Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Religious jewelry is a very broad category in the genre of theme jewelry. Religious jewelry covers so many areas of jewelry. The genre of religious jewelry spans sterling silver jewelry from Celtic jewelry to the cross necklace. From Cross jewelry to Cross necklaces for men. From the celtic cross necklace to the fleur de lis cross necklace. From a filigree cross necklace to Celtic cross jewelry.

Most of the categories listed above makes great sense but what's that about Celtic jewelry? How is Celtic jewelry a religious jewelry?

Celtic jewelry is a large genre of sterling silver jewelry by itself, however it's a cross over style of jewelry. Celtic jewelry has elements that are uniquely Celtic while it also has some Christian influence that makes other elements fit into the Religious jewelry category.

The cross necklace and the cross necklaces for men are obviously subcategories under religious jewelry.  Look at a few examples of the ever popular cross necklace.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Butterfly Jewelry

Butterflies bring color and joy to our lives. Let us look at them and remember what joy is.

Use bright reflective sterling silver Butterfly jewelry to remember the feelings you feel when seeing a group of butterflies prancing in the air.

The Butterfly teaches us that growth and transformation does not have to traumatic but rather it can occur gently, sweetly, joyfully.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Celtic Wedding Bands

Celtic Wedding Bands Celtic wedding rings and Irish wedding bands handmade in Ireland in mens and ladies sizes.

Religious Jewelry


Out of all the subcategories of theme jewelry, Religious jewelry is one of the most popular. Celtic jewelry is one of the few genres more popular in theme jewelry than Religious jewelry.

Interestingly, Celtic jewelry is a mixed bag of tricks so to speak as to what genre it belongs in. On one hand it stands on it's own, but on the other hand there are many types of Celtic jewelry that are also considered religious jewelry such as Celtic Cross necklaces and Celtic Trinity knot necklaces. 

Out of all the genres of Religious jewelry the cross necklace is one of the most popular. The cross necklace is popular becasue it appeals to millions of Christians around the world. The cross necklace is a popular christian symbol. Worn as a Christian symbol around the neck, the cross necklace is one of those types of jewelry that speaks to you.

The Cross necklace is inspirational and fashionable. The Cross necklace when made from sterling silver is even more atractive because of the high shine it has. Sterling silver is the most reflective precious metal known to man. Wearing a sterling silver cross necklace is the best way to go for Christians who like jewelry.

When you're discussing Cross jewelry the lines get blury between cross jewelry and Celtic cross jewelry becasue both types of cross jewelry are very popular. The Celtic Cross jewelry just includes Celtic crosses to the mix in the form of Celtic cross necklaces, Celtic cross earrings, charms, pendants and rings.

As we work our way down the chain of popularity. After sterling silver cross necklaces comes the cross necklaces for men. Cross necklaces for men are supposed to be sterling silver cross necklaces that appeal to men even though women tend to shop that page almost as much as men.

Religious jewelry is far more than just cross necklaces for women as we have pointed out. The cross necklace goes both ways.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Celtic Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is very popular becasue of the various geometric designs and interwoven knots. They have so much symbolism. There is Celtic jewelry for men and Celtic jewelry for women.

One of the favorite types of Celtic jewelry for men is the Celtic knot necklace. Most of these Celtic knot necklaces fall under the Celtic Knot jewelry category.
Of all the Celtic knot necklaces the Celtic Trinity knot necklace is probably the most popular. Here are some great examples of sterling silver Celtic knot necklaces.
Celtic Earrings are one of the favorite kind of Celtic jewelry for women. although the women do like the Celtic necklace as well. Celtic earrings also includes Claddagh Earrings. as well as Celtic knot earrings.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sign Language Gifts

Sign Language Gifts  Need to give a good present? Here are some sign language gifts I recommend!

Designer Jewels

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry consists of a wide range of celtic style jewelry categories such as Celtic knot necklaces, Celtic cross necklaces, Celtic rings, Celtic earrings. Celtic wedding rings, Celtic charms etc. There are many different categories of Celtic Jewelry like Celtic jewelry for men and Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Jewelry to name only a few.

Celtic jewelry also loosely consists of Irish and Scottish jewelry due to the impact of the Celts had on Irish and Scottish culture.

Because the culture of the Celts lasted hundreds of years and preceded the cultures of the Irish and the Scots, it's only natural to see a great influence in style with Scottish and Irish jewelry. The Celtic culture didn't have a written language so the meanings of Celtic symbols used in Celtic jewelry is unsure.

The sterling silver Celtic Cross jewelry that HandCraftedCollectibles.com (HCC) sells is made from fine sterling silver. The Celtic Cross jewelry is essentially a cross between Celtic jewelry and Cross jewelry. The Celtic Cross has been very popular for hundreds of years and for a long time been popular in jewelry.

The Celtic Cross necklace is a very popular element in Celtic Cross jewelry along with Celtic Cross Earrings and Celtic Cross pendants.

There's a big collection of Celtic cross pendants that allow you to choose your favorites and make your own Celtic cross necklace. Just choose all the celtic cross pendants and then select one or more sterling silver chains and then you can interchange them to have a fresh look whenever you want one. It will look like and endless selection of Celtic cross necklaces.

 Celtic Cross necklaces are a popular piece of Sterling silver Celtic cross jewelry for men. There are 100's of choices of sterling silver Celtic cross necklaces.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dog Jewelry Charms and Necklaces


Sterling silver dog jewelry charms are a great way to make dog bracelets and dog necklaces. With the selection of Dog jewelry they already have a great number of dog necklaces and dog charms. All dog jewelry in Silveranimals.com (SA) is made from true.925 sterling silver.

Dog jewelry that SA has also allows you to use Dog charms to make dog necklaces and dog bracelets. They have sterling silver necklace chains in three varieties and sterling silver bracelets in five varieties.

While dog owners often buy dog jewelry to have their dog(s) wear the dog jewelry charms that come from SA is intended as dog jewelry for people. Not for the dogs themselves. The sterling silver dog charms could be worn by a dog but becasue sterling silver dog charms tarnish and need some polishing. We recomend the sterling silver dog charms be worn by people.

Sterling silver dog breed jewelry consists of dog breed charms to make dog breed necklaces and dog breed bracelets.
The dog breed necklace can only be made from this dog breed jewelry page. it is where the dog breed charms are located. By selecting a dog breed charm and a sterling silver snake, Box or Ball  chain you can create you own style dog breed necklaces or dog bracelets.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Silver Dog Jewelry Charms

All Dog jewelry sold at silverAnimals.com (SA) are made from .925 sterling silver. The silver dog jewelry collection is so large that they have three dog jewelry pages: Dog Breed Jewelry Charms which has a collection of both one sided dog breed charms and 3d dog breed charms. These are great to make dog breed jewelry necklaces and bracelets.


There is also a silver dog necklace Jewelry page with more dog themed jewelry. The dog is mans best friend and mans most popular pet. This page comes with many different kind of premade dog necklaces. This dog themed jewelry page has silver dog necklaces ranging from sterling silver 3D dog charm necklaces to dog themed necklaces like a dog bone or a dog house styled dog necklaces.

The third dog jewelry page consists of a wide range of dog jewelry including silver dog charms, dog earrings and more silver dog necklaces. The dog jewelry on this page consists of dog themed jewelry like dog houses and dog bones etc. to dog charms and dog necklaces representing mix breed dog charms and dog themed necklaces. Many dog owners buy dog jewelry for their dogs to wear on dog collars. SA sells Dog jewelry for people.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Sterling silver Religious jewelry include more than just Christian or Cross jewelry, although they are a big part of Religious jewelry.

Many of the other types of  Religious Jewelry are Hindu Jewelry, religious charms,  silver Cross Earrings, sterling  Cross Rings, sterling Buddha or Buddhist Jewelry. This sterling silver religious jewelry for men or for women spans a wide range of religious jewelry that is often over looked when thinking of what is included in sterling silver religious jewelry.

Now for a look at some of the more popular types of Religious jewelry. Sterling silver Religious necklaces provides religious necklaces that deal with Christian themes but are not Cross necklaces. Many of the religious necklaces could apply to more than Christian jewelry but for the most part they are considered Christian jewelry.

Now we are getting into more traditional Christian jewelry like Filigree cross necklaces and Fleur de Lis cross necklaces too mention a few. Here are more Cross necklaces to consider:

You can click here to understand all the Types of Sterling Silver Crosses and their Symbolism.

 Among the fact the HCC contains over 18,000 pieces of Christian jewelry they also discuss symbolism of crosses and even more detail about symbolism and fashion of mens cross necklaces.

Their is other Christian jewelry like Sobriety Necklaces. These necklaces sserve as a reminder of ones attempt at achieving sobriety.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Silver Irish Jewelry


It's been said there are more Irish people living out side of Ireland than the entire population of Ireland. Irish jewelry represents many different icons, the two most popular iconic symbols for Irish jewelry are the four leaf clover and the Claddagh.

This jewelry blog deals with the Irish Clover Jewelry aspect of Irish jewelry.

Clover jewelry and Shamrock jewelry are essential the same thing. In Ireland the three leaf clover is common and was, as legend would have it, a popular prop for Saint Patrick in his missionary work among the pagan Celts. Legend says St. Patrick used the three leaf clover to teach the Holy Trinity or the nature of the Christian Godhead. For some, the clover necklace is a religious necklace. For most though the clover necklace is simply a very Irish necklace.


For most the shamrock is eaither a 3 or 4 leafed clover. However, there is the "luck of the Irish" issue that is a very cultural thing for the Irish. Thus comes into play the 4 leaf clover necklace. The 4 leaf clover is a rare clover with four petals. Finding the 4 leaf clover is considered good luck.

Naturally, Clover jewelry must have a 4 leaf clover charm or pendant. This 4 Leaf Clover Jewelry page has a 4 leaf clover pendant and a 4 leaf clover necklace.



This Celtic jewelry post  looks at some of the many Celtic necklaces. The Celtic necklaces span many various genres. Celtic cross necklaces, Celtic Necklaces, Celtic Knot necklaces, Celtic Trinity knot Necklaces and Celtic pendants. Take a look at sample pics of these wonderful Celtic necklaces.

Sterling Silver Celtic Earrings are a great way to add to these Celtic necklaces. Many of the Celtic earrings match with the Celtic knot necklaces. Even some of the Celtic cross necklaces.

Sterling silver Celtic necklaces are varied and eye catching. The designs are endless. Celtic Cross necklaces, Celtic Knot necklaces and other types of Irish and Celtic necklaces will offer something for everyone.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cross Necklaces for Men

It is difficult to find the right kind of Cross jewelry for men to fit your needs when there is not enough of a selection to browse through. Even though sterling silver Celtic Cross necklaces and cross necklaces for men are affordable and comes with free shipping and handling, you want to pick something just right for your needs.

HandCraftedCollectibles.com (HCC) has the biggest selection of sterling silver Cross Necklaces for Men to solve that problem. In fact any kind of Celtic Cross Jewelry for Men can be found at HCC in ample selection including sterling silver Celtic cross pendants.

When wearing  Mens Cross Necklaces it gives people a glimpse of your Christian feelings as you show of a fashionable symbol of your faith. The Celtic Cross necklace you choose also expresses you fashion style regarding your Christian faith. There are countless styles of Cross jewelry to reflect how you feel and reflect the look you want to achieve. At the same time this sterling silver Celtic jewelry inspires you and those who are looking at your sterling silver Celtic Cross jewelry.

Wearing Christian jewelry can help you feel connected to your spiritual roots as it connects you to you Christian faith and values. Cross necklaces for men can inspire you and make you feel happy and uplifted.

The sterling silver Mens Cross necklace makes you feel inspired, uplifted, positive, motivated, spiritual and hopeful.

What Makes These Cross Necklaces For Men Worth Buying?

The Celtic Cross Necklaces are high quality .925 sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is the most affordable type of precious metal jewelry around. The color of sterling silver is neutral and therefore goes with everything, all the time, anywhere. The other tpes of cross necklaces are likewaise made of pure .925 sterling silver. All cross necklaces from HCC come with free S&H regardless of where you live or how much you buy.

With such a large selection of sterling silver Celtic Cross Necklaces for Men we have just what you’re looking for. The right kind of Cross necklaces for men to look sharp for Church, Bible study, Sunday School and any other religious occasion. Wearing Celtic Cross Necklaces for men will enhance a tailored shirt, a Saturday sloppy shirt or your Sunday suit for Sunday services.

The Celtic Cross Necklace For men can update your entire wardrobe instantly. This makes these Celtic mens cross necklaces even more affordable since it saves you money on new clothes.

Cross pendants and Celtic Cross pendants allow you to custom design your own mens cross necklace.


HCC has been in business since 2002 and has the largest collection of sterling silver Mens cross necklaces for sale of any web site on the Internet. Over 18,000 pieces of sterling silver Christian, Celtic and Cross jewelry.

HCC wants to put a sterling silver cross necklace on every Christian in the world and they have the selection of cross necklaces to do it. HCC is a trend setter in sterling silver Celtic Cross Necklaces.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Bracelets. Hundreds of styles of bracelets, necklaces and earrings at Guvy.com.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry


There are as many reason for the popularity of sterling silver Celtic jewelry as there are designs of  Celtic knots. Besides being made from sterling silver maybe that's another reson for Celtic jewelry being so popular, all the seeminly infinate number of Celtic knot designs.

HandCraftedCollectibles.com (HCC) is know for there world class collection of Christian jewelry but they also have a world class collection of Irish Celtic Jewelry. For a long time HCC used to ship for free around the world. The ultimate endorsement came from the large number of sterling silver Celtic jewelry orders from Ireland. They have world class Silver Celtic jewelry in Ireland yetthey choose to buy from an american company over their own selections.

The beauty of Celtic jewelry, among the many beauties of sterling silver Celtic jewelry is that most pieces are unisex. This means they appeal to both genders and are worn by more sexes. Mens Celtic jewelry is typicall the larger or chunkier pieces of Celtic Knot silver jewelry.

HCC provides well over 600 pieces of Celtic jewelry including the ever popular Celtic Cross pendants and Celtic cross necklaces. You won't find a better over all collection of Celtic jewelry than at HCC's.


Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Jewelry is popular not just becasue it is silver Celtic jewelry but because it is an appealing desine that is used in Christian jewelry also. It is calledthe trinity style not becasue each corner represent the Holy Trinity. There are many delightful pieces of Celtic Trinity knot jewelry pieces avaliable.

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