Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cross Chains For Men

Cross Necklaces For Men (HCC) is known for the largest retail collection of silver necklaces to cross necklaces for men. Under their banner they have all kinds of cross necklaces besides the cross necklaces for men.

One of the other types is the cross chains for men to the Celtic cross necklace for men. They lean towards a large collection specific to cross necklaces for men. In addition to that, HCC carries a great collection of Celtic cross necklaces and the Celtic cross necklace for men.

The men silver cross necklace is very popular due to the size of their collection which seems almost limitless.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Celtic Crosses

Celtic Crosses

Sterling silver Celtic crosses are one of those cross genres that spans a few genres of silver jewelry. Celtic crosses fit into Celtic jewelry, Irish jewelry, Cross jewelry, Christian jewelry, and Religious jewelry. That's five jewelry genres. Technically there are a few more minor jewelry genres that Celtic crosses would fit into.

What makes Celtic crosses so important? First, let it be know that we are talking about Celtic crosses from a Christian perspective and that's important to know because to some Celtic cross necklaces are not a religious symbol. For us, they are one of the ultimate types of Christian crosses around.

Celtic cross necklaces are very important and highly regarded because the Celtic cross necklaces collection shows Celtic crosses with extra symbols than a typical cross would have. To understand more about the importance and meaning of the Celtic cross necklace click on Celtic cross meaning.

The Celtic cross necklace has Celtic cross pendants with additional Christian symbolism including the Celtic trinity knot, Celtic circle, Celtic weaves and other types of Celtic knots in addition to traditional Christian cross symbolism, not to mention the decorative nature of the Celtic cross necklace.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Friends Necklace

Best Friends Necklace

When you have a dear friend you should tell them and not with words but with jewelry. As they say...actions speak louder than words.

Sterling silver best friend necklaces are the perfect way to show your friend how you feel. Doing it with sterling silver best friends necklaces or sterling silver best friends jewelry will turn your feelings into a keepsake.

Sterling silver best friends jewelry have many different type of necklaces including a break away best friends heart necklace also called BFF necklaces.

The breakaway BFF necklace is a great gift giving necklace because you keep one necklace and give the other necklace to your best friend.

Sterling silver best friends jewelry will tell your friend just what they mean to you.

Sister Jewelry

Sister Jewelry

Sterling silver sister jewelry makes the perfect gift to give your sister. Sister jewelry expresses your feelings toward you sister. Whether you're a sister or a brother who wants to tell your sister how you feel through sister jewelry, you will love the options that this collection of sterling silver sister jewelry provides.

All that the sister jewelry provides comes in sterling silver sister necklaces. All of these sister necklaces are made from word pendants that are round which is symbolic of eternity. So the words on the sister necklaces are emphasised with an eternity symbol.

The sterling silver sister necklace is one of the greatest and enduring gift you can give your sister. Give her a sister necklace for her birthday, for a Christmas gift or any other gift giving occasion.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling silver cross necklaces come by the thousands. The sterling silver cross necklaces are the most affordable and most popular of cross necklaces. Sterling silver is by far the most affordable of all cross necklaces and is the most naturally reflective of all precious metals.

The quality of sterling silver cross necklaces and the affordability issue makes sterling silver cross necklaces a fantastic Christian gift for gift giving occasion's like Mothers day gift giving, Easter gift giving and birthday gift giving.

Because of these qualities you can see why silver cross necklaces are so popular among Christian people who wear cross necklaces.

From these sample of the sterling silver cross necklace  you can see what a wonderful gift the sterling silver cross necklace would make. Give you mom a silver cross necklace for Mothers Day or give a member of the family a silver cross necklace as a birthday gift.

The sterling silver cross necklace will delight any Christian you give a sterling silver cross necklace to for any occasion.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Silver Horse Jewelry

Silver Horse Jewelry

What is your favorite horse movie? I love horse movies and I love horses and anything related to horses. I do not ride horses and I do not own a horse but I have an appreciation for horses and a love for horses. I really enjoy cowboy movies full of horses. I love almost any horse movie or perhaps I should say I have never seen a horse movie I didn't like.

I could write endlessly on horses, horse movies, silver horse jewelry, cowboy movies etc. I asked the question about what is your favorite movie so I'll try to answer that question after all, fair is fair.

I like almost anything that has John Wayne in that is a Cowboy move including a movie called Cowboys where John Wayne enlists the help of children and teens to run a heard to market. Then there is True Grit and the remake of True Grit. The original True Grit is a John Wayne classic.

The two horse necklaces shown above look kind of like the horses John Wayne road in True Grit and Rooster Cogburn and the Lady.

The remake of True Grit is a grand horse movie as well.

I love horses and I've said it already but I also love silver horse jewelry and especially the silver horse necklace.

If you like horse necklaces as much as I do then you'll really like the collection of horse necklaces click on horse necklace and see a wonderful collection of fine sterling silver horses.

Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry

Religious jewelry covers all types of jewelry with a religious theme and in this case the religious jewelry we will talk about is Jewish jewelry.

Jewish jewelry is rich in symbols. This Jewish jewelry blog will take a look at some of the Jewish symbols.

The Star of David makes a great Jewish necklace.

The Shema makes a good Jewish necklace as does the Star of David so what do you get with both?

The Shema pendant has part of the Shema on one side and the Hebrew version on the other side. Put the two of them together and you have a nice Jewish necklace.

To see a full range of Jewish necklaces click on Jewish Necklaces.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cross Necklace For Men

Cross Necklace For Men

The cross necklace for men is a masculine designed cross necklace to appeal to the Christian man. Often times these cross necklaces for men have additional symbolism. The cross necklace for men is a huge collection of cross necklaces. Let's look at a few cross necklaces for men to see what makes them a cross necklace for men.

This dog tag cross necklace for men is still considered a mens cross necklace even though Christian women are used to wearing dog tag in today's military. But traditionally it is a cross necklace for men. Just because a cross necklace is designated as a cross necklace for men doesn't mean it is not wearable by a Christian women.

Cross necklaces for men like this authentic Celtic cross necklace for men is a mes cross necklace for a few reasons. The look, looks masculine. The style is the type of cross found on a shield anciently by the Celts. The Celtic knots and weaves blend together trinity knot and the shape of an eye in the center with the Celtic circle on the outside of the cross rather than at the center.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Celtic Knot Necklace

Celtic Knot Necklace

Their are countless Celtic knot necklaces, the specific type of Celtic knot necklace we will look into is the Trinity knot necklace.

Of all the Celtic necklaces, the trinity knot necklace is by far the most popular even though there are other types of the Celtic necklace. This Celtic necklace collection has the largest collection of sterling silver trinity knot necklaces.

What is so special about the Celtic trinity necklace? The trinity necklace is based on a Celtic knot with three corners. Each corner represents the Christian Holy Trinity. The trinity necklace is a necklace that is at home in the Celtic jewelry genre and the Christian jewelry genre and the religious jewelry genre.

The trinity necklaces, as you can see from this list of trinity necklaces are very diverse, in fact the only thing they have in common is three point corners.

The trinity knot necklace is as much a religious necklace as it is a Celtic necklace.

Celtic Jewelry For Women

Celtic Jewelry For Women

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry has countless types of Celtic jewelry for women including Irish jewelry for women. Jewelry for the Celtic women is the type of jewelry that can be worn by any lday or any Celtic women because the designs and Celtic knots are so diverse that they appeal to a huge cross section of women.

Not only will we look at a few samples of Celtic jewelry for women we will look at some Irish blessing and quotes. They are always fun.

"May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire."  (Irish Blessing}

The first type of Celtic jewelry for women is sterling silver Claddagh rings. The Celtic Claddagh rings are the single most popular type of Celtic jewelry and Irish jewelry. The Claddagh rings all have one thing in common: A heart wearing a crown and resting in two hands.

Because Claddagh rings have so much symbolism they can be worn for countless reasons. To understand more fully understand the symbolism and historyof the famous Irish Claddagh ring and to know more about the Claddagh ring meaning click on Claddagh ring meaning.

"May you have love that never ends, lots of money, and lots of friends.
Health be yours, whatever you do, and may God send many blessings to you!" (Irish Blessing)

The Celtic rings are the second most important type of Celtic jewelry for women.

May you have:
A world of wishes at your command.
God and his angels close to hand.
Friends and family their love impart, and Irish blessings in your heart!  (Irish Toast)
Sterling silver Celtic rings include rings of Celtic knots and Celtic designs.

Celtic necklaces for women come in many shapes and sizes. Some Celtic necklaces for women have celtic hearts and some Celtic necklaces for women have Celtic love knot pendants.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cross Jewelry For Men

Cross Jewelry For Men

Sterling silver cross jewelry for men is the perfect type of jewelry for a Christian man. Because of the popularity of cross jewelry for men all kinds of cross necklaces for men, cross rings and cross pendants are flying of the shelves of web sites all year long.
So I thought it might be a good idea to cover this years top ten cross jewelry for men items.
The top ten cross necklaces for men fall under the cross jewelry for men and all are made of sterling silver. So let's do it, lets see what makes the top ten in cross necklaces for men.

10. Silver cross necklace for men:

9. Celtic cross necklace for men:

8. Italian cross necklace for men:

6. High shine cross necklaces for men:

4. Celtic cross necklace for men:

3. Cross pendant for men. Dog tag cross pendant.

1. Celtic cross necklace for men

These top ten silver cross necklaces for men have made many a Christian man happy. These are popular high fashion cross necklaces for men.

Animal Jewelry

Animal Jewelry

Sterling silver animal jewelry is a favorite amongst animal lovers. With sterling silver animals you get more choices and you get more detail and remember how reflective sterling silver is.

With sterling silver animal necklaces you can wear your favorite animal anywhere with anything because silver is neutral and highly reflective so it goes with any types of outfit. With an animal necklace you can wear your favorite animal anywhere from the Zoo to church and it will look perfect.

The sterling silver animal charms and the animal necklace collection were looking at it known for it's specialty of sterling silver animal jewelry. It does not carry any type of animal jewelry that is not made from sterling silver.

This animal necklace carries all the popular animals and countless sterling silver animal charms that are not so popular.

The point of this post is to give you an idea of how many sterling silver animal charms and  animal necklaces there are all made from sterling silver. To see this great collection click on animal charm.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Top Celtic Jewelry For Women in 2011

Celtic Jewelry For Women

This blog will celebrate and review the most common and popular Celtic jewelry for women for the year 2011. This list all falls under the category of  sterling silver Celtic jewelry for women.

5. Sterling silver Clover Necklace

4. Sterling silver Celtic Earrings

3. Sterling Silver Celtic Heart Necklace

2.Sterling silver Celtic Rings

1. Sterling silver Claddagh Ring

The Celtic and Irish Claddagh rings are of course, the primary part of Celtic jewelry for women and then Celtic earrings.