Monday, December 30, 2013

Celtic Cross Pendants For Men


Many Christians use cross pendants and cross necklaces to show their world that they are committed to their Christian religion.  They also want the symbol of their faith to be inspirational and at the same time fashionable.
At this time, the Celtic cross necklace is wildly popular. It is the biggest and most popular type of cross necklace. Some would say the Celtic cross necklace is trending at the top but since it has been popular for several years it has been at the top of silver cross necklaces.
Additionally, many Christians use the Celtic cross necklace as a reminder of their faith and as a reminder of personal Christian issues, hymns and doctrines.
"Above all, have faith in the Savior! Fear not! As we diligently live the gospel, we become strong in the Lord." (Robert D. Hales)
There are countless numbers of inspirational Christian quotes out there and many Christians use Christian jewelry and Celtic cross necklaces as a reminder of their favorites.
So what makes the Celtic cross pendants for men so popular?  Two-fold answer. The Celtic cross pendants for men are decorative and rich in Celtic symbols that are very Christian in their meaning.  That symbolism part is the second part of the answer.
The Celtic cross necklaces have rich symbols that add to the already traditional cross necklace.  To learn more about the Celtic cross necklace go to Celtic cross pendants for men

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Celtic Knot Pendants


The Celtic knot necklace is a very popular part of Celtic jewelry. There are countless Celtic necklaces to choose from.  There is also a way to make your own personalized Celtic knot necklaces so that you get exactly what you want. 
All that you need to do to make a Celtic knot necklace is to select a sterling silver chain and a Celtic knot pendant from a very large collection of sterling silver Celtic pendants.
Under the name of Celtic knot pendants you will find Celtic knot pendants ranging from trinity knot pendants to Celtic heart pendants to eternity knot pendants to traditional Celtic pendants.
The sterling silver Celtic heart pendant is one of the Celtic pendants growing in popularity and is a great way to make Valentines day a Celtic love holiday.

After finding your favorite Celtic knot pendant then you select from a large selection of sterling silver chains and then you put the sterling silver chains with the Celtic pendants you've selected and now you have the perfect Celtic necklace.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Irish Necklaces


 Sterling silver Irish necklaces are part of sterling silver Irish jewelry. Irish jewelry covers everything Irish from Irish culture to Irish dancing to Celtic knot necklaces to Claddagh Irish rings and more.
In this post we will look at traditional Irish necklaces like the clover Irish necklace to Irish dance symbols.

In this Collection of silver Irish necklaces we cover Irish dancing with a Irish soft shoe necklace to an Irish jig dancer. Further we cover a traditional three leaf clover necklace to a good luck Irish four leaf clover necklace.

The sterling silver Irish necklace is a great way to wear a little bit of Irish with you as you celebrate you love of all thing Irish or as you celebrate your Irish heritage. It is said that there are 70 million people world wide that claim Irish ancestry.
Sterling silver Irish necklaces celebrate the Irish heritage as we can see with this display of Irish necklaces.
Sterling silver Irish jewelry is more than Irish necklaces, there are Irish charms, Irish pendants, Irish earrings and Irish rings in the vast collection of Irish jewelry. Irish jewelry even includes Celtic jewelry.
Celebrate your Irish heritage by celebrating Irish Culture and with Irish traditional symbols. You can't go wrong with Irish jewelry.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making Your Own Cross Jewelry

Making Your Own Cross Jewelry

With cross pendants for men and women and cross charms for men and women you can make your own customized, personalized and inspirational cross jewelry.  Making your own cross jewelry is very easy.  You simply select mens cross pendants and cross charms and then if you want a cross necklace you buy a silver chain or some other type of necklace.  If you want to your cross jewelry to be a cross charm bracelet then select from several sterling silver charm bracelets.

By way of clarification let's make sure we are talking the same language or understand the difference between a pendant and a charm.  Looking at the cross pendant above you can see the cross pendant has a "bail" connected to the cross pendant.  This allows the cross pendant to be hung from a necklace, but only a necklace.
Now compare this cross charm shown just above, it has a "spilt ring" connected to the cross charm. This allows it to be connected to both a necklace and a charm bracelet.

There are so many sterling silver cross pendants that is helps, when possible to narrow the cross pendants into groups to help is narrowing the cross pendants down. One such way to  divide the cross pendants into cross pendants for men and cross pendants for women. Celtic cross pendants and Fleur de Lis cross pendants etc.
However, those divisions are not absolutely accurate because the division is subjective. What may be labeled as a cross charm for men may actually appeal to a women and the other way around also applies. 
The same thing applies to sterling silver cross charms. Some for women some for men and all for both.  The silver cross charm is very versatile as we pointed out. If you want to hang it from a silver chain you can do that.
If you want to use a cross charm to make a cross charm bracelet then get a nice charm bracelet.  These ideas with cross pendants and charm with silver chains and charm bracelets are a great way to make your own cross jewelry.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Irish Claddagh Jewelry


Irish jewelry is as vast and rich as it sounds. One aspect of Irish jewelry is Claddagh jewelry. Since the full collection of Irish jewelry is beyond the scope of this post we will examine some of the cool aspects of Claddagh jewelry.

The Claddagh symbol is comprised of hands, heart and a crown. The hands represent friendship, the heart equates to love and the crown stands for loyalty and fidelity.

Claddagh Jewelry

The most popular type of Claddagh jewelry is the Claddagh ring but the biggest variety of Claddagh symbol styles are found in Claddagh pendants and Claddagh necklaces. Let's check those types of Claddagh jewelry out.

So far we have seen a Claddagh charm, a Claddagh pendant and a Claddagh necklace. In each instance the Claddagh symbol has all the required elements to be a Claddagh but they all look different but similar.
The hands are there for friendship,
The heart is there for love.
For loyalty throughout the year,
The crown is raised above.
The Claddagh pendant is great to make a Claddagh necklace with while the Claddagh charm works on both a charm bracelet and a silver chain. The Claddagh charm does double duty.
The sterling silver Claddagh necklace can be used as a great gift for your lover or your friend. The Claddagh necklace can be bought and used by you because you appreciate the symbolism or like that aspect of Irish culture.

Trinity Knot Necklace

Trinity Knot Necklace

Of all the Celtic necklaces the trinity knot necklace is among the most popular. The trinity necklace appeals to the Celtic jewelry lover as well as the Christian who likes the trinity knot symbolism. The trinity knot necklace is also known as the Triquetra necklace which has many Celtic symbols of its own.  We will confine our look at the Christian meaning of the trinity knot necklace.

The Trinity knot necklace shown above is a personal favorite of mine that I wear in a black cord. It has the required elements to make it a trinity necklace, three corners and three sides.
The Celtic necklace above is a very popular Celtic trinity necklace. It has a Celtic circle of life in the trinity knot. From a Christian perspective this is a symbol of eternity which adds nicely to the Christian theme of the Trinity necklace.
The Christian celebrate the Holy Trinity representing the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Each corner or side of a trinity knot represents a member of the Holy Trinity.

As you can see by all these trinity necklaces the Celtic Trinity necklace comes in many varieties that appeal to all types. It is a symbolic Christian icon that you can feel comfortable wearing at any time and in any circumstances.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Fantasy Jewelry


The sterling silver Celtic jewelry genre is the most popular type of Celtic jewelry. It is more popular than gold Celtic jewelry of stainless steel Celtic jewelry or any other type of Celtic jewelry. We will confine our look at Celtic Fantasy jewelry to the type made from sterling silver because we have more choices to choose from.
Because the Celtic knot in Celtic knot jewelry is so versatile it allows Celtic jewelry to lap over into the fantasy genre. Think of how many fantasy movies over the years you've seen with Celtic knots used in the movies in so many ways. This can range to the very obvious Charmed Triquetra charm from the "Charmed" TV series.
The sterling silver Celtic knot necklace and the Celtic knot pendant are where you find more selections of Celtic fantasy knots and designs that you would in Celtic rings. But that's alright. Celtic knot necklaces are more showy than a Celtic knot ring.
The sterling silver Celtic earrings also feature some wicked awesome fantasy style Celtic knots like this pair of Celtic knot earrings
Just keep in mind when your looking for fantasy jewelry for whatever reason go to Celtic jewelry.  From all these examples it is clear that Celtic jewelry provides what you look for in fantasy jewelry.


Compare Cross Pendants To Cross Charms

Compare Cross Pendants To Cross Charms

The cross is the most prominent type of Christian symbol of all time. The cross is a huge part of Christian jewelry. So what is the difference between sterling silver cross pendants and cross charms?

Cross Pendants

We will look at the difference between the two and show examples of them as well. Let's start with an example of cross pendants.

The cross pendant has a "bail" that allows the silver cross pendant to hang from a chain.
The silver cross charms have "split rings" that allow the cross charms to hang from a silver chain or charm bracelet.
 Looking at the two examples above of the silver cross pendant and the silver cross charm you can see the bail is not adjustable so it wouldn't connect to most charm bracelets but the split ring on the cross charm would be flexible enough to hang from a charm bracelet and a silver chain.
While the "bail" on a cross pendant is more sturdy the split ring is more flexible allowing the cross charm to be used for both a necklace and charm bracelet.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Celtic Dragon Jewelry

Celtic Dragon Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry comes in countless types and styles of Celtic symbols that are featured in Celtic pendants, Celtic charms and Celtic necklaces.  We will look at Celtic dragon necklaces in this post to show that unique type of Celtic jewelry.

This Celtic dragon necklace comes with your choice of three silver chains and four choices of chain length.
This Celtic dragon necklace along with this additional Celtic dragon necklace are two great unique styles of Celtic dragon necklaces.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

O Come All Ye Faithful Christmas Carol Lyrics

O Come All Ye Faithful Christmas Carol Lyrics

During this Christmas time of shopping and looking for the perfect Christmas gift. I think the perfect Christian gift for a Christian holiday like Christmas is a sterling silver cross pendant.  As you consider the idea of giving cross pendants as a Christmas gift consider this wonderful Christmas carol.
O Come All Ye Faithful
O come all ye faithful joyful and  triumphant
Oh come ye O come ye to Bethlehem;
Come and behold him born the King of angels;
O come let us adore him Christ the Lord.

God of God light of light
Lo he abhors not the virgin's womb;
Very God begotten not created:
O come let us adore him Christ the Lord.

Sing choirs of angels sing in exultation
Sing all ye citizens of heaven above;
Glory to God in the highest:
O come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord.

See how the shepards summoned to his cradel,
Leaving their flocks, draw nigh with lowly fear;
We too will thither hend our joyful footsteps;
O come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord.

Yea, Lord, we greet thee, born this happy morning;
Jesus, to thee be glory given;
Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing:
O come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord.
Sterling silver mens cross necklaces make the perfect gift for the Christian men in your life. The mens cross necklace is also a great memento for the holiday season and beyond.
The silver mens cross necklace is a Christmas gift that keeps on giving every time it is worn. Truly a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Celtic Jewelry For Women

Celtic Jewelry For Women

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry for women is full of Celtic rings, Celtic earrings, Celtic necklaces, Celtic toe rings, Celtic pendants and many more types of Celtic jewelry.  One thing not always considered when think about Celtic jewelry for women is Celtic cross jewelry.
Celtic cross jewelry is made with Celtic cross pendants typically in the form of Celtic cross necklaces.  Celtic cross necklaces are a part of the Celtic knot necklace genre of Celtic cross jewelry.

Celtic Cross Necklace

We will look at a few Celtic cross pendants as an example of Celtic cross pendants that fall under the Celtic jewelry for women. 
This Celtic cross necklace above with a prominent Claddagh symbol in place of the traditional Celtic circle is a great symbol that fits well in the Celtic cross necklace for women.

The Celtic cross necklace is an inspirational Celtic knot necklace and likely the most popular kind of Celtic jewelry for women.