Friday, June 18, 2010

Sterling Silver Irish Celtic Jewelry

In our collection of sterling silver Irish Celtic Jewelry we have over 600 pieces of the most diverse collection of Celtic Jewelry. We have Celtic necklaces, Celtic rings, Irish Claddagh rings, Celtic Knot Earrings, Celtic Cross Necklaces, Celtic knot pendants, Celtic Cross pendants.

Typically the most common style of Celtic jewelry is the Celtic Necklace and the Celtic Cross Necklaces.

After that comes the Celtic Ring and the Irish Claddagh Ring.

Then generally comes the Celtic Earrings.

Irish Claddagh Rings
This sterling silver Claddagh ring not only includes the Claddagh symbol but also includes a Celtic trinity knot at the end of each hand.

Celtic Cross Pendants This Celtic cross pendant is decorated with a Irish Claddagh and some Celtic knot work at the tips of the cross.

Celtic Earrings are a huge and popular part of Silver Celtic jewelry. Under their collection of Celtic knot earrings are Celtic Cross earrings. Celtic Trinity Knot Earrings, general Celtic knot earrings and other Celtic symbol earrings. Just click here: Silver Celtic Knot Earrings to see a truly amazing collection of sterling silver Celtic knot earrings.
We cannot forget to mention there are Celtic Triskel earrings and Celtic irish Claddagh Earrings. Likely the more diverse collection of Celtic knot earrings.

Sterling silver Celtic Knot Heart Dangle Earrings. One of the most popular styles of Celtic jewelry along with Celtic knot necklaces and Celtic Rings.

The Irish Claddagh Earrings are very popular.

For the  history of the Irish Claddagh and the meaning of the Claddagh symbolism.

The one stop shopping location for Celtic Knot Jewelry.


Cross Jewelry

Cross Jewelry  from is all made from sterling silver. You can get virtually any type of sterling silver cross jewelry there. But there featured items are sterling silver cross necklaces.

Of all Cross jewelry, Religious jewelry or Christian jewelry the Christian cross necklace is by far the most popular style of Christian jewelry. HandCraftedCollectibles took the most popular style of Religious jewelry and added a masterful twist on the sterling silver Christian cross necklaces.

Check out this unique and original Christian cross necklace:

This unique Religious Word Cross necklace is made from all sterling silver with traditional cross pendants and affirmation jewelry charms.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Silver Cross Necklaces For Men

All Cross necklaces for men on this blog are made from sterling silver. In fact every piece of Religious Jewelry from HandCraftedCollectibles is made from sterling silver. Whether it be a silver mens cross necklace or a silver Cross earring, it's all sterling silver.

The collection of Cross Necklaces for Men on HandCraftedCollectibles (HCC) is vast. They have countless genres of cross necklaces for men and some categories of cross necklaces for men is so big that they require their own page to check them all out. Here is a partial list of silver Mens cross necklaces by genre they carry:
  • General mens cross necklaces.
  • Fluer De Lis cross necklaces for men.
  • Filigree mens cross necklaces.
  • Celtic Cross Necklaces For Men.
  • Customized Word Cross Necklaces for men.
Then their is sterling silver cross pendants. All the cross necklaces sold on HCC have at least one cross pendant on it. Many mens cross necklaces have two silver pendants or more on them. All cross pendants are sold seperately to use with necklaces and chains they might now sell. has been in business since 2002 and has grown into the largest sterling silver Religios or Christian jewelry online retailer online. Their combined Religious and Christian jewelry inventory is around 19,000 plus.

Inspite of offering more Religious and Christian jewelry than any other web site in the world, they are a small family owned and operated business that are very responsive to customer needs. As an examples of their long term responsiveness to their customer needs they have these features to show for it:
  • Large variety of Religious jewelry.
  • Free S&H, both Domestic and Foreign.
  • Affordable prices for sterling silver jewelry
  • Other sterling silver jewelry that is complimentary to Religious Jewelry and family friendly.
  • While they do have many specialty items that need to be ordered in, their turn around time is quick.
HCC wants to help dress Christianity in sterling silver Christian jewelry with the finest quality sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver is the most affordable precious metal and it is the most reflective metal of all precious metals.


With the longevity of their website, is a trend setter in christian jewelry and knows what's hot in the coming Religious jewelry trends.

Their Christian and Religious jewelry makes you feel connected, inspired, uplifted, positive, motivated, spiritual and hopeful.

Because sterling silver is far more affordable than gold, titanium, white gold or other precious metals, jewelry artisans (makers) create 1000's or more symbols (charms, earrings, pendants etc) than in gold, titanium or white gold. This creates a far better selection to choose from when looking for that perfect piece of Religious jewelry. It also makes it affordable for all Christians to afford.

Sterling silver is a brilliant color but also a neutral color to allow you to wear it for any reason, any time. Put on your cross necklace in the morning for you morning walk and keep it all day for work, shopping or any other daily activity. Wear it to a formal occasion or to Bible study that night. Wear it to Church or any other function. Sterling silver Christian jewelry goes with anything or anywhere.

Cross necklaces for men is great for all Church functions like Bible study, sunda School, Church services etc.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Silver Horseshoe Jewelry

The Silver Horseshoe Necklace is generally worn as a good luck charm or to celebrate the horse. Horseshoe jewelry is part of the equestrian jewelry genre but is worn mostly used as a good luck symbol.


Silver Horseshoe necklaces for many years online and have found that most horseshoe necklaces are made with horseshoe charms or pendants and the jump ring is attached on the underside of the horseshoe.

So when you wear the horseshoe necklace the horse shoe charm or pendant on a necklace hangs upside down. The luck drains out, or does it?

More than once a concerned consumer has emailed me to tell me the horseshoe necklace was incorrect. Typically horseshoe pendants and charms have their bail or jump ring affixed to the underside (closed side) of the horseshoe because it’s difficult to attach a removeable clasp to horseshoe charm or pendant on the top side (open). They do have some horseshoe necklaces that way but they are not common.

So does it really matter? It’s just silver horseshoe jewelry. It’s not like a real horseshoe nailed to a wall.

Horseshoes are considered a good luck charm in many cultures. The shape, how the horsehoe is made, where you place the horseshoe, and how you obtained the horseshoe are important issues when using the horseshoe for good luck. The same holds true for Horseshoe Necklaces

With Horse Jewelry and with life the most common tradition is that if a horseshoe is hung on a door with the two ends pointing up then good luck will occur. Or, rather the horseshoe fills up with good luck and doesn’t drain out. However, if the two ends point downwards then bad luck will happen because it all drained out.

But there are other traditions regarding the famous horse shoe good luck charm. It seems that for every culture that revears its horses has a tradition. They are not all the same.

In some cultures, the horseshoe is hung with the points downward. This is done so that good luck pours down onto you. This fits the common silver horseshoe necklace rather well.

Still, in other horseshoe traditions it doesn’t matter how it is hung but rather the issues are how did you get ahold of the horse shoe as long as the horseshoe has been used (not new), was found (not purchased), and can be touched.

These traditions have a few things in common. The horseshoe holds the luck. But where the luck goes is what matters. Does the luck pour down on you or those around you or is it contained in the horseshoe for only you.

In other traditions the owner of the horseshoe gets the luck regardless of who found it or who hangs it up. All the luck goes to the original owner.

There is another tradition that requires the horseshoe to be found for it to be lucky. You can’t buy it, trade for it, but it must be found.

Still another tradition goes like this: If a guests comes into your house where a horseshoe is above the door, they must leave by the same door through which they entered or they will take the luck from the horseshoe with them from the house. That’s a no no.

Does it really matter in the Horseshoe necklace how the horseshoe charm is hung? I guess it depends on which tradition you hold to. But Horseshoe jewelry charms actually go both ways with the expansion of the horseshoe jewelry charms we have added over the years.

Take a look at the of the horseshoe necklaces to see how they go both ways to appeal to everyone. And wear the horse shoe necklace to celebrate the symbol of the horse.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry

Everyone has a favorite animal. Not everyone has a pet but there are about 87 million homes in american that own pets. The most common pets are Dogs, Cats, Birds and then Horses. Dogs are by far the most common household pet. You celebrate dogs with Sterling Silver Dog Charms, both mix breed dogs and pure bred dogs.

Then there are Animal lovers who may or may not have a pet. These may just be animals lovers or those for the ethical treatment of animals or animal rights activists. When you look at the big picture almost everyone has some sort of interest in Animals.

Becasue of this there is no surprise that Animal jewelry is very popular. Animal jewelry is a great way to celebrate your love or interest in animals, whatever the animal may be. Silver Animal Charms are wonderful becasue you can design your own animal jewelry making your own animal necklace or animal charm bracelet.

Sterling silver animal jewelry is what sells and only sterling silver animal jewelry. No piece of jewelry comes from them that is not made from sterling silver.

SILVER ANIMAL JEWELRY is one of the biggest sterling silver animal jewelry web sites. They sell all types of silver animal jewelry, animal necklaces, animal charms and other types of animal jewelry like animal earrings.

Here is a small list of the types of Animal jewelry sold by Silveranimals:

One of SilverAnimals single biggest collection of animal jewelry is Horse Jewelry with four pagesw of equestrian jewelry. The second biggest collection of Animal jewelry would be Dog Jewelry with three pages of silver dog jewelry charms and necklaces.

The Horse Necklace genre of horse jewelry is very popular and mixed with horseshoe necklaces, horse head necklaces, full body horse necklaces etc.

The silver Hose pendant is great becasue you can customized your own horse necklace by buying the horse pendants and sterling silver necklace chains and design your own horse necklace just right for you. The same is true for horse charms. You can get the horse charms for necklaces and build horse necklaces with horse charms.

SilverAnimals has a huge collection of sterling silver Butterfly jewelry in butterfly pendants, Butterfly charms, Butterfly Necklaces and Butterfly earrings.

The Dolphin collection of jewelry is mostly dolphin charms and dolphin necklaces.

SilverAnimals Dragonfly jewelry collection is comprised of dragonfly charms, dragonfly pendants, dragonfly earrings, and dragonfly necklaces. A very nice collection ofr a popular type of animal jewelry. Rich in symbolism.

SilverAnimals carries so much more sterling silver animal jewelry than is shown in this short blog. It is worth taking a visit to and see for yourself.

There is a great group on Facebook for animal loves called Society of Animal Lovers where people hang out to talk about animals and many different topics related to animals.

 There's an Animal Jewelry blog for Animal Lovers, click here to check it out. It covers animal jewelry and other types of sterling silver jewelry.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

POPULAR STERLING SILVER CELTIC JEWELRY, world famous for sterling silver Religious jewelry, also has an equally dazzling selection of sterling silver Celtic Jewelry. In fact, some of the religious jewelry comes from the silver Celtic jewelry collection such as the silver Celtic Cross necklaces, Celtic Knot earrings and Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Jewelry Pendants.

Not only do we have tradition Cross pendants, we also have Celtic Knot Pendants. We have alot of gneres of sterling silver jewelry that overlaps between tradition versions and Celtic jewelry version.

We have sterling silver Celtic necklaces for men and for women. These Celtic necklaces are very unique sterling silver necklaces with detailed complx Celtic knotwork designs. Celtic necklaces for men is very popular. Men seem to be drawn equally, if not more than women to the Celtic styles and symbols.

The collection of sterling silver Celtic jewelry that HandCraftedCollectibles carries includes in part, Celtic Rings, Celtic Wedding rings, Celtic Earrings, Celtic Engagement rings, Celtic Jewelry For Men and silver Celtic pendants and charms. The Celtic jewelry collection also has it's own, not so little Celtic Cross Jewelry  collection.

Our sterling silver Celtic jewelry collection includes Silver Celtic Knot Jewelry, alot of Irish jewelry that has a strong Celtic inluence. In fact some of the Celtic wedding and engagement rings we carry combined the irish Claddagh symbol with Celtic symbols.

Check out a few more pictures of sterling silver Celtic Jewelry by clicking on these different sterling silver Celtic jewelry items:

Celtic Jewelry
Celtic Cross Shamrock Necklace
Irish Claddagh Cross Necklace
Celtic Cross Pendant