Thursday, May 31, 2012

Utah Photographers

Utah Photographers

The types of Utah photographers that we're talking about are on location portrait photographers, not landscape photographers.  When choosing among hundreds of Utah photographers one way that applies to both when choosing a photographer is look at the end results, there actual photographs. Click on Utah photographers to look at the Utah photographer that I am impressed with.

Take a look at the hundreds, if not thousands of various portraits that Colette has photographed over the years.

Just five minutes of browsing her website will likely convince you of how great she is. Her specialty is on location Utah photography and even though she takes most any type of photograph her most popular specialties are family photography and wedding photography.

As a professional Utah photographer, she is experienced in lighting, posing and working with people to make the pose work for the party and the individual.  You can tell by looking at her photographs that in almost all of them pictures the subject(s) are comfortable and happy. She makes people who claim to be non-photogenic, look photogenic.

If you are serious about finding a wonderful experienced professional Utah photographer do yourself a favor and click on Colette and see how great she is.

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