Thursday, May 24, 2012



What is an affirmation?  According to several dictionaries that I looked at for a definition of affirmations here is what is said in general. 

An affirmation is a statement of truth.  The assertion that something is true or exists.  Positive affirmations are a self help tool. How it works is to repeat over and over in your mind a strongly and positively worded statement of truth that will help you grow into that affirmation and become happier and more positive.

For instance,  if you feel, for what ever reason that you are unlovable, then you could use a strongly worded positive statement of truth to help you realize that your are lovable.  For instance, a positive affirmation could be along the lines of  "I am lovable" or "I am worthy of being loved". Then you could wear an affirmation necklace with the affirmation charm that has the word love engraved on it.

The affirmation charm would remind you of your positive affirmations of love.  There are somewhere between 150 to 160ish affirmation charms to work with countless positive affirmations.

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