Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cross Necklaces For Men


Sterling silver cross necklaces for men are increasing in popularity as more Christian men want to wear a constant visual reminder around their neck in the way of a mens cross necklace.

Cross necklaces for men are very appealing and fashionable if you're the type to wear it outward. If you wear it under your shirt you still want something that appeals to you personally.

These mens cross necklaces have the same Christian symbolism but they often times go from plain and traditional to decorative and sometimes adding additional symbolism to them. Here is an example of a mens cross necklace that has a combination of traditional and added symbolism.

This cross necklace is faily plain but has some flairing at the end caps. Some would call them a bud making this a budded disciples cross. Others would call it an Irish cross necklace becasue they would say the end caps have three leaves representing a three leaf Irish clover which repents the Holy Trinity. Other would call it an apostles cross becasue their are four end caps with three buds on each end cap making twelve buds, one for each of the twelve aposltes.

Interesting how a simple change in a mens cross necklace can add more symbolism to an already symbolic cross necklace for men. Cross necklaces for men has many more crosses that appeal to men. Check them out and see what you like.

Mother Daughter Jewelry

Mother Daughter Jewelry

Celebrate the special relationship between a Mother and her daughter with a sterling silver Mother Daughter Necklace.

If you are a mother looking to tell her daughter in some special unique way how you feel about her use a sterling silver Mother and Child Pendant Necklace like the one shown in the picture below:

Mother and Child Jewelry

Sterling silver mother and child jewelry is a great way to express your special feelings for your Mom or your daughter. This collection of Mother and Child Jewelry will last forever. These mother and child necklaces will last forever and can be past down from one generation to another.



Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is very popular because it is the only affordable precious metal for fine Celtic jewelry. With sterling silver Celtic jewelry you can has a much broader selection of Celtic jewelry to choose from.

Silver Celtic JewelrySilver Celtic jewelry comes in Celtic cross necklaces to Celtic knot necklaces to Celtic rings and Celtic earrings. Silver Celtic jewelry has a lot of heritage and symbolism to choose from.

Celtic JewelryCeltic jewelry is partly popular becasue of it's geometric shapes and designs. Partly becasue of the rich symbolism. Everyone loves Celtic jewelry whether they know it's called Celtic jewelry or not.

Celtic Crosses
Celtic crosses create the two most popular pieces of Celtic jewelry, the Celtic cross pendant and the Celtic cross necklace. There are many Celtic crosses to choice from in pendant form and necklace form.

Monday, November 29, 2010



Sterling silver peace sign jewelry offered for sale by handCraftedCollectibles.com (HCC) includes peace sign earrings, peace sign necklaces, peace sign pendants and peace sign charms.

HCC has one of the most unique collections of peace sign necklaces ranging from a traditional peace sign necklace to a peace sign necklace with a affirmation word charm to give the peace sign necklace more emphasis.

This would be an example of a traditional peace sign necklace.

This would be a good example of the unique peace sign necklaces with an affirmation word pendant for added emphasis. There a other types of these peace sign necklaces as well.

Notice how well this pair of peace sign earrings matches the peace sign necklaces.

Religious Necklaces

Religious Necklaces
Sterling silver religious necklaces are a great alternative to the cross necklace. That's not to say the cross necklace is a wonderful piece of Christian jewelry. But often times when looking into Christian jewelry, Christians want more than cross jewelry.

This religious necklace page which specializes in religious necklaces is the right place to go for a collection of religious necklaces that are not cross necklaces.

HandCraftedCollectibles.com (HCC) has several other non cross necklace pages that sell sterling silver religious necklaces. This particular page emphasis's the Ichthus necklace and Ichthus jewelry.

The Ichthus Fish

The Ichthus fish charm or Ichthus necklace can come with a Ichthus fish plain or with a cross in the middle of the Ichthus fish.

This is a plain Christian Christian Ichthus fish necklace without a cross in the middle of it.

This Christian fish necklace has a Ichthus charm with a cross in it.

Sterling Silver Ichthus Jewelry
Ichthus jewelry is offered in the Ichthus pendant, the Ichthus charm and the Christian fish necklace.

Check out all the various pieces if Ichthus jewelry available on this page:

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Christian Jewelry


When you think of Christian jewelry you usually think of Cross jewelry or cross necklaces etc. But their are many more types of Christian jewelry than cross jewelry.

This page of Christian jewelry features some Christian necklaces that carry the Christian message and provide sterling silver highly fashionable Christian jewelry.

There is nothing wrong with Cross jewelry. In fact sterling silver cross jewelry is a wonderful and inspirational Christian jewelry sub category. If you want silver cross jewelry then click on Cross Jewelry which is a part of the same website this Christian necklaces page is on.
Silver Christian Necklaces

Meet the new Christian necklaces with these Christian affirmation necklaces. These Affirmation pendants are about the size of a quarter and are engraved on both sides. There are many Christian, religious and spiritual words to choose from.

Among the Christian, religious, spiritual and inspirational words to choose from are:
  • Grace
  • WWJD?
  • I Heart (Love) Jesus
  • Change With God
  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Love
  • Spirit
  • Believe
  • Caring
  • Devotion
  • Family
  • Faith Hope Love (all three words on one pendant)
  • I Am
  • Joy
  • Honesty
And this list goes on with well over 100 words. Not all words on the list are exactly Christian but all are family friendly. These new Christian necklaces also come in three types of sterling silver necklace chains: Box, Snake (round) and Beaded (Ball) chains.

There are Christian necklaces that come in a heart shape but the list of words isn't as long.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

Up until HandCraftedCollectibles.com came along in 2002, finding the perfect sterling silver Cross necklace required a lot of web surfing to find that perfect cross necklace.

With the enormous collection the HandCraftedCollectibles.com has, over 15,000 sterling silver cross necklaces. You will find whatever type of cross necklace you are looking for, be it mens cross necklaces, cross necklaces for women or Celtic cross necklaces to name a few genre's.

Wearing your sterling silver cross necklace openly gives people a subtle glimpse of who you are and what your are all about.

Wear your cross necklace privately (under your shirt) is a constate reminder to you of your Christian faith and commitment.

With the selection that HandCraftedCollectibles.com provides, you will certainly be ably to pick the size, style and look you are trying to achieve by wearing cross necklaces.

Wearing cross necklaces can help you feel connected to yourChristian spiritual roots. Cross necklaces can inspire you and make you feel happy and uplifted.  These sterling silver cross necklaces for men can help make you feel connected, inspired, uplifted, positive, motivated, spiritual and hopeful.

Whatever your taste is with sterling silver cross necklaces you will find more than enough mens cross necklaces to satify your taste.

With help from HandCraftedCollectibles.com (HCC) collection of mens cross necklaces you can easily update your Christian fashion with cross necklaces or other sterling silver cross jewelry.

With the shear volume of sterling silver cross necklaces provided by HCC you will find more than enough cross necklaces to reflect your personality.

Looking for a Christian gift for the man in your life? Cross necklaces for men provide the best gift possible for the Christian men. The massive collection of the mens cross necklace, you will surely find the perfect gift over and over again. You can use the mens cross necklaces, cross pendants, and cross charms to obtain the perfect fit and style for any Christian guy.

Bookmark HandCraftedCollectibles.com and make it your one stop shopping place for dressing yourself in sterling silver cross necklaces and for great gift giving.

Why sterling silver cross necklaces as opposed to any other type of cross necklace. Here's the reason...
925 sterling silver jewelry is a high quality precious metal. Perfect to make the cross necklace a keepsake for generations to come.

Fine Sterling silver jewelry is the most affordable type of precious metal jewelry around. Sterling silver cross necklaces are more affordable than white gold and is more bright and the most reflective of any precious metal.

The color of sterling silver is neutral and therefore goes with everything, all the time, anywhere. You can wear you sterling silver cross necklace anywhere you go, except swimming.

The right kind of sterling silver cross necklaces will help you look just right for Church, Bible study, - Sunday School and any other church occasion. But you can wear your cross necklace anytime, anywhere for any reason everywhere.

Because sterling silver has that neutral but highly reflective bright and shiney look, that cross necklace will enhance a tailored shirt, a Saturday sloppy shirt or your suit for Sunday services.

A sterling silver cross necklace can update your entire wardrobe instantly. This makes a good mens cross necklace even more affordable since it saves you money on new clothes.

Sterling silver cross jewelry is the perfect way to personalize your outfit with silver cross necklaces.

Sterling silver cross necklaces come in thousands of types and genres than a cross necklace in any other precious metal. Because sterling silver is far more affordable than gold, titanium or white gold jewelry artisans (create 1000's or more crosses than in gold, titanium or white gold. This creates a far better selection of sterling silver cross necklaces.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry


Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is a great style of jewelry loved by most jewelry wearers. The  Celtic knot style of jewelry has a popular geometric style that is enjoyed by millions. HandCraftedCollectibles.com is a major online provider of sterling silver Irish Celtic jewelry.

Here is a example of the range of Celtic Irish jewelry:
  1. Celtic Cross Necklace
  2. Celtic Knot Earrings
  3. Celtic Dangly Earrings
  4. Celtic Cross Earrings
  5. Celtic Knot Necklaces
  6. Irish Claddagh Jewelry
  7. Irish Claddagh Rings
  8. Irish Shamrock Jewelry
  9. Irish Jewelry
  10. Celtic Rings
  11. Celtic Wedding Rings
  12. Celtic Jewelry Charms
  13. Celtic Jewelry Pendants
  14. Celtic Cross Jewelry
  15. Irish Cross Necklaces
  16. Trinity Cross Necklace
  17. Celtic Trinity Pendants
  18. Celtic Scottish Jewelry
Celtic jewelry is related to Irish and Scottish jewelry. In fact Celtic jewelry is often blended in with the styles of Irish and Scottish Jewelry.

Because the culture of the Celts lasted hundreds of years and preceded the cultures of the Irish and the Scots, it's only natural to see a great influence in style with Scottish and Irish jewelry.

The Celtic culture didn't have a written language so the meanings of Celtic jewelry symbols used in Celtic jewelry is unsure.

Anthropologists have determined further that the meanings of some symbols had meanings that changed from one time period to another. Because the Irish and Scottish jewelry comes from a culture with a written language we can understand their meanings very well.

Another thing to keep in mind that most Celtic jewelry designs are "knot" styled. As the popularity of the designs increase and due to the lack of true definitions of the symbols, many jewelry makers use their creative imagination and create Celtic jewelry style pieces that are new. Some designers give it a definition and others don't. This is both good and bad.

For some they want to know with accuracy what a certain design means while others make up meanings that suit the style of the design. So for an accurate name of a Celtic jewelry pendant it's not so good but having the flexibility to adapt that Celtic design to your needs is good.

There are a few tried and tested definitions for some Celtic jewelry designs that are widely accepted.

Cross Necklaces


The Cross necklace is the most popular type of Christian jewelry. HandCraftedCollectibles.com, where these pictures comes from are all sterling silver cross necklaces. A good point to make is the sterling silver cross necklaces are the most popular of all cross necklaces as well.

The cross necklace varies from a simple and plain cross necklace show just below. it is referred to by several names. Some of then are Latin Cross Necklace, Western Cross Necklace and Church Cross Necklace. The reason these simpler styled crosses are referred to as Latin cross necklaces is because the design first showed up in Latin culture. Western cross necklaces because it is widely used in the Western cultures today. It is also referred to the Church cross necklace because many Christian churches shaped the design after the cross.

In the world of cross necklaces there are thousands upon thousands of cross necklace styles to choose from. They are have their own design and often added symbolism.

The Celtic Cross Necklace is one of the best examples of a cross with different designs and added symbolism.

This Celtic cross necklace is in the shaped of a traditional cross and it has a circle in the intersection of the cross. The circle is symbol of eternity and life. The Celtic knot work includes the Celtic knot of the Holy Trinity of Godhead. That added Trinity symbolism id a three pointed knot. Each point represents a member of the Godhead. There are two major Christian symbols added to the already symbol cross necklace.

It also shows the Cultural influence of the Irish Cross Necklace.

Sterling silver Cross Necklaces  comes with more selection than any other precious metal due to the fact that while silver prices are going up like Gold and other precious metals, sterling silver is still cheaper that gold ever was making it an affordable yet precious symbol of Christianity.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Irish Celtic Jewelry


Irish Celtic jewelry is far more diverse than most people think. With the steady popularity of Celtic jewelry and Irish jewelry the designers who create Irish Celtic jewelry have designed other genres of Celtic jewelry like mens Celtic jewelry and Celtic cross jewelry as examples.

The purpose of these sub categories of Celtic jewelry are to define more specifically the types of Celtic jewelry out there and understanding this can help you drill down and browse more effectively to find the right type of Irish jewelry you want like Celtic jewelry for  men or Celtic crosses.

There is one caveat to all this and that is that many types of Celtic jewelry overlap from one genre to the other. For instance, you could see a Celtic cross necklace under Celtic Cross jewelry and it could also be found in Celtic jewelry for men.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Turtle Jewelry

Sterling Silver Turtle Jewelry

The turtle has held a place in mans heart for a long time. Turtles have been pets and cartoons characters and the subject of childrens books. Turtle jewelry made from sterling silver is a very engaging and attractive. Sterling silver turtle necklaces and sterling silver charms and pendants.

The turtle has symbolism such as the sure and steady message this creature brings to our lives.  It is also represents a powerful totem for protection by its withdrawing into it's shell is an amazing self-defense mechanism. The turtle has few predators, which gives it an innocent energy. This also increases its lifespan, and so holds the symbolic meaning for longevity in many cultures. The Turtle necklace charm is a great representation of the turtle symbolism.

Sterling silver Turtle jewelry is a great fashion statement as well as a nice symbolic statement.

Sterling Silver Horse Necklace


Sterling silver Horse jewelry is a wonderful genre of specialty jewelry. Celebrating the grand role of the horse in our history and our life today. Celebrate your love for horses with horse jewelry.

Whether you love the Morgan horse, the Arabians horses, Clydesdale horse, Thoroughbred horses, Mustangs, Stallion, American Quarter horse, Appaloosa, American Paint Horse. All of these types of horses and many more are represented by the sterling silver horse necklace listed for sale on the Horse Necklace.

With the horse pendants that are for sale at SilverANIMALS.com you can make whatever type of horse necklace you want. 

Humanity would not be where it is today if it were not for the horse. The horse gave mobility to mankind. it gave man power in war, horses gave men the ability to farm better and set up greater commerce. It was on the back of the horse that humanity moved forward.

The horse pendants can represent a great number of purebred and thoroughbred horses. The range of horses that can be represented by these horse pendants and horse necklaces in sterling silver giving a broad range of horse jewelry as opposed to a very small collection of horse jewelry in other precious metals.


Sterling silver Celtic and Irish jewelry are the most popular of all sterling silver specialty jewelry. Speciality jewelry is jewelry that primarily use charms and pendants to depict a theme like Christian jewelry or Irish jewelry or Animal jewelry etc.

Under the genre of a certain specialty jewelry like Celtic and Irish jewelry you have Celtic knot jewelry, Irish jewelry, silver Celtic jewelry, Irish cross necklaces, Irish Claddagh jewelry or mens Celtic jewelry. Or under Christian jewelry you would have Christian necklaces, Religious jewelry, Cross jewelry and so forth.

The focus on this jewelry blog is Celtic knot jewelry and Irish Jewelry. These two genres could be separate or related. It's a matter of opinion because many world wide consider them one in the same thing but in America we sometimes separate them into two genres. But in truth their history overlaps and the designs over lap.

We will start with sterling silver Celtic jewelry, then we will review sterling silver Irish Jewelry and then lastly we see the convergence of the two.

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry
Under Celtic jewelry you have mens Celtic jewelry, womens Celtic jewelry, Celtic jewelry, Celtic knot jewelry, Celtic knot jewelry rings, earrings, toe rings etc. Because Celtic jewelry is so closely connected to try and make a difference between Mens Celtic Jewelry and Womens Celtic Jewelry is almost just an advertisement gimmick except there is one notable difference between the two. That is size. Typically mens Celtic jewelry will be bigger than woman's Celtic knot jewelry. But even that is subjective. Typically it's a matter of taste.

Sterling silver Celtic knot jewelry is a broad genre of Celtic jewelry. The Celtic knot part of Celtic jewelry is denoted by the presence of Celtic knots. There is a smaller category of Celtic jewelry that doesn't have as much of the Celtic knot or in some cases no knots at all but rather Celtic weaves and other Celtic elements. Some future Celtic jewelry blog will cover that aspect.

Sterling Silver Irish Jewelry
Irish jewelry is a derivative of Celtic jewelry. The history of the Celtic evolves into the history of the Irish people, the Scottish people and the English people as well as a few other UK islands.
Of all the United Kingdom countries, Ireland has the closest ties to the Celtic peoples and that closeness is reflected in Irish jewelry.

One of the beautiful aspect of Irish jewelry is that one segment of Irish jewelry reflect the Irish heritage and culture like the Irish dancers and the traditional three and four leaf clovers and shamrocks.

These are just a few examples of Irish jewelry necklaces that demonstrate some of the Irish culture. These symbols the four leaf clover necklace and the Irish Claddagh necklace are very popular.

Irish Celtic Jewelry
How does Irish jewelry and Celtic jewelry come together to make Irish Celtic jewelry? Or how does it come about that the terms Celtic jewelry and Irish jewelry are interchangeable terms?

Part of the answer comes under the "Sterling Silver Irish Jewelry" section of this Celtic Jewelry blog. The other part is a literal mix of symbols as shown below:

This pair of Celtic and Irish Claddagh dangle Earrings is a combination If the Irish Claddagh jewelry symbol and the Celtic weave knot symbol. This is an ultra rich symbolic pair of  Celtic Irish Claddagh Earrings.

This  Grand Irish Claddagh pendant is another great example of mixing Irish jewelry symbols with Celtic jewelry symbols. You have the claddagh in the middle of the round pendant and as a border around the Irish Claddagh you have a Celtic knot weave.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cross Jewelry


Crosses are almost as old as the circle as far as ancient shapes. How crosses became instruments of torture and death I didn't care to research. But that is really why the cross symbol came into vogue for Christians.

Cross Necklace

The cross was used on Jesus Christ. After about 200 years or more the cross started to be used as a Christian symbol. It was slow going at first becasue of the sysmbolism of torture and death that it represented. Some used a Crucifix which is a cross with a depiction of Jesus on the cross. The other cross is empty to represent the resurrection.

Mens Cross Necklace

Whatever the symbolism the crosses have for you they can be worn as a Cross necklace in many different ways. The have cross necklaces for me and for women. They have cross necklaces in various styles representing their culture and associated symbols.


Their are cross necklaces for women and the last decade or two the mens cross necklace has come into popularity.  The cross necklaces for men are very important to Christian men and are a perfect gift for Christmas or Easter. Birthday of Fathers Day or any day of the week.

Dog Tag Cross Necklaces For Men

My dear Mom used to buy us "love gifts". These were gifts randomly given to show love and celebrate the moments of love. The Cross necklaces for men are perfect "love gift" to give the Christian man in your life.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Animal Jewelry Under The Sea


There are countless animals who live under the sea and many of them are celebrated in the form of animal jewelry. Let's take a look at some of the under water animals memorialized forever with sterling silver animal jewelry.

Sea Horse Totem: Protecting the young and those weaker than themselves. Seahorses can also be a bridge between the Spirit Water World and the Living World.

Sterling Silver Seahorse Earrings

Penguin Symbolism
Sacrifice. Self-discipline. Self-maintenance. Aesthetic Appearance. Water Mastery. Air Mastery. Uncommon Grace. Dreams.  Determination.

Sea Life and Ocean Jewelry reflects so many under water animals from dolphins to whales to starfish to sea shells and the list is almost endless just as the sea life.

This blog looks like a sterling silver aquarium with all the sea life and ocean life memorialized in solid sterling silver.