Saturday, May 5, 2012

Affirmation Jewelry - Words To Live By

Affirmation Jewelry

I really believe there are words to live by. These words can encourage us, uplifting us and motivate us. So wouldn't it be a great idea if there was silver jewelry that would connect to us the way power words connect to us?

There is a genre of jewelry that is quite unique. It is called Affirmation jewelry. This affirmation jewelry is word jewelry. As you can see by these pictures, they are centered around words. Originally this genre was designed as affirmation jewelry providing silver pendants with words that affirmation feelings about yourself.

These affirmation charms make a great affirmation necklace which you can wear around as affirmation jewelry or word jewelry that is designed to go along  with words to live by.

It's not by chance that these affirmation charms are round. A circle is a commonly accepted symbol for eternity and so that special word you want to wear also has eternity in the equation. The first to pictures show how combining the word with the symbol really makes a difference.

The affirmation necklace can be a single affirmation charm on a chain or it can be several affirmation charms on the same necklace or an affirmation necklace can combine a pendant and an affirmation pendant.

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