Thursday, February 25, 2010

Christian and Cross Jewelry is known for its vast almost limitless collection of Modern mens Cross Necklaces and Women's Filigree Cross Necklaces. That is a true statement. We have tons of cross necklaces but we also have a vast collection of traditional and unique Christian jewelry to symbolize your Christian faith.

Just like the mens and women's cross necklaces, our other Christian jewelry also serves the needs of both men and women.

Christian Jewelry Necklaces Uses circle word affirmation charms to make Christian friendly inspirational necklaces.These affirmation pendants have words inscribed on the and they can reflect you Christian ideals and virtues.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cross Jewelry, A Visual Reminder Of Christian Faith

We have been selling Christian and cross jewelry for over 8 years and we have learned a few things about cross jewelry. The single biggest thing we've learned is that Christians are drawn to Cross Jewelry to wear as a reminder of their Christian faith.

The second thing we have learned is that Cross Necklaces for men are very popular. Men want to wear Cross necklaces but it isn't that easy. Most collections of cross necklaces learn towards women's cross necklaces. Those few sites that have specific cross necklaces for men don't have a very biggest selelction.

We have a very large collection of sterling silver modern cross necklaces for men.

To be clear, we have over 18,000 sterling silver cross necklaces and when you consider our whole Cross jewelry collection (all made in sterling silver) we have close to 19,000 pieces. This includes Christian Cross rings, Cross Earrings, Cross Pendants and the list goes on.

But if it is Mens Cross Necklaces you are looking for we have several mens cross necklace collections to choose from. We also have a large collection of women's cross necklaces. We have it all. If you like your cross jewelry in sterling silver we have it all.

You can get whatever mens cross necklaces you need to act as a visual reminder of your Christian faith.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry Charms

Typically what makes animal jewelry so popular is that people want to celebrate there favorite animals by wearing a quality piece of animal jewelry.

Sometimes people wear animal jewelry as a good luck charm or reminder of the animal because certain animals have certain traits we can identify with. These Animal traits can be traits we aspire to. Wearing the animal charm can reminder of what we're striving for.

People feel a closeness with certain animals and want to celebrate that relationship with animal charms or animal earrings or any other many of animal jewelry. A good example of this is the dog. The good old dog is a favorite among pet owners. The dog is the number one pet in America. People watch dog shows all of the time to see what the best in breed looks like.

We have a very large collection of sterling silver dog jewelry charms and necklaces. We have dog breed jewelry charms, mix breed dog charms, a big favorite and dog necklaces.

Come celebrate your love of animals with us.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Celtic Cross Necklaces for Men has the worlds largest selection of sterling silver cross necklaces. They have a huge selection of cross necklaces for men.

The over all number of cross necklaces is somewhere well over 18,000 sterling silver cross necklaces including mens cross necklaces and celtic cross necklaces.

Most web sites that sell cross necklaces sell cross necklaces for men. But you have to look hard for them because they just list them with all the other cross necklaces.

It used to be that women wore far more cross necklaces than did men but that is changing and so is the need to provide specific collections for cross necklaces for men.

We provide Celtic cross necklaces for men and many other styles of mens cross necklaces.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cross Necklaces For Women

Women's Cross Necklaces

What's the difference between Cross necklaces for women and cross necklaces for men? Technically the answer is a persons taste. That is why so many web sites do not differentiate  between women's cross necklaces and mens cross necklaces. Some do, however, make the differentiation between cross necklaces for men and women like

We agree that the real difference between a women's cross necklace and a mens cross necklace is simply a matter of taste, we also know by years of selling cross jewelry and researching cross necklaces that certain styles of cross necklaces appeal more to men and others appeal more to women.

For that reason we have divided up our collection of over 18,000 sterling silver cross necklaces into categories for cross necklaces for women and mens cross necklaces. We have also divided up the cross necklaces into other categories like filigree cross necklaces and fluer de lis cross necklaces and so forth.

When you have such a large collection of sterling silver cross necklaces for sale it helps to divide them up. Even though we divide cross necklaces up for men and women and by style and type, if you don't find the Women's cross necklace that you're looking for then make sure to browse other categories because when seperating the cross necklaces it's just a matter of our opinion and you owe it to yourself to browse around the web site.

With over 18,000 cross necklaces for sell you will almost certainly find what you're looking for and at reasonable prices. Sterling silver has gone up in price in recent years but not like the price hike in gold. Sterling silver is still cheaper now than gold was four years ago. Many are calling sterling silver the new gold because it's affodable and for the average jewelry consumer gold isn't affordable.

Cross jewelry is something you want in a special precious metal. Sterling silver is the most reflective precious metal of all. That makes you're women's cross necklace all the more special.

The Cross necklace shown above is a great example of what a Women's Cross necklace may look like.

The Cross necklace above is a good example of a cross necklace for a Women or Men.

Just remember whatever your corss necklace needs are, you're sure to find what you want at

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces


Because sterling silver is a precious metal that has always been less expensive than gold it has been a favorite element for artisans to create jewelry with. Because of its price they can afford to create far more styles and types of cross necklaces than they could with gold. Sterling silver offers a bonus as a precious metal. It is the most reflective precious metal of any precious metals.

There are other types of metals used to create cross necklaces like stainless steel and base metals because they are less expensive than sterling silver. Even with the cost being less, sterling silver is still the favorite metal for jewelry makers to work with.

A cross necklace can benifit the from the sterling silver. If it is textured the natual oxidization that comes with silver can create a natural look in the carved lines making the design stand out. In fact, this is so popular than modern day jewelry makers add chemical oxidization to many cross pendants with texture in the design.

Of course if your cross necklace has a smooth finish then you typically don't want the oxidization to occur in which case you would polish it and protect it by storing the cross necklace in a air tight bag.

Oxidization is a natural chemical reaction when silver is exposed to the air. It is both a scourge to and a benifit for cross necklaces.

Where sterling silver cross jewelry is so special you need to understand these issue of sterling silver jewelry.