Saturday, March 31, 2012

Animal Jewelry

Animal Jewelry

Sterling silver animal jewelry is a great genre for anyone who likes animals. With silver animal jewelry you will find some amazing detailed animal charms and pendants which make silver great animal  necklaces. has some wonderful animal charms and animal jewelry in the horse jewelry genre.

Sterling silver Horse jewelry is the single largest collection of animal jewelry. They have horse jewelry on four web pages. They have hundreds of different types of animals represented in silver animal jewelry.

Silver Cross Necklaces

Silver Cross Necklaces

Of all the cross necklaces that are for sell or are in circulation the silver cross necklace is by far the most popular.

Here is why the silver cross necklace is number one in the genre of cross necklaces...Silver is the most naturally reflective of all precious metals including gold cross necklaces. Silver is a neutral color meaning it goes with everything. Gold is not a neutral color and therefore does not go with everything.

Sterling silver cross necklaces are far more affordable than the gold cross necklaces. You can buy six or seven silver cross necklaces for the price of one gold cross necklace.

Because of the popularity of silver cross necklaces there are many times more of a selection of the silver cross necklace than there are in gold cross necklaces. With such a vast collection of the silver cross necklace you will always find what you are looking for. is the world wide favorite location for silver cross necklaces and Christian jewelry. Cross necklaces are the single biggest sub-genre of Christian jewelry.

Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry

Sterling silver religious jewelry is a wonder genre of jewelry that contains all types of jewelry with a religious theme. In this religious jewelry post we will look at Hindu jewelry, Jewish Jewelry and Buddhist jewelry.

Of these religious jewelry genres let's start with Buddhist jewelry. This is jewelry that is based on the Buddha. Buddhist jewelry has Buddha necklaces, Buddha charms and pendants. Buddhist jewelry has a long history of interesting icons.

Jewish jewelry is a great religious jewelry as well. Jewish jewelry provides sterling silver Jewish icons that are celebrated in sterling silver like the star of David and other great Jewish symbols.

Sterling silver Hindu Jewelry is a great sub-genre of religious jewelry. Hindu jewelry is like the other religious jewelry shown above. Hindu jewelry is a group of Hindi symbols used in Hindu jewelry. The Om pendant is a popular part of Hindu jewelry.

All of these types of religious jewelry as shown above, Hindu jewelry, Buddhist jewelry and Jewish jewelry are not the only types of religious jewelry. There are many other types of religious jewelry. To see a full list of religious jewelry click on religious jewelry.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Christian Jewelry For Men

Christian Jewelry For Men

Christian jewelry for men is designed to invoke an emotional response to Christian men. One of the most popular types of christian jewelry for men is found in the cross necklaces for men category.  Cross necklaces for men is a special genre of cross necklaces design just for Christian men.

Elegant, masculine and inspiring sterling silver cross necklaces for men add to the Christian look of a sharp dressed man.  Cross necklaces for men can be a mood enhancing motivation style of Christian jewelry for men.

Accentuate any outfit with a sterling silver mens cross necklace. Sterling silver is a natural color but is the most highly reflective of all precious metals. The mens cross necklace will pop out and draw peoples eyes right to your handsome mens cross necklace.

Wearing a mens cross necklace shows where your heart lies and lets others no your a Christian. Wearing Christian jewelry for men in the form of cross necklaces for men is a inspirational fashionable way to testify.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mother Daughter Jewelry

Mother Daughter Jewelry

Looking for a great Mothers Day gift? Looking for a great gift to give your mother for her birthday or Christmas or any other gift giving time? Sterling silver mother daughter jewelry is a great genre of jewelry that appeals to that special relationship between a Mom and her daughter.

We will look at many variations of the mother daughter jewelry genre and other types of  mother necklaces that serve as a fantastic gift to give you Mom on Mothers Day or any other gift giving occasion.

The mom necklace is a popular sub-genre to Mothers jewelry. These circle word pendants have the symbolism of "forever"because the circle is symbolic for eternity. So the word pendant and other types of jewelry mixed with them are eternal expressions. The mom necklace speaks to the heart and soul of your mom.

The sterling silver mothers necklace genre comes with many different expressions that help to lift your mothers spirits and to improve the bond you share with you Mom. For instance, you like a thousands miles away from your mom, give her a necklace from the mothers necklace category. Every time she puts it on she thinks of you in a special way. She wears it proudly because it was given by you to her.

The mother daughter necklace genre also celebrates your daughter. Both Mom and Dad can give their daughter a lasting necklace with a special message.

These genre of jewelry is all about the expression of love between children and their Mom. You can't go wrong with this unique type of jewelry.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Celtic Cross Jewelry

Celtic Cross Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic cross jewelry is an engaging collection of Celtic crosses, Celtic cross necklaces and more.  We will focus on just Celtic crosses because the whole expanse of Celtic cross jewelry is much larger than just Celtic cross jewelry.

First of all Celtic crosses are crosses like any other with one exception. Celtic crosses have various Celtic or Irish symbols and Celtic knots as you will see throughout the few pictures in this post.

This Celtic cross necklace shown just above that has the irish clover on it. It also has the Celtic knts on it with an emphasis on trinity knots. To understand the symbolism of the Celtic and irish symbols and meanings look into Celtic cross meaning. It will give you details on the various symbols that are commonly used on the Celtic cross necklace.

Their seems to be no end to the great variety to the Celtic cross necklace. There are so many more Celtic cross necklaces to look at. So check them out at Celtic cross necklace.

While there are many other types of Celtic cross jewelry, the Celtic cross necklace decorated with Celtic crosses.

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is a vast genre of all types of jewelry that have a Celtic or Irish theme. In this blog about Celtic jewelry we will look into Celtic earrings and Celtic necklaces. But not just any Celtic necklace or not just any Celtic earrings, we are going to specifically looking into matching Celtic earrings and Celtic necklaces.

Let's look at match number one...between a Claddagh necklace and Claddagh earrings.

Now after looking at these sterling silver Claddagh earrings with a green CZ. Now compare this delightful pair of Claddagh earrings with a sterling silver Claddagh necklace that matches the earrings exactly.

Let's take a look at a pair of Celtic earrings that match a Celtic necklace.

Look at the sterling silver Celtic earrings that are designed with Celtic trinity knots.

Check out this sterling silver Celtic necklace also decorated with the Celtic trinity knot just like the Celtic earrings above.

This sterling silver sample of Celtic jewelry is so small compared to how much sterling silver Celtic jewelry there is. We haven't even touched on Celtic and Claddagh rings, charms and pendants.

Mens Cross Necklace

Mens Cross Necklace

The sterling silver mens cross necklace is one of the most popular of all Christian jewelry for men because wearing a mens cross necklace serves the Christian men as a constant visual reminder of their Christian attributes.

The reminder you get when you look in the mirror is to be of good cheer, be happy not sad. Be a Christian and act like a Christian. How much better would the country be if everyone who claimed to be Christian acted like they were Christian?

If everyone put into daily practice what they read and learned from the Bible America and the world would be a better place. Wear a mens cross necklace to remind you of your Christian possibilities.

Concerned about wanting to wear a silver cross necklace for men but are not so sure if you can pull it off? Doubt no longer because their are some very handsome cross necklaces for men to choose from.

The silver cross necklace for men comes in so many styles that are masculine and fashionable that it's almost impossible to browse through the silver cross necklace for men collection without being moved by something as inspiring as any one of those cross necklaces for men.

Cross necklaces for men when worn can serve as spiritual motivation and at the same time be visually appealing to you and those around you. With a mens cross necklace you can show your discipleship without having to be verbal in your evangelical efforts. A soft approach is often a good approach. Wear your symbol of faith and be a good example.

Irish Jewelry

Irish Jewelry

The biggest genre inside the sterling silver Irish jewelry is the sterling silver Irish Claddagh ring. Irish jewelry has all kinds of Irish influenced types of jewelry like the shamrock necklace or the clover pendant. The Irish jewelry genre has Irish dance jewelry and many other types of Irish jewelry  impacted by the rich Irish tradition.

For this look at Irish jewelry we're going to take a good look at the Irish Claddagh ring. To understand the immense meaning of the Irish Claddagh ring check out the history some of the folklore of the Claddagh symbol and design. Press on Irish Claddagh ring meaning to learn why the Irish Claddagh ring is so vastly popular.

The two Irish Claddagh rings shown above are good old traditional Irish Claddagh rings.

The reason that it's a point worth mentioning is that many Irish Claddagh rings also contain some Celtic symbols like the Irish Claddagh ring, the last Irish Claddagh ring shown.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Celtic Cross Jewelry

Celtic Cross Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic cross jewelry is a wonderful genre of cross jewelry. While there are many types of Celtic cross jewelry to choose from like Celtic cross earrings, Celtic cross pendants, Celtic cross necklaces and more, the real popular part and biggest part of Celtic cross jewelry is the Celtic cross necklace.

Let's take a look at Celtic cross jewelry prominent sub-genre Celtic cross necklaces starting with one of the most popular of all Celtic cross necklaces:

This first sterling silver Celtic cross necklace is like any other Celtic cross necklace except it adds an Irish three-leaf clover in the center of the Celtic ring.

The Celtic cross necklaces range from the traditional Celtic cross necklace to unique Celtic cross necklaces like the Irish Claddagh cross necklace just above but there are many other Celtic cross necklaces.

This Celtic cross necklace has the Celtic circle at the intersection of the cross and the rest of the cross reflects the Celtic trinity knot. Celtic cross necklaces really very and they all have something unique to them.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Silver Cross Necklaces

Silver Cross Necklaces

When you think of your mother when it comes to her birthday or when you think of your Mom with Mothers Day coming up what will you get her for Mothers Day? Candy, flowers or jewelry. Candy goes to the waist or melts before it gets to your dear Mom.

Roses die but you can dry them and have them around for a few years. Jewelry is also a common gift and maybe you think jewelry is a worn out type of Mothers Day gift. But if you use specialty jewelry then you can give your Mom some keepsake jewelry that she will appreciate forever.

The silver cross necklace is a great present for Mother Day if your Mom is a Christian women. There are countless silver cross necklaces to choose from that would be great for your Christian mom.

Each silver cross necklace comes with three sterling silver chains and four lengths. This means the silver cross necklace will fit every women and uplift her spirits. There are thousands of silver cross necklaces to choose from ensuring you select the perfect Mothers Day presents.

The sterling silver cross necklace comes in so many designs with many cultural influences. The sterling silver cross necklace is comes with old style influences blended with modern-day designs as well.

Irish Jewelry

Irish Jewelry

Sterling silver Irish jewelry is a great genre of jewelry celebrating Irish heritage and Irish culture and is popular among Irish and American jewelry wearers. In fact more Irish jewelry is made and bought in America than Ireland.

Of all the Irish necklaces and of most of Irish jewelry the clover necklace is the most popular type of Irish jewelry. The only type of Irish jewelry more popular than the clover necklace is the Claddagh ring.

The Clover necklace includes three-leafed clovers and four-leafed clovers. Look at the examples of the clover necklace genre.

Irish jewelry has other types of Irish necklaces and Irish charms that celebrate the Irish culture like the Irish jig dancer, look at this Irish necklace below:

Irish charms provide many different Irish themed Irish charms, some celebrating Irish dancing like this Irish soft shoe shown right below:

The Irish charms, the Irish necklaces and clover necklaces all make up a great collection of silver Irish jewelry.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry

Sterling silver religious jewelry is a great all purpose genre of any jewelry that is religious in nature.  Religious jewelry covers so much that I have chosen to narrow it down to religious jewelry for men and then to a Saint Christopher necklace which is popular to the men who like to wear religious jewelry for men.

Religious jewelry for men is wonderful and perfect for all religious men.  Religious jewelry for men are different types of religious jewelry designed to inspire religious men.

The Saint Christopher necklace is a example of religious jewelry for men. The Saint Christopher necklace is made with sterling silver.  Look at the example Saint Christopher necklace where the Saint Christopher medal is two sided.

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic pendants and Celtic knot pendants are a big part of Celtic knot jewelry. Celtic knot jewelry as opposed to "Celtic jewelry" implies a little something different...The difference is that Celtic knot jewelry implies only Celtic jewelry that uses Celtic knots.

Let's take a look at Celtic pendants and see what is offered with the Celtic knot. Notice in all these pictures the Celtic knot has a least one thing in common, the Celtic knot pendant is some sort of geometric design which is a large part of the Celtic knot pendant.

Celtic pendants are very useful in making your own custom designed Celtic knot pendant necklace. Select some Celtic pendants from the collection of sterling silver Celtic pendants and then select silver chains or some black cord to the Celtic pendant and you have your own unique Celtic pendant necklace.

Sterling silver Celtic pendants can vary from Celtic trinity pendants to Celtic eternity knot pendants to Celtic cross pendants to Celtic zoomorphic pendants and the list could ramble on for a few sentences. The point is this blog isn't big enough to list all the dozens of Celtic pendants.