Friday, January 27, 2012

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic knot jewelry is very similar to Celtic jewelry and some would argue it is the same. But Celtic knot jewelry implies a more specific type of Celtic jewelry. It emphasis' the Celtic knot part of the vast collection of silver Celtic jewelry.

We are going to drill down to Celtic knot pendants since the Celtic knot jewelry is so vast.

Like any other type of Celtic jewelry, there is no limit to the types of specific Celtic pendants and Celtic knot pendants.

The genre of Celtic pendants is so vast by itself that you need to not rely on this blog but click on the Celtic pendant to see all the possible Celtic pendants. With the Celtic pendant and a silver necklace chain you can make your own custom Celtic necklace.

Sterling Silver Cross Jewelry

Cross Jewelry

Sterling silver cross jewelry is a great style of jewelry that many Christians like to wear. With Christian crosses you can wear many types of cross jewelry. These jewelry crosses can be used in cross earrings, cross pendants and cross necklaces.

Does it seem strange to you for me to use the phrase "Christian crosses"? Aren't all crosses Christian? Strangely no. Among the very first symbols used anciently by men were circles and crosses. As a result, the cross is symbolic for Christian religions for obvious reasons and other, non Christian religions.

All cross jewelry that we are speaking about are Christian crosses. The crosses that we are looking at are all made from sterling silver. The collection of Christian crosses that we are looking at is the biggest single collection of sterling silver jewelry crosses in the world.

These collection of Christian crosses includes cross charms, cross rings, cross charms, cross necklaces, Celtic crosses and many other cross genre specific to jewelry crosses.

Horse Jewelry

Horse Jewelry

What makes horse jewelry so popular? First off, horse lovers like to wear jewelry that reminds them of their interest in horses. Others enjoy horse jewelry because the horse is symbolic to many different things.

According to the symbolism people are looking for helps to determine what type of horse or horse necklace to choose.

The horse necklace is the most important part of horse jewelry because that's what most people choose when browsing horse jewelry.

To learn about horse symbolism and to see horse necklaces just click on horse necklaces. You get educated on horse symbolism and see an awesome collection of the horse necklaces.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is the most popular type of Celtic jewelry which is true for just about any other type of jewelry.

Because the sterling silver Celtic jewelry is so broad I have decided that we should focus on just one type of sterling silver Celtic jewelry. The type of sterling silver Celtic jewelry we'll look at for this post is Celtic earrings.

Celtic Earrings

Sterling silver Celtic earrings like the one just above can match Celtic necklaces like the Celtic necklace at the top of the post. Celtic earrings are a wonder piece  of Celtic jewelry for women.

This is an exciting collection of Celtic earrings. This puffed pair of Celtic heart earrings is a popular design of Celtic earrings.

Silver Celtic earrings range from Claddagh earrings to Celtic trinity knot earrings to Celtic knot earrings and more. The best collection of sterling silver Celtic earrings can be found by click on sterling silver Celtic earrings.

Celtic silver earrings are more popular than any other type of Celtic earrings. Celtic silver earrings are far more affordable than any other type of Celtic earrings like gold, platinum etc. You can buy four or five Celtic silver earrings for the price of one gold Celtic earrings.

Valentines Day Jewelry Part II

Celtic Jewelry For Women

In yesterdays article on Valentines Day jewelry I espoused the virtues of cross necklaces being a wonderful Valentines jewelry alternative. I stand by that idea but I also thought of Celtic jewelry for women providing both traditional Valentines Day jewelry but in a different way, a Celtic way.

Let's look at Celtic jewelry for women and see what they have to offer the St Valentines Day gift giving. The two main Celtic jewelry for women necklaces that fill the obvious Valentines gift giving activity is the Celtic love knot jewelry. There is also some Celtic heart necklaces.

Let's look at Celtic love knot jewelry to start with. The concept behind Celtic love knots is the connected two Celtic knots together with another Celtic knot. The two Celtic knots bound together represent the love that binds two people together with love. The two pictures above are great examples of the Celtic love knot necklace.

To see more in this genre click on Celtic love knot necklace.

The Celtic heart necklace is a heart shaped Celtic knot. The Celtic heart necklace is amazing because it shows how limitless the Celtic knot is and how it can be used for so many things.

All of these Celtic necklaces come from a large Celtic necklaces for women collection. All these Celtic necklaces for women are all made from sterling silver.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentines Day Jewelry

Valentines Day Jewelry does not need to be centered around the traditional heart. Just because the heart is a symbol of love people tend to think that the heart jewelry symbol is what is expected as a Valentines day gift.

I want to challenge that idea. But first don't get me wrong, I love heart jewelry but I also think it's time to set the record straight. What I am suggesting is a cross necklace. The cross is the greatest symbol of love and hope. So for Christians who wear jewelry why not give them an inspirational symbol of love with the cross necklace.

In the past the heart jewelry was typically given by men to their sweatheart lady. Now, with the cross necklace, both men and women can give an inspirational love symbol to their Christian man or women.

Another great thing about the cross necklace is that there are a lot of cross necklaces for men that will allow the Christian lady give to the Christian man a perfect symbol of eternal love found in the cross. There are thousands of cross necklaces for men.

The mens cross necklace is not only a great Valentines Day gift of love but it is a gift of love for other events like Fathers Day gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and the list goes on. to see the largest selection of the silver mens cross necklace just click on silver cross necklace for men.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Everything Ring

The Everything Ring

Claddagh Ring

Silver Celtic jewelry is one of the largest of all theme jewelry. The only jewelry I know of that is a genre jewelry that is bigger than silver Celtic jewelry is the sterling silver Claddagh ring.

Silver Celtic jewelry is the biggest main genre of jewelry in all of specialty jewelry. The Claddagh ring is a sub-genre of silver Celtic jewelry. So what makes the Claddagh ring more popular than parent category of jewelry...silver Celtic jewelry? Let's look into that.

The Claddagh rings often includes Celtic symbols putting it into the Celtic jewelry genre. Of course it is in the Irish genre of jewelry because it originated in Ireland.

Claddagh rings all feature hands with a heart wearing a crown.The Crown means loyalty and fidelity, the heart means love and the hands are friendship. To know more about the history of the Claddagh ring click on Claddagh ring meaning. Due to the symbolism meaning of the Claddagh ring it is used for friendship rings, promise rings, wedding rings, engagement rings as well as a good old Irish ring.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cross Necklaces

Cross Necklaces

This post is a little different in that we are reviewing a sterling silver Christian jewelry web site that is turning ten years old this year. In 2002 was created. It did not start out with Christian jewelry, but rather it started out with handmade jewelry and affirmation jewelry.

Very quickly after got a foothold they saw the value of adding cross necklaces to their inventory. After that came a full stream of Cross jewelry and Christian jewelry added to the venerable cross necklace. (HCC) specializes in sterling silver religious jewelry. Everything they sale is based on sterling silver.

The silver cross necklace is wonderful and you can find thousands of the silver cross necklaces just by clicking on silver cross necklace.

Wearing cross necklaces can help you feel connected to your spiritual roots. Wearing cross necklaces can help you connect to you Christian faith and values. Cross jewelry can inspire you and make you feel happy and uplifted.
These sterling silver cross necklaces can help make you feel connected, inspired, uplifted, positive, motivated, spiritual and hopeful.

Regardless your taste is with cross necklaces you will find more than enough silver cross necklaces to satisfy your taste.

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

Of all the materials that are used to make Celtic jewelry the most popular precious metal is sterling silver.Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is more affordable than any other type of Celtic jewelry and silver Celtic jewelry comes in countless more selections and lastly Celtic jewelry made from sterling silver  is neutral with the most natural reflection of  all precious metals.

Celtic jewelry for women is very popular for the Celtic women and any other women who likes Celtic jewelry. Celtic jewelry for women comes in countless varieties like Celtic rings, Celtic necklaces, and Celtic earrings.

Let's look at some Celtic necklaces that fall under the Celtic jewelry for women genre.

As you can see from these three Celtic necklaces the range of Celtic necklaces is vast and apply perfectly for the Celtic jewelry for women. To see a huge collection of Celtic necklaces click on Celtic necklace.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentines Day Jewelry

Valentines Day Jewelry

Valentines Day jewelry is usually and almost always heart jewelry because Valentines Day is the celebration of love. Have you shyed away from jewelry because your special lady has so many heart style jewelry and necklaces?

This blog brings you another Valentines Day gift that is jewelry and is all about love and is not related to heart jewelry.

There is a genre of jewelry called "I love you necklace" which has a wide range of new love jewelry. The most popular type of I love you necklace genre is the ASL necklace. ASL is American Sign Language and this symbol is the ASL symbol for "I love you".

The sterling silver I love you necklace is made from this amazingly detailed 3D I love you pendant. Take a close look at it. So detailed you can see the finger nails.

This attractive I love you pendant makes for terrific I love you necklaces.

Now you have a terrific alternative to traditional valentines day jewelry gifts.



This blog post is focusing on Christian crosses. I say that because crosses are not always considered Christian crosses. The cross is one of the most popular and original symbols in the history of men. So it makes sense that the cross could be used in non Christian religions and it is. But the jewelry crosses we're talking about in this blog is in fact the Christian cross.

From Christian crosses come the cross pendants, cross necklaces, Celtic crosses to name a few.

Let's start with looking at Celtic crosses. These Celtic crosses could be considered on non Christian cross but it's not and we'll tell you why with some examples.

The first Celtic cross pendant has all the basic Celtic cross elements plus one additional symbol. Both Celtic crosses have a Celtic circle around the intersection of the Celtic crosses. The Celtic circle has the same symbolic meaning as in Christian crosses and Christian jewelry. The circle means eternity or forever. That's a nice additional symbol for Christian crosses.

The first Celtic cross pendant also has an Irish clover that was used by Christian missionaries in Ireland to teach of the Holy Trinity. That adds nicely to the Celtic Christian crosses.

Cross necklaces are great jewelry items for Christian men and women. Cross necklaces are not possible without cross charms and the famous cross pendant. Cross charms can be used for both cross charm bracelets and cross necklaces.

The cross pendant is for cross necklaces only.

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

Of all the cross necklaces worn by Christians, the sterling silver cross necklace is the most popular because of the popularity of sterling silver.

Their are properties about sterling silver that makes sterling silver jewelry so popular. Sterling silver is essentially gray but a very bright sparkly gray which makes it a neutral color and sterling silver is also the most reflective of all precious metals. So you can wear what you want and then put on a sterling silver cross necklace and feel comfortable that your silver cross necklace will flatter whatever you are wearing.

On the other hand, gold jewelry requires you to dress around your gold jewelry. It is over priced and it is not flexible to your wardrobe.

The sterling silver cross necklace is far more affordable than the gold cross necklace. For example, you can buy five to six silver cross necklaces compared to one gold cross necklace.

One last point to make about the popularity of the silver cross necklace and that is that selection you can choose from. On a gold cross jewelry page you might have thirty cross necklaces. On a sterling silver cross necklace page you could have over a hundred silver cross necklaces to choose from.

Now, having said all that about how many silver cross necklaces you are choosing from, on HandCraftedCollectibles silver cross necklace page you can select from thousands of silver cross necklaces and here is why...There cross necklaces and all other religious necklaces come with your choice of three silver necklaces to choose from and four lengths per cross necklace. So in fact, for every silver cross necklace you really are choosing from twelve cross necklaces.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Celtic Earrings

Celtic Earrings

Sterling silver Celtic earrings is one of the most popular types of Celtic jewelry for women. The Celtic earring ranges from the Celtic knot earring type to the Irish Celtic jewelry and more.

Celtic jewelry for women has a very nice collection of Celtic earrings and to see all the Celtic earrings you simply need to click on Celtic earrings.

Celtic rings are also very popular also in the Celtic jewelry for women. Sometimes you get get the Celtic rings and the Celtic earring to match.

The Celtic earring comes in countless varieties which is one of the items that makes Celtic jewelry for women so popular...and endless array of Celtic knots.

Important note...all the Celtic earrings we are looking at are Silver Celtic earrings. Silver Celtic earrings are by far the best and most popular Celtic earrings.

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry has somany types of Celtic jewelry that making a post on sterling silver Celtic jewelry would be unreasonable andmaybe impossible. I written some mightly large posts and never run out of room but I've never attacked a subject in full like silver Celtic jewelry.

The main focus of silver Celtic jewelry will be silver Celtic rings.

Let's take a sample look at silver Celtic rings. Silver Celtic rings are far more popular that gold Celtic rings. They are far more affordable. You can buy three or four more silver Celtic rings for the price of silver Celtic rings.

Even though its technical name is a Claddagh ring, the Claddagh ring is a part of Celtic rings genre. Celtic rings are the single most popular type of Celtic jewelry.

The Celtic ring is typically filled with Celtic knots and Celtic weaves and even some of the Claddagh rings have some Celtic knots as part of their design.

Silver Horseshoe Necklace

Silver Horseshoe Necklace

The silver horseshoe necklace comes in countless designs and styles. It's actually quite fascinating that with a traditional horseshoe there are so many silver horseshoe necklaces.

Because the silver horseshoe necklace is so broad this blog will focus in the horseshoe jewelry genre. The horseshoe necklace is a fun and popular necklace to wear. The pictures of the horseshoe necklace are only a sample of the many horseshoe necklaces to choose from.

The horseshoe necklace does come with some controversy. Some people believe the horseshoe necklace must face up to hold the good luck while other traditions call for it facing downward. Some cultures say the horseshoe must be found and only the finder will get the good luck.

However you look at the various traditions horseshoe necklaces are a very fashionable necklace for horse lovers to wear.