Saturday, October 29, 2011

Affirmation Jewelry

Affirmation Jewelry

Sterling silver affirmation jewelry was the first major genre that falls under word jewelry.Before affirmation charms came out there were just a few word charms. Since affirmation jewelry came out word jewelry has grown.

So what is the difference between affirmation jewelry and word jewelry? Affirmation jewelry is based on positive  or inspirational words like LOVE, HOPE, JOY, WONDERFUL, COURAGE and many others. Affirmation jewelry consist of affirmation charms.

The affirmation charm is used to make affirmation necklaces or to add to other types of silver necklaces.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cross Pendant Necklace

Cross Pendant Necklace

The cross pendant necklace is different from a average cross necklace. The difference is worth commenting on. Cross necklaces are so called because a cross hangs from the chain. A cross pendant necklace specially hangs a cross pendant for men on the chain, not a cross charm.

The kind of cross whether it be a cross pendant or cross charm or mens cross pendant determines what kind of cross pendant necklace.

When you are using the mens cross pendants you are creating a mens cross pendant necklace.

Animal Jewelry

Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry

There are thousands of animals (which includes fish) that animal lovers use for pets.In most cases a special bond is created between us and our pets. I have a black Chihuahua. My wife bought him for me but the family thinks he's a family pet, which he is because he loves us all and we all love him. has one of the largest animal jewelry collection and Ocean jewelry collections on the web.

Among the list of animal jewelry is Horse jewelry (a four page collection) Dog jewelry (a three page collection), There also carry Butterfly jewelry, Dragonfly jewelry and Lady Bugs to mention a few. To see all the animals charms for both animal and Ocean jewelry. To see a full look at all the different types of animal charms for both genres click on animal charms.

Sterling Silver Ocean Jewelry

All the Ocean jewelry is made from sterling silver. The Ocean jewelry genre covers a large selection of animal jewelry. Some of the the Ocean jewelry includes Dolphin jewelry, Turtles, Starfish jewelry, Sea shell jewelry and many more. To see all that is offered click on Ocean Jewelry.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Silver Celtic Jewelry

Silver Celtic Jewelry
Silver Celtic jewelry is a wonderful type of jewelry and there is a many different types of Celtic knot jewelry. There are Celtic earrings, Celtic necklaces and Celtic rings to abbreviate a long list of silver Celtic jewelry. Of all types of silver Celtic jewelry the Celtic rings are the most popular.

Now let's split hairs. Under the genre of Celtic rings there is the Celtic ring and the Claddagh ring. The Claddagh ring is the most popular and the Claddagh ring is the most popular of all types of Celtic knot jewelry.

After the popularity of the Claddagh ring comes the popularity of the Celtic rings. A Claddagh ring comes in many designs but it always has the Claddagh symbol. To understand the fanciful Claddagh symbol click on Claddagh ring meaning.

The Celtic rings are more flexible because they are made from many different Celtic knots..

Silver Horse Jewelry

Silver Horse Jewelry

Silver horse jewelry is very popular. Many people assume that the equestrians or horse lovers are the only people who wear Equestrian jewelry. This is actually not true. Many people love silver horse jewelry that don't own a horse.

I love Equestrian jewelry I have have only been on a horse three or four times and only twice did I actually ride them and that was for a couple of minutes. But I love the beauty of the majestic horse. I love everything about a horse.

One of the most popular types of silver horse jewelry is the horse necklace. The horse necklace and the horseshoe necklace are very popular among the fans of the regal horse.

The horseshoe necklace is perhaps the most popular of all Equestrian jewelry. The horseshoe necklace is also considered by some to be a good luck charm and they may be why the horseshoe necklace edges out the horse necklace in popularity.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cross Necklaces

Cross Necklaces

The Christian cross necklace comes in countless shapes, styles and meanings. One would think that all cross necklaces have the same meaning. That's true, they do have a same meaning but the way the Christian cross necklace is design adds additional meaning. The design also gives unique appeal to the traditional Christian cross necklace.

One example of a different type of cross necklace is the Celtic cross necklace. It stems from a Celtic cultural influence. The Celtic cross necklace adds many additional symbols to the symbol rich cross necklace.

The cross necklace in all its glory is truly a great iconic representation of the Christian faith. If you're serious about wearing a sterling silver cross necklace then you'll want access to the worlds largest collection of silver cross necklaces. To see this collection click on cross necklace.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Word Jewelry

Word Jewelry

Sterling silver word jewelry has grown in popularity. There are many shapes and sizes of word charms. Word charms are word jewelry that have words engraved on the word pendants or word charms.

There are three types of word charms as shown in these top three word charms.

And the most popular word jewelry charm is the round one:

The original word charms came from affirmation charms that are round word pendants that have affirmational statements engraved on both sides. These affirmation charms were made popular in the main stream specialty jewelry genre by

The word jewelry genre is literally jewelry that speaks to you. Besides the affirmational and inspirational words that are associated with the word charms is that these word charms can be added to other silver charms or pendants and personalized that silver necklace.

It seems like there is nothing that can't be done with a word charm. I even used word charms as a key chain fob.

The great thing about word jewelry charms is that they can bring out a certain aspect of a pendant that has deep meaning like the cross necklace above. With a cross necklace for example, you could use other word charms like LOVE, FAITH HOPE LOVE, FOREVER, I HEART JESUS, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? and the list goes on to about 160 plus word charms.

Celtic Jewelry For Women

Celtic Jewelry For Women

Celtic jewelry for women has a great selection sterling silver Celtic jewelry for the Celtic women to wear. Celtic jewelry for women has Celtic earrings, Celtic necklaces, Celtic rings and Claddagh rings to mention only a few.

Celtic earrings shown in this post are all made from sterling silver. Several of the Celtic earrings match Celtic necklaces in the silver Celtic jewelry for women collection HandCraftedCollectibles maintains.

The silver Claddagh ring is the single most popular type of Celtic jewelry for men or for women. Compared to Celtic rings or Celtic necklaces or any other type of Celtic jewelry, the silver Claddagh ring is the most popular of all.

Silver Celtic rings are the second overall most popular type of Celtic jewelry for women. There are many silver Celtic rings to choose from. The sizes can go as small as three and four on up.

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

Cross necklaces are the most popular type of jewelry in three categories. Christian jewelry, Cross jewelry and Celtic jewelry.

Cross necklaces are worn as a highly fashionable and inspirational reminder of the Christian faith. Of all the cross necklaces out there the most popular of them are those made from sterling silver. The sterling silver cross necklace is by far more popular than gold, titanium or white gold cross necklaces.

Sterling silver cross necklaces are even more popular than less expensive steel, wood and base metal cross necklaces. No matter how you look at it, silver cross necklaces are the most popular.

What's the big deal about how popular silver cross necklaces are? The number one answer to that good question is that you get hundred and even thousands more cross necklaces to choose from. So it boils down to selection.

With the silver cross necklace you could buy a silver cross necklace for every day of the week for less than one gold cross necklace. The pictures shown in the cross necklace post is a very small sample of all the silver cross necklaces available from HandCraftedCollectibles.

How does the silver cross necklace span into Celtic jewelry? It's obvious that the cross necklace falls under Christian jewelry and cross jewelry.

The answer to that is the Celtic cross necklace. Celtic cross necklaces are main stream Christian cross necklaces but they also have added Celtic Christian symbols that give even more inspirational meaning to the silver cross necklace

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic Knot Jewelry

One of the most popular types of silver Celtic jewelry or Celtic knot jewelry is the Celtic and Claddagh ring. In fact, of all individual types of Celtic knot jewelry the Claddagh ring is the most popular by a large margin.

After the Claddagh ring comes Celtic rings. After Celtic rings the Celtic necklaces are the third most popular type of silver Celtic jewelry.

What is a Claddagh ring and why is it so popular?  A Claddagh ring is made from the Claddagh symbol which is made from hands holding a heart. The heart wears a crown. The symbolism of the Claddagh is hands means friends, heart means love and the crown means loyalty and fidelity.

For more detail about the Claddagh ring look at Claddagh ring meaning. The Claddagh symbol is rich and deep along with the history of the Claddagh ring.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Utah Photographer

Utah Photographer

Finding the right photographer in Utah is not an easy job. Now days everyone has a good digital camera and maybe one good lens. So everyone is a photographer right? Wrong!

I heard of many times when someone trusted a special moment to a friend and what turned out was a digital flop. They take a few pictures get them developed and get lucky on a few shots and show people just the "lucky ones" so they say, lets save a few bucks and use "old Joe".

It's not always that easy. From personal experience way back in the film days over twenty five years ago we had a friend take our wedding announcement pictures and we found literally one or two to barely choose from. If we would have had more time we probably would have done them over again with someone else.

So choosing photographers in Utah isn't always easy. Look at this web site which features one of the very best photographers in Utah.

What makes this Utah photographer so good is several reasons. She is a life time resident of the great state of Utah and she has a countless list of places to take special moment photographs. This Utah photographer is from Utah county which makes her a true expert in great places to take family photo shoots or engagement pictures or wedding shoots. She has a eye for the best poses for the personality of the subject.

ColettesCreations, aka, Colette is truly one of the great photographers in Utah county. There is so much more than just using a camera, there is the natural eye and working the right poses etc. She knows it all and it shows in her portfolio.

Cross Necklaces For Men

Cross Necklaces For Men

Sterling silver cross necklaces for men are every bit and masculine as you are. Also cross necklaces for men are so varied that you are sure to find a mens cross necklace that will fit you, your personality and personal taste.

Sterling silver mens cross necklaces are the perfect gift to give yourself to act as a nice personal reminder of your Christian beliefs. Depending on how you choose to wear you mens cross necklace it can also be a great way to testify.

Cross necklaces for men are as unique and personal as you are and they way you wear your mens cross necklace is totally up to you. But regardless of how you wear the mens cross necklace you will have that symbol close to your heart.

Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry

The cross necklaces for men talked about above and the pictures representing a few of the mens cross necklaces are all sterling silver. The mens cross necklace fits into two genres of jewelry, sterling silver cross jewelry and sterling silver Christian Jewelry.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cross Necklace

Cross Necklace

In all of Christian jewelry, Religious jewelry, Celtic jewelry and Cross jewelry, the Cross necklace is by far the most popular type of necklace. This is a known fact. Now as for my opinion, the cross necklace as a single type of jewelry, may be the most popular of all specialty jewelry.

There are all kinds of cross necklaces and they are even more popular as a sterling silver cross necklace.

These first two pictures of sterling silver cross necklaces as the basis upon which all other cross necklaces are designed. They are considered basic neutral cross necklaces but that doesn't lessen their popularity at all.

All other cross necklaces (including the Maltese cross necklace above) are spin offs from these type of silver cross necklaces including Celtic cross necklaces.

The silver cross necklace is a type of Christian jewelry that belongs to the ages. As long as their are Christians around there will be what seems like an endless array of the solid silver sterling cross necklace.

As long as their are Christian cross necklace designers there will be a massive collection of different types of cross necklaces.

The silver cross necklace for men and the silver cross necklace for women will always adorn the necklace of the Christian man or women. There will always be plenty to choose from.