for men.

Sterling silver mens necklaces often have large mens pendants. But the size of the pendant is not always what makes them a mens necklace. Sometimes it's the design of the mens necklace that makes it appeal to men.
Speaking to the vast array of genres of mens necklaces look at these photo examples. They range from a Celtic cross necklace for men to a Celtic knot necklace for men to a Buddha necklace.
Sterling silver men's jewelry is a huge collection of jewelry designed to appeal to men. These types of men's jewelry range from men's necklaces to bracelets to chains to pendants etc.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Use Butterfly Jewelry For Unique Valentines Day Jewelry

Use Butterfly Jewelry For Unique Valentines Day Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry is a VERY popular type of Valentines Day gift. More specifically, Valentines Day jewelry is typically a sterling silver heart necklace or a ring if your real serious about your lady.
But why is it always a heart symbol that people use for Valentines gift giving. Truth be told, heart jewelry is mainly popular around Valentine's Day but not as popular during the rest of the year.  This blog would like to suggest something very different for a Valentines Day gift. Sterling silver Butterfly jewelry.
From the genre of butterfly jewelry you can select butterfly earrings, butterfly necklaces, butterfly pendants and butterfly charms.
The two most popular type of butterfly jewelry are the Butterfly earrings and the butterfly necklaces. But to see a full range of sterling silver butterfly jewelry go to butterfly jewelry and see what they have to offer.

These sterling silver butterfly necklaces are made from both butterfly charms and butterfly pendants. For anyone who loves butterfly jewelry or butterflies (who doesn't appreciate butterflies) a butterfly necklace is the perfect gift.
Sterling silver butterfly pendants like the one above is just an example of all that is in the sterling silver butterfly jewelry collection.  As you can see how great these types of butterfly jewelry are, and their all made from solid .925 sterling silver, they make great Valentines Day gifts.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dragonfly Totem Meaning


Until I started reading up on the totem symbolism of the dragonfly I didn't think much about the dragonfly or know much about the dragonfly. The sterling silver dragonfly jewelry is an amazing collection of jewelry dedicated to the amazing dragonfly.
Let's look at the dragonfly symbolism of the meaning of the Dragonfly totem.  When you're talking about animal or totem symbolism you are typically talking in generalities. The key to the totem is what animal are you drawn to more than other animals. Then it helps to understand the attributes of the animal. 
With the Dragonfly totem... it represents wisdom, transformation and adaptability.  Those attributes are based on the physical aspects of the dragonfly.  Attributes like change and light also connect people to the dragonfly.
The sterling silver dragonfly necklaces shown here are made with a silver dragonfly pendant.  If the Dragonfly is your totem then celebrate it with a silver dragonfly necklace.  Additionally you can use a dragonfly pendant as a good luck charm or reminder of your spirit animal.
Other great attributes of the dragonfly are adaptability, joy, and lightness.  It is also used as a symbol for digging deep into your feelings and emotions.
The collection of silver dragonfly jewelry that these types of dragonfly jewelry comes from has a full ranges of dragonfly types.

There are two types of silver dragonfly necklaces that include a "love" word pendant that speak to dragonfly lovers.  The sterling silver dragonfly necklace in this collection is very diverse while pointing out the grandness of the dragonfly itself.
The dragonfly is also symbolic of a connection between you and nature and the spirit of nature and spiritual realm of nature, or at least to those who think that way. However you like the dragonfly, celebrate that with highly reflective sterling silver dragonfly jewelry.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Necklace For Men


For some reason, men's jewelry especially the sterling silver men's necklace get's an unfair wrap.  People seem to think that finding good men's necklaces is a difficult proposition.  At you can find one of the largest collections of sterling silver mens necklaces
The sterling silver necklace for men in the comes with a choice of three silver chains and four lengths.  No other web site in all the whole world wide web offers a mens necklace choice like that.
There are all kinds of necklaces for men ranging from the popular cross necklaces for men and Celtic knot necklaces for men and countless other styles.  The best and biggest collection fore the necklace for men is found right here: Necklace for men.

Word Charms


There is no wrong way to use affirmation charms or word charms.  There are many ways and many reasons for using affirmation charms.  One of my favorite ways to use word charms is to use them as a reminder of keywords in a verse, lyric or quote. 
Here is an example of what I am talking about. Look at this quote that talks about choices:
"Don't make a decision based solely on popularity. Just because other people are doing it doesn't mean it's the best choice for you." (Author Unknown)  I like quotes and thoughts about choice and consequences. In the collection of word charms (over 200 words or phrases) their is one that has "Choice" engraved on the sterling silver word charm.
Who would have thought that there is a sterling silver pendant or charm for "Choice".  To select this Choice charm take a look at Choice charm.  The choice pendant is just like these photo examples except the word "Choice" is engraved on both sides of the charm.

American Sign Language Jewelry

American Sign Language Jewelry

The sterling silver American sign language jewelry genre is based on the ASL charm. From that ASL pendant come many forms of ASL charm necklaces. Let's see just how diverse the American sign language jewelry genre is.

The ASL charm necklace above is very nice when you consider the ASL charm or pendant in 3D and features incredible detail.  The ASL charm necklace also comes in many other styles. Take a look below.



The sterling silver Equestrian jewelry genre is a great way to celebrate equestrian events and the horse itself.  Sterling silver Equestrian jewelry can be worn anytime, anywhere for any reason. The sterling silver color is a bright, reflective color that goes with everything.
You can feel comfortable in wearing Equestrian jewelry to a Steeple chase or a rodeo or to a night out on the town.
Lets take a look at the heart of Equestrian jewelry, the sterling silver horse pendant. It's from the horse charms and horse pendants that horse necklaces are made. Horse necklaces are the single biggest part of Equestrian jewelry.
There are many types of horse pendants, virtually one horse charm for every type of horse and horse attribute.



"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again."  (Quaker Proverb)
Many Christians wear the Celtic cross necklace as a symbol for their Christian belief. That is terrific. Many wear Celtic cross pendants as a reminder to their Christian values. Again, terrific.
There are many other reasons for wearing Celtic cross pendants like having a fashionable yet inspirational piece of jewelry to augment your outfit.
many wear a sterling silver Celtic cross pendant to remind them of scripturual passages or inspired Christian quotes. The Quaker proverb above is a good example of using a Celtic cross pendant to help you remember this fine proverb.

Irish Jewelry


Irish Claddagh rings and Irish necklaces are the two most popular part of the Irish jewelry genre.  From the Irish Claddagh ring to the Irish clover necklace, Irish jewelry is based on various symbols that celebrate Irish art, history and culture.  If you have some Irish in you family history or just like things Irish, sterling silver Irish jewelry is a perfect type of jewelry for you or someone you love.


Most sterling silver Irish rings are based on the Irish Claddagh like the one shown in the Irish ring posted just above.  Sterling silver Irish rings comes in sizes for both men and women. When wearing a Claddagh ring on your ring finger, the heart should point away from you if you are single and available. If you heart is taken by someone then you should face the tip if the heart towards you.


Sterling silver Irish necklaces are a terrific type of Irish jewelry to wear. The Irish necklaces range from a Claddagh necklace to a clover necklace to countless other types of Irish necklaces.

Look at this Irish necklace that features a "lucky" four leaf clover. It's great for St. Patrick's Day as well as every day wear. Wear the "luck-o-the-Irish" around your neck.

Sterling silver Irish necklaces are a big part of Irish jewelry for a reason. The Irish ring is great but the Irish necklaces have far more to choose from in regards to Irish symbolism.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Necklaces For Men


Sterling silver necklaces for men is a broad almost infinite collection of necklaces that appeal to men.  The single biggest collection of sterling silver necklaces for men comes from a web site called
While their is an endless collection of necklaces for men there are some very popular necklaces for men. This collection includes them, Cross necklaces for men and Celtic knot necklaces for men.  This collection includes thousands of other mens necklaces in their sterling silver mens jewelry collection. To see first hand how cool this collection is go to necklace for men.

Man In The Maze Jewelry


A highlight of the sterling silver man in the maze jewelry in the man in the maze charm. With the man in the maze charm you can make a man in the maze necklace or man in the maze charm bracelet.
Of all the native American jewelry the sterling silver man in the maze charms are among the most popular symbols.

Thursday, January 16, 2014



Rear view mirror ornaments and accessories are a popular and great way to jazz up your car's interior.  People like to personalize their cars interior and it typically revolves around the rear view mirror ornament.  So with a title to this post being sterling silver horse jewelry, how does that relate to rear view mirror ornaments?  Good question.
Horse jewelry is comprised of horse earrings, horseshoe necklaces, horsehead charms and all other many of traditional types of horse jewelry.  Take a sterling silver horse necklace and hang it on your rear view mirror as its ornament.
This collection of sterling silver horse jewelry is unique for rear view window ornaments because their horse and horseshoe necklaces offer a choice of three types of sterling silver chains and four lengths.  What's particularly great about this collection is that you can choice a horseshoe necklace with a length of either 16", 18", 20" and 24".  Most rear view window ornaments themselves don't have this kind of flexibility.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sign Language Jewelry


Sterling silver sign language jewelry is not just and ASL pendant like the one shown below. The ASL pendant is 3D and has amazing detail.  The rest of sign language jewelry has many types of sign language necklaces based on this ASL pendant but there are others as well.
Sign language jewelry ranges from the ASL pendants to sign language necklaces. Look at this sign language necklace.
But the sterling silver sign language necklace comes in other varieties as well.