Monday, February 28, 2011

Sterling Silver Penguin Jewelry

Sterling Silver Penguin Jewelry

Celebrate your love for Penguins with sterling silver Penguin jewelry.

Did you know that the penguin, which is mostly found in the southern hemisphere, is one of the most highly specialized and adapted birds alive in this day and age.

They have feature developed flippers and their feathers are flattened feather shafts. They are a streamlined bird with a thick layer of blubber which protects them in extreme temperatures. They are generally coastal, nesting on the ground in flat surfaces, burrows or crevices,

With  Penguin charms you can create a Penguin necklace or add it to a charm bracelet for penguins of ocean jewelry.

This Penguin charm can be used to personalize a Penguin necklace or, as you can see below, is used in this deilghtful Love Penguin necklace.

Penguins may appear awkward on land but they excellent and graceful swimmers underwater. They are adapted to deep-diving (their heartbeat slows to 1/5 of its normal rate), and can stay underwater for very long periods of time.

The penguin's dense plumage is waterproofed with an oil gland at the base of the tail. Penguins - regardless of species - leave the sea to molt their feathers. During this time, they abstain entirely from food. Some penguins will also completely fast when feeding their young, compromising their own health to ensure the health of their chicks.

You can see the nice sterling silver Penguin jewelry available. Perfect for penguin lover.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silver Crosses

Silver Crosses

Silver crosses is a rich collection of crosses used as a jewelry cross. Silver Cross necklaces, Cross pendants, Cross Earrings, Cross Charms, and Cross rings. These all fit within the jewelry cross genre.

At they serve up the very best selection of silver crosses. Whatever type of jewelry cross you are looking for you will find it at HandCraftedCollectibles.

They have the biggest collection silver crosses and the silver cross necklace found anywhere on the Internet. You can find crosses for necklaces to make you own cross necklace.

You caqn select from their collection of cross charms and cross pendants to make your own sterling silver cross necklace or you can browse through there thousands of cross necklaces to get a ready made cross necklace.

These crosses for necklaces can provide you with all types of cross themes like Clergy crosses, sterling silver cross or Celtic cross pendants etc. Cross pendants necklaces can be used to make your own fleur de lis cross necklace or filigree cross necklace or any other type of cross necklace or cross bracelet.

As you can see, the sky if the limit when you're working with  a sterling silver cross. The sterling silver cross is the gateway to magnificent cross jewelry.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fine Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry

Fine Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry

The primary Christian piece of jewelry is Cross necklace. At, where they only sale sterling silver jewelry, they have the largest collection of sterling silver Christian jewelry.

This also means the have the largest collection of sterling silver cross necklaces.

They have thousands upon thousands of silver cross necklaces. They divide the massive collection of cross necklaces into various genres so that it is easier to find the perfect cross necklace.

Some of the cross necklace genres are Cross necklaces for women where the woman's cross necklaces that tend to attract Christian women. The same for cross necklaces for men. These are cross necklaces that Christian men tend to gravitate to.

They have Celtic crosses and christian crosses a plenty. If you don't find the cross necklace you're looking for then buy a few cross pendants or cross charms. and make a custom cross necklace just for you.

The cross necklaces collection also covers genres like Celtic cross necklaces, Fleur de Lis cross necklaces, Filigree cross necklaces, Crusaders cross necklaces, shield cross necklaces, medieval cross necklaces, Gothic cross necklaces, Ankh cross necklaces and cross pendant necklaces.

You can even find Cross rings and cross earrings in this massive cross jewelry collection to match with your cross necklaces.

Sterling Silver Horse Charms

Sterling Silver Horse Charms

One of the biggest  and most important genres of horse jewelry is silver horse charms. What makes a silver horse charm so important in horse jewelry? The silver horse charm can be used to make a sterling silver horse necklace or a sterling silver horse bracelet.

There are many wonderful types of horse jewelry like silver horse earrings, horse head charms, horse pendants, horse bracelets and horse necklaces. But the sterling silver horse charm is the more versatile and the best bang for your buck.

When you are celebrating the grand and majestic horse with silver Equestrian jewelry you want your horse charms to be high quality, posses a legal sterling silver hallmark and be detailed. 

The horse charms we are looking at in this horse jewelry blog is the Horse charm that posses all the qualities and attributes that make a horse charm terrific.

Fine silver Equestrian jewelry is affordable and available at

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

It is a very well know fact that has the worlds largest retail inventory of sterling silver cross jewelry and sterling silver cross necklaces. One of their better kept secrets is that they made their own unique customizable cross necklace. They are called Word Cross Necklaces.

Word Cross Necklace

The word cross necklace is made up of a sterling silver necklace chain and a cross pendant or cross charm. The cross is accented with a sterling silver Affirmation jewelry charm.

There are over 150 affirmation pendants, each with their own word or words engraving on both side. Many words and phrases are pure Christian but some of them at first glance don't appear to be Christian like the sports pendant. But when you think about it, giving your athletic Christian friend a cross necklace with their favorite sport along side the cross is a pretty nice idea.

This word cross necklace is setting new standards in the Silver cross necklace genre.

Oops, this is not a silver cross pendant...But it's a great looking Christian fish necklace just the same.

The special word silver cross necklaces each have over 600 options to choice from. Not only do you get to choose from over 150 affirmation pendants but you get for lengths to choice from, 4 *150 =600

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Celtic Jewelry

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry has been so popular for so long that jewelry makers can't come up with new designs fast enough. The demand is overwhelming in the specialty jewelry class of fine jewelry.

Perhaps I should back up. Fine jewelry is defined as anything with precious metals and semi precious and precious stone and minerals.

Celtic jewelry made from pewter or stainless steel looks cheap and does not fit into the fine jewelry genre. It lacks the sparkle and brilliance that a silver Celtic jewelry piece has.

Celtic knot jewelry for men is as popular a silver Celtic jewelry genre as

Even though silver Celtic jewelry is divided into gender genre's many Celtic jewelry pieces are gender neutral. has a huge collection of each.

Womens Celtic jewelry has Celtic rings, Celtic necklaces, Celtic pendants, Celtic charms and Celtic and Irish earrings.

Celtic jewelry silver made is the best value when collecting Celtic jewelry. Celtic jewelry silver made is far more affordable than gold Celtic jewelry. It is more reflective than any other precious metals.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling Silver Necklaces is widely known as the world wide leader in retail sterling silver cross necklaces. Since the biggest emphasis has been on the sterling silver cross necklace little is known about all the other sterling silver necklaces for retail sale at Indeed the cross necklaces are sold by are cool cross necklaces, but so are all the other sterling silver necklaces they sell.

Foremost in their collection of sterling silver necklaces is the Celtic cross necklace made with sterling silver Celtic crosses. The Celtic cross is as much a Cross jewelry piece or Christian jewelry piece as it is a Celtic jewelry piece.

Celtic Crosses

Sterling silver Irish Celtic crosses come from a rich Celtic and Irish heritage. They add symbolism to Christian crosses that make them even more rich in Christian symbolism.

These sterling silver Irish crosses and these Celtic crosses are what make Celtic cross necklaces so inspirational and engaging.

You will find a full selection of all the popular Celtic cross pendants are used in's Celtic cross necklace.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sterling Silver Sign Language Jewelry

Sterling Silver Sign Language Jewelry

Sign language jewelry comes in many different styles, designs and metals. The finest metal to have in you sign language jewelry made from is sterling silver.

Sterling silver sign language jewelry is elegant, affordable and the most reflective of all precious metals including gold. It is brighter than all silver colored metals like pewter and stainless steel.

When shopping for Sign language jewelry make sure it is made from bright and sparkly sterling silver. All the Sign language jewelry reviewed in this blog is made from sterling silver.

The sign language necklaces sold at this site have sign language pendant and sign language charms as there base.

The primary sign language theme is the I love you sign language necklace with several distinct variations.

This sign language necklace is a clever concept. The massively popular ASL symbol for "I love you" inside a Affirmation pendant circle that has the word "forever" engraved on both sides. The full meaning on this I love you necklace is "I love you forever". It's a very clever concept for a sign language necklace or I love you necklace.

This collection of sign language jewelry is actually consider cross over sterling silver jewelry. It is in the sign language jewelry genre and it is in the I love you jewelry genre.

There are many different types of jewelry that fall into the I love you jewelry genre and the sign language pendants that are used in this jewelry are directly part of the I love you jewelry or I love you necklace.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sterling Silver Cross Pendants

Sterling Silver Cross Pendants is known for there world fameous sterling silver cross pendant necklaces. They also have the best sterling silver cross pendant collection.

If you want to make your own unique and customized cross necklace then click on cross pendants and select from a large select of sterling silvcer cross pendants.

Celtic Jewelry

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry is a huge genre with so many types of Celtic jewelry. Celtic jewelry is most popular in sterling silver. has one of the largest collections of retail sterling silver Celtic jewelry in America which also includes a large collection of sterling silver Celtic earrings.

Celtic Earrings is the focus of this Celtic jewelry blog. Sterling silver Celtic earrings comes in as many styles as the Celtic necklace, Celtic pendant or any other types of Celtic jewelry piece.

This blog will show just a small sampling of the many different Celtic earrings available.

The sterling silver heart earrings are a great way to simply wear heart earrings. But as you can see, the Celtic design adds to the rich symbolism of the heart.

Sterling Silver Claddagh Earrings
Irish Claddagh earrings are one of the most popular ways to wear the very popular Claddagh symbol. The Claddagh ring would be the most popular way. The nice thing about these Claddagh earrings is they can be selected to match a Claddagh ring.

Irish Clover Stud Earrings
Wear a pair of four leaf clover earrings for good luck. Great to wear on St. Patricks day.

The Celtic trinity knot is always a three cornered knot. Each of the three corners represents a member of the Holy Trinity. Thus the name.

There are thousands of different Celtic knot designs. This picture of a pair of Celtic knot earrings represents a tiny sample of all the different types of Celtic knot earrings

The beauty of the Celtic design in any type of symbol is that the addition of Celtic symbols gives the object more over all appeal. For instance, this pair of Celtic cross earrings could be worn to church, worn on St. Patricks Day or any day of the week.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling Silver cross necklaces are a huge genre with all kinds of cross necklaces in all kinds of shapes and styles. The added symbolism has actually changed the shape of some cross necklaces.

This cross necklaces blog post will review three types of thousands of cross necklaces. At or by clicking on cross necklaces you will have access to the largest retail sterling silver cross necklace collection in the world.