Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cheerleading Jewelry

Cheerleading Jewelry

This collection of sterling silver Cheerleading jewelry has some traditional cheerleading jewelry and some unique Cheerleader jewelry. With this cheerleader jewelry you can celebrate the cheerleader, the cheer mom and the cheerleading coach.

These sterling silver cheerleading charms are a great way to make cheerleading necklaces.

Here is an interesting way to use cheerleading charms. Take a cheerleading charm like this megaphone charm:

Then add it to a necklace with a affirmation word charm and now you have a fine sterling silver necklace that celebrates the sacrifice of the Cheer Mom.

Cheerleader charms allow you to mix and match and create unique cheerleader jewelry for you and your personality.

Cross Jewelry

Cross Jewelry

Cross jewelry is a nice category of inspirational and Christian collection of silver cross pendants, cross earrings, cross rings and the list keeps going on and on.

The silver cross pendant is one of the most important parts of silver cross jewelry. With a silver cross pendant you can create your own unique and personalized silver cross necklace.

Sterling silver cross crosses are the kind of crosses pendants are made from. The sterling silver crosses pendants are made from can be found by simply clicking on crosses pendants for Christian use.

Another thing that makes sterling silver cross pendants so popular is that you can buy a few sterling silver cross pendants and a few sterling silver chains or black cords. Then you swap out the sterling silver cross pendants with the various necklaces and with a small investment you look like you have a large collection of cross jewelry.

Sterling Silver Celtic Necklaces

Sterling Silver Celtic Necklaces

Sterling silver Celtic necklaces are a glorious way to celebrate the vast collection of Celtic symbols full of geometric shapes, weaves, and swirls. There is no end to sterling silver Celtic necklaces.

The silver Celtic necklaces collection is so large that there are genres within genres of silver Celtic necklaces. For example, the silver Celtic trinity knot necklace is one such sub-genre of Celtic necklaces. Take a look at some example silver Celtic necklaces:

The Celtic trinity knot comes in many shapes and sizes, But they all have the same thing in common. That which makes them a trinity knot. A trinity knot is a knot with three corners. What makes these three corners important is that Christian missionaries, perhaps Saint Patrick himself, would use these three corners to teach the Holy Trinity. Each corner represents a member of the Trinity.

Another popular sub-genre of the sterling silver Celtic necklace is the sterling silver Claddagh necklace.

The sterling silver Claddagh necklace. This Claddagh necklace is a combination of a Celtic weaved knot and an Irish Claddagh. The Claddagh meaning is a symbol of a crown, hands and heart. The crown is a representation of loyalty and fidelity. The heart is a representation of love and the hands equal friendship.

The silver Celtic necklace covers Celtic themes, Scottish themes and Irish themes like this fun shamrock necklace:

Other types of silver Celtic necklaces:

This silver Celtic necklace is called a Celtic Protection Knot. It is solid sterling silver, the pendant measures about  5/8" x 1 3/8" and comes with your choice of several chains and lengths..

Sterling Silver Best Friend Jewelry

Silver Best Friend Necklace

A friend knows the words to your song, and sings it to you when you forget the words...(unknown)

Celebrate friendship and best friends with friendship thoughts and jewelry. To get both, quotes and silver best friend necklaces then click on the silver best friend necklaces.

Sterling silver best friend jewelry comes with many dedicated jewelry pieces to celebrate one of the greatest relationships...friendship. When you have a best friend you have everything. The silver best friend necklace shown above comes as a single necklace but you typically want to buy two so both best friends can wear one of these most unique and popular best friends necklaces.

This silver best friend necklace is actually two silver best friend necklaces sold together for the price of one necklace. All you need to do is choose the length of chain you want.

Christian Jewelry

Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry
Sterling silver Christian jewelry has a lot of sub-genres of Christian jewelry like cross necklaces and Celtic cross jewelry and traditional cross jewelry to name a few. I thought it might be interesting to look at a few of these categories of Christian jewelry.

Cross necklaces is very common in the cross and Christian jewelry genres. Sterling silver cross necklaces comes with thousands of different styles and types that come from many different influences.

The cross necklaces are designed by cultural influences like Celtic cross necklaces, Irish cross necklaces, fleur de lis cross necklaces and there are plenty more of the cultural types of cross necklaces. Various denominations have placed there influence on the various types of cross necklaces as well. To see the biggest collection of sterling silver cross necklaces in America and perhaps the world look at cross necklaces.

Celtic cross necklaces were mentioned above. Celtic crosses are very important because they are quite popular due to unique and detail added icons to the cross necklace. Celtic crosses are so popular they have developed there own genre of Christian jewelry. Celtic crosses jewelry is worth taking a look at. It's more than just Celtic necklace crosses.

Celtic cross jewelry has all types of cross jewelry with a Celtic influence. Not just Celtic cross necklaces. They have a collection of Celtic cross jewelry that includes Celtic cross pendants, Celtic cross earrings, Celtic cross necklaces and more.

Celtic cross jewelry has different symbols added to crosses making them more inspirational and more spectacular.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Silver Sign Language Jewelry

Silver Sign Language Jewelry

Silver sign language jewelry comes from the ASL Jewelry genre and from the ASL icon of the "I love you" sign language pendant. From this wonderful silver sign language charm is a whole genre of jewelry to express love  and loving sentiments.

Under the ASL category comes a collection of  silver sign language necklaces. To see more than this one silver sign language charm necklace then click on silver sign language necklace.

The silver sign language charm can do many different things when you create ASL jewelry.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling silver cross necklaces are worn by many wonderful true to the heart Christians who use the sterling silver cross necklace as a private or public reminder of their faith and comitment to their Christian faith.

Now days with the vastly increased number of  sterling silver cross necklaces those silver cross necklace wearers have more to choose from that at anyother time.

When it come to something as deeply special as a symbol of your Christian faith, trust your cross necklaces to nothing less that sterling silver. HandCraftedCollectibles has America's largest collection of silver cross necklaces than anywhere be it a brick and mortal store or an internet store.

The collection of sterling silver cross necklaces is so vast that it may well be the biggest collection of silver cross necklaces world wide.

The few sample pictures show the broad range of sterling silver cross necklaces. There are thousand more to shoose from as well. To See them all click on silver cross necklace.

Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry
One of the lesser known types of religious jewelry are Christian necklaces. We're not talking about cross necklaces, just traditional Christian necklaces.

So what is different between a cross necklace and a Christian necklace?  Under Christian necklaces could be cross necklaces but there is more. Christian necklaces with Bible themes, prayer themes and other religious jewelry symbols that are used by Christians.

Other Christian necklaces also includes a growing trend of word necklaces, many or which are Christian in nature.

These Christian word necklaces are round about the size of a quarter and engraved on both sides of the pendant.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Affirmation Jewelry

Affirmation Jewelry

Affirmation jewelry is the most unique, personal way to customize your sterling silver necklaces or to augment your silver necklaces. These are often referred to as an affirmation necklace.

The affirmation necklace is simply made by either an affirmation charm only or by the addition here are examples of both types of the affirmation necklace.

 Here is the most popular type affirmation necklace:

Cross Necklaces

Cross Necklaces
Cross necklaces are Christianities greatest icon, or at least the cross. How does Christianity wear the cross? They have cross rings, cross earrings, cross charms, cross pendants and cross necklaces.

So which is the most popular way to wear the cross with all the various types of cross jewelry? The answer is sterling silver cross necklaces. Another point to make is that silver cross jewelry is the most popular metal in all of cross jewelry and even Christian jewelry.

It stands to reason that if the cross necklace is the most popular way to wear the cross and cross jewelry or cross necklaces are a part of Christian jewelry. Just because cross necklaces are so big in the Christian jewelry genre doesn't mean that's all Christian jewelry is made of. There are many other types of Christian jewelry also available in the category of Christian jewelry.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celtic Pendants

Celtic Pendants

Celtic pendants are one of the funnest parts of Celtic jewelry. Celtic rings are the most popular part of Celtic jewelry. After that would be Celtic pendants because with out the Celtic pendants we wouldn't have Celtic necklaces.

The Celtic pendant comes in almost a limitless collection of Celtic symbols and Celtic knots.

There are all kinds of Celtic pendants, here is a small list of Celtic knot pendants...

Celtic love knots and Celtic trinity knots are two of the more popular Celtic knot pendants.

A great sterling silver snake necklace is a great chain to hang these great Celtic pendants.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Irish Jewelry


Sterling silver Irish jewelry has a great line of very appealing line of Irish icons and symbols representing their great culture. Irish jewelry is very popular in sterling silver.

The clover or shamrock is essentially the same. Some consider them different because of the four-leaf clover is typically referred to as a shamrock but in reality a four-leaf clover terminology doesn't seem to matter as much as having one.

Clover jewelry, like shamrock jewelry is based on the ever popular three leaf clover. But the four-leaf clover is also a part of that genre. Look at this piece of shamrock jewelry:

Shamrock jewelry has wonderful types of jewelry like shamrock earrings, shamrock charms, shamrock pendants and shamrock necklaces to name a few. Wear a little bit O' Ireland today with sterling silver Irish jewelry.

Cheerleading Jewelry

Cheerleading Jewelry

Cheerleading jewelry is the perfect accessory for the cheerleader. There is much more to cheerleading jewelry than megaphones and cheer figures. This collection of cheerleading jewelry uses word charms that create a whole new and unique variety of cheerleading jewelry.

By using the word charms to create cheer jewelry you can do many things to celebrate the various aspects of cheer jewelry. The cheer jewelry pictures shown in this post only show a sampling of what is available in cheer jewelry but with the word charms to can get cheer necklaces that celebrate the cheer mom and cheer coach among other things.

To see all the other types of cheer necklaces all you need to do is click on cheer necklaces.

Cross Necklace For Men


It used to be that Christian men in general didn't wear cross necklaces very often. Partly this could be that is wasn't considered very fashionable. Maybe it was because there were not as many cross necklaces for men to choose from. That's not the case any longer as these sample pictures show.

This all has changed over the last decade or so with the advent of the cross necklace for men. The cross necklace for men is any type of cross necklace that appeals to Christian men. The silver cross necklace for men is the most popular cross necklace for men.

With a greater emphasis from jewelry makers on creating masculine cross necklaces to appeal to the Christian man more and more cross necklaces have been created. More and more men are wearing cross necklaces as a result of these efforts to make cross necklaces for men.

The largest collection of the silver cross necklace for men are found at HandCraftedCollectibles.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Christian Jewelry

Christian Jewelry

Sterling silver Christian jewelry is an amalgamation of countless types of jewelry symbolizing Christianity. Even with that huge collection of Christian jewelry, silver cross necklaces are the single biggest part of Christian jewelry.

Silver Cross Necklace

The silver cross necklace has countless varieties of cross necklaces like womens cross necklaces, Celtic cross necklaces and mens necklaces cross themed. There are many different  additional types of silver cross necklaces according to cultural designed silver cross necklaces.

To see all the silver cross necklaces which range in the thousands click on silver cross necklace.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cross Jewelry For Men

Cross Jewelry For Men

Cross jewelry for men is a collection of cross pendants for men, cross necklaces for men, cross charms for men and the ability to create cross jewelry for men. The key to cross jewelry for men is the cross pendants for men.

The mens cross pendant is a style of cross pendant that is masculine and has a direct appeal to the Christian men. The cross pendants for men talked about in this blog come with a choice of three types of sterling silver chains and four lengths.

A cross pendant for men is a perfect way for the Christian men to show his Christian faith.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum Wedding Rings All of our gold& platinum wedding rings are hallmarked. We offer the best price for women and mens platinum wedding rings.