Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Necklaces for Men

Celtic Cross and Irish High Cross Necklace

The Silver Celtic Cross Necklace and the Irish High Cross Necklace are essentially the same. In fact I've heard from Native irishmen that to them they are all Irish Cross necklaces.

About the only difference is a historical one. The Celtic culture preceeded the Irish culture so all the the traditional Celtic designs were assimilated into the Irish culture and the Scottish culture. So all the Irish High Cross Necklaces are the same as Silver Celtic Cross Necklaces.

There is one thing that may seem confusing  from the pictures you'll see on this blog post is that some of the silver celtic cross necklaces will look more Celtic and some will look more Irish. But in the end it doesn't matter what you call them as long as you have enough of them to serve your inspirational Christian needs.

The Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Necklace genre has so many celtic cross necklaces to choose from you will find choices for every occassion and every gender like Celtic Cross Necklaces For Women.

Let's take a look at some of the Celtic cross necklaces you can choose from at

Silver Claddagh Pendant Cross Necklace A unique blend of Celtic and irish symbolism.

This St. Bridgid or Saint Bridget Cross Pendant Necklace is uniquely an Irish cross necklace.

Silver Celtic Crosses for those who want to use these Celtic crosses with some other necklace material. Irish Celtic Cross Pendants

Silver Irish High Cross necklace

Monday, May 24, 2010

Silver Celtic Cross Jewelry


Because we at have a huge collection of sterling silver jewelry (over 18,000 sterling silver cross jewelry pieces) and several thousand more sterling silver pieces in the Celtic jewelry, Mens Jewelry, Friendship jewelry and Peace Sign jewelry genre's to name at few, we can create some very unique and original sterling silver Cross Jewelry.

The Celtic Cross Necklace is by far one of the top two most popular Cross jewelry pieces. We have a lot of sterling silver Celtic Cross Necklaces to choose from. They all come with your choice of four lengths (16", 18", 20" and 24") they all come with a choice of three types of silver necklace chains: Box, Snake (Round Magic) and Ball (Beaded) chains.

The other one of the two most popular pieces or categories of Cross Jewelry is Mens Cross Necklaces. The one thing to note about the Mens Cross necklaces is that in the category their are a large collection of Mens Cross necklace genre's including the Celtic Cross Necklace, the Fluer de Lis Cross necklace, The Filigree Cross necklace, the Word Cross necklace and so forth.

Even though we are speaking alot about Celtic Cross Necklaces For Men a great deal our Sterling Silver Mens Celtic Jewelry also has another side to it: Sterling Silver Womens Celtic Cross Jewelry.
While we rely heavily on our Celtic Crosses to design our jewelry, that just means we cater to both genders becasue the Celtic crosses have a lot of different styles.

In our Cross Jewelry collection we also sell Cross charms, Cross earrings, Cross Pendants and Cross Rings.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mens Cross Necklaces


Silver mens cross necklaces have been popular for many years now but what's more interesting than that is the fact the sterling silver mens cross necklaces are still gainning in popularity. That's right, Cross necklaces for men are gaining in popularity. Used to be the most common cross necklace search terms were "cross necklace" and "cross necklaces". But those phrases are loosing ground with silver mens cross necklaces.

The mens silver cross necklace is non just accepted for men to wear Silver Christian jewelry for Men the mens silver cross necklace is now expected to be worn by Christian men as a sign of their faith and devotion.

Men's cross pendants are also available at the biggest sterling silver cross necklace collection in the world, That is right, the biggest collection of sterling silver cross necklaces anywhere online or off. The latest estimate is about 18,500 or more sterling silver cross necklaces made with Mens silver cross pendants. We also sell mens silver cross pendants by themsilves in case our huge collection isn't quite big enough for you.

The sterling silver Mens cross necklace collection is bigger than anyone else at  the same web site. Our cross necklace collection isn't just about mens cross necklaces it also has some of the biggest cross necklace by genre of anywhere in the world.

We designed a specialty silver cross necklace Sterling Silver Custom Word Cross Necklaces that we originally marketed to women. We made our best guess but we adapt as we learn. We learned that these custom word cross necklaces we worn by men as well as women so now these custom word cross necklaces are a must mention to men so they can consider the many options that the custom word cross necklace affords.

We are very big into Christian jewelry for men and women and to that end we acknowledge that there are some other web sites out their in the internet cosmos selling silver Christian jewelry for men which you can read about at this blog: Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Custom Diamond Rings

Custom Diamond Rings

Laura creates stunning custom diamond rings in your budget. She also provides Rings, Diamonds, Sapphires, Gemstone Jewelry.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Religious Cross Jewelry For Men


Finding Religious jewelry for men is easier than ever before. Everyone knows that the largest collection of sterling silver cross necklaces resides at With over 17,000 cross necklaces to choose from it is basically a one stop shopping location for the always popular Cross necklace.

Our specialty has been Cross necklaces for men. It still is. But besides out huge selection of sterling silver cross necklaces you have the added benifit in knowing that we have not raised our rpices in a long time inspite of the price of raw silver going up. We also offer Free S&H which also includes many International destinations. We have been in business since 2002.

In addition to all the cross necklaces for men we have a broad selection of other types of Religious Cross Jewelry for men like Cross rings, Cross pendants, cross charms, Religious charms etc.

As part of our Christian jewelry for men collection includes other types of cross necklaces for men like Fleur de Lis cross necklaces, Filigree cross necklaces, Celtic cross necklaces for men and other cross necklace genre's for men.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cross Necklaces For Men and Women

We,, have the single largest collection of sterling silver cross necklaces in the world.

Becasue of the vast size of silver Christian jewelry for men and women we have had to divide the sterling silver cross necklaces into categories. We started by divinding them by gender. We have Cross Necklaces for men and we also have cross necklaces for women.

After the cross necklaces for men our next most popular men category of cross necklaces is the Celtic cross necklaces for men. It is very popular but don't get the wrong idea. Our Celtic cross necklaces are just as much for women and for men.

We have seperate pages for Cross necklaces for women in addition to cross necklaces for men. Not only do we have gender specific cross necklaces we have genre specific cross necklaces like Fleur de Lis cross necklaces, Filigree cross necklaces Celtic cross necklaces etc.
Cross necklaces for men is our leader in categories or genres of cross necklaces. We have several pages for cross necklaces for men like this link Cross necklaces for men which is just an extension of the first pages of mens cross necklaces.

Celtic cross necklaces for men is popular becasue it is a consistant design with stylized designs and extra symbolism. Cross necklaces for men

Monday, May 3, 2010

Swimming Jewelry -- Swimmers Necklaces

Swimming Jewelry

While is widely know for their sterling silver animal jewelry they also have a full collection of sterling silver Sports jewelry.  

This blog post is on Swimming Jewelry.

In our vast sterling silver swimmers jewelry collection we have swimmers coach jewelry to celebrate and thank your swimming coach for all the hard work they do. For instance, here is an example of such jewelry: Swimming Coach Jewelry, Swimmers Coach Jewelry and Swimmers Coach Necklace.

Our Swimming Charm Jewelry also includes Swimming Mom Jewelry and Swimmers Mom Necklace.

 While it is true that with our Affirmation Jewelry Charms allow you to customizes sport mom jewelry or sports coach jewelry, most of our sports collections already have them put together.
Our collection of sterling silver Swim jewelry includes for example: Swimming necklaces and swimming charm necklaces.

 You can even make your own swimming necklaces with a one of our swimmers charms and select from one or two of our sterling silver chain necklaces. Now you have a customized Swim theme necklace. Any one or more of the swimmers charm pieces will allow you to design your own custom swimmers jewelry.