Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mens Necklaces


Sterling silver men's necklaces have a rich and full heritage that includes countless genres and even more countless shapes and styles that span jewelry that celebrates Christianity.  Other types of necklaces for men celebrate sporting activities and the men's necklaces also pops up in Irish and Celtic jewelry not to mention Buddha jewelry and countless other genres.
The sterling silver men's necklace is essentially any other type of necklace in any genre that has a design or size that appeals to men.

The intent of this post is to show the diversity of sterling silver mens necklaces. Just a few pictures of men's necklaces doesn't do justice to the vast array of necklaces for men.

Besides the sterling silver men's necklaces, sterling silver men's jewelry has an array of other types of jewelry appealing to men like men's rings, pendants, charms and other men's jewelry.

Monday, February 17, 2014



Sterling silver hockey jewelry is a wonderful way to celebrate hockey. Whether you're a NHL fan, College hockey fan or an Olympic hockey fan, it doesn't matter. Just celebrate hockey with sterling silver hockey jewelry.
Sterling silver hockey jewelry is made with sterling silver hockey charms and sterling silver hockey necklaces, pendants etc.
In this collection of hockey jewelry collection you can use sterling silver hockey charms to make hockey necklaces or you can buy  a hockey necklace straight up.

Celebrate Team USA's men's and women's hockey teams and their success to date in the Sochi Olympics with sterling silver hockey charms.


Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling silver cross necklaces are a popular type of Christian jewelry, if not the most popular type. Sterling silver cross necklaces are even more popular the gold cross necklaces.  For the price of one 14kt gold cross necklace you could buy four to five sterling silver cross necklaces. Let's take a look at the uniqueness of a sterling silver cross necklace.
Because the sterling silver cross necklace is still very much affordable (and that is saying a lot since sterling silver is the second most valuable of precious metals) there is a wide variety of silver cross necklaces to choose from.
The silver cross necklace comes in so many different styles you will always find something that appeals to you. The silver cross necklace is always a perfect gift because there are so many to choose from.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Celtic Knot Jewelry

The sterling silver Celtic knot necklace is one of the most popular types of Celtic knot jewelry besides the Celtic knot ring. 
Sterling silver Celtic knot jewelry contains all types of Celtic knot styled jewelry.



"Sometimes walking away has nothing do with weakness, and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own." (Robert Tew)
When we realize our own worth or better yet, when we realize our worth in Gods eyes we realize  an inner strength.  As we come to know who we really are in the grand scheme of things  we realize we are not a higher level of evolution from the apes and monkeys, but we are created in Gods image and we are put here upon the earth to learn the lessons needed to live in Heaven with Heavenly Father for eternity after this life is over.
Sterling silver cross necklaces for men serve as a great reminder of that truth. Cross necklaces for men remind us of the inner strength we have when we rely on Gods tender mercies.
To find the right sterling silver mens cross necklace for you click on men's cross necklace to open great access to a huge collection of sterling silver cross necklaces for men.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Celtic Jewelry For Women


Celtic jewelry for women is a genre specific type of Celtic jewelry.  Celtic jewelry for women has the same types of jewelry as it's big sister Celtic jewelry. The only difference is that the Celtic jewelry for women is Celtic jewelry designed to appeal to Celtic women or women who love Irish and Celtic symbols or geometric symbols.

Along with sterling silver Claddagh rings and Celtic rings, their are Irish necklaces and Celtic knot necklaces in the Celtic jewelry for women.

The Irish Claddagh necklace above is just one type of many different Irish necklaces. To see a full selection of silver Irish necklaces click on silver Irish necklace.


Silver Dog Breed Jewelry


Sterling silver dog breed jewelry is a collection of sterling silver dog charms, most of which are 3D. All can be used to make dog necklaces and dog charm bracelets.  Silver dog jewelry also has other types of dog jewelry like silver dog breed necklaces.
We are going to touch on 3D sterling silver dog breed charms, especially two types of dog breed charms: Basset hound charm and a Pomeranian charm. Both a 3D and are very detailed showing the elements that highlight the type of dog b reed they are,
Let's look first at the sterling silver Bassett hound charm:
Incredible detail!
This is just one type of 3D Pomeranian charm. There is another as well.  Click on Pomeranian charm to see both of them. Incredible detail!

Silver Necklaces For Men

Silver Necklaces For Men

Sterling silver necklaces for men is a huge genre of jewelry for men. From it you can always find the right gift to give to you men.
One of the most popular genres of silver necklaces for men is the silver cross necklace for men. We will look at those as well as many other types of sterling silver necklaces for men.
The first type of sterling silver necklace for men we will look at come from the Celtic and Irish collection of silver necklaces for men.

Ironic, as popular as Celtic and Irish jewelry is for men, there is another big part of that genre that is religious in nature also very popular with men. That is a silver cross necklace for men.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sterling Silver Mens Jewelry


Sterling silver mens jewelry genre has all types of jewelry for men. In this look at sterling silver men's jewelry we will look at sterling silver men's necklaces and men's pendants.

This "Big Buddha" pendant is just one of countless sterling silver men's pendants. Click on men's pendant to see the full selection this collection offers.
Sterling silver men's necklaces can range from Irish necklaces to Buddha necklaces. From Cross necklaces to Celtic necklaces. From religious necklaces to animal necklaces and the list rolls on and on.

Sterling Silver Best Friend Necklaces


Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there. (Unknown)
Celebrating friendship and especially best friends is great to do with friendship quotes and best friend quotes. Another great way to celebrate best friends is with sterling silver best friend necklaces and jewelry.
Your best friend knows who you really are and loves you anyway. (Unknown)
The two sterling silver best friend necklaces shown so far in this best friends post are only a portion of friendship jewelry. Check out silver best friends necklace page.  It has some fantastic sterling silver best friend necklaces and other friendship jewelry.
"You can be who you really are and not pretend when your with your best friend". (Callahan)
Celebrate your friendships with a sterling silver best friend necklace.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant


The sterling silver Celtic Triquetra knot is one of the most popular and famous Celtic knots in all of Celtic jewelry, Irish jewelry and Scottish jewelry.  The Triquetra knot symbol is so popular that it is found in modern-day styles Irish Claddagh symbols and in other types of Celtic jewelry.  The Triquetra pendant shown in this post and the Triquetra pendants from the collection these samples are drawn from are all made from solid .925 sterling silver. The Triquetra pendant is also called a Trinity pendant is in more recent years is mostly known as a Trinity knot pendant.
For our purposes in this post, the Celtic trinity knot pendant and the Triquetra pendant are synonyms or mean the same.  Although it is important to note that the Christian symbolism of the Triquetra knot is called the Celtic trinity knot pendant.

The sterling silver Celtic trinity knot pendant is based on a Celtic knot that is distinct in that there is three corners or three sides to the necklace, other than that, the sterling silver Celtic trinity knot pendant can be somewhat different. Case in point, look at the first and second pictures, they have three corners and the second one has a circle interlaces through the sterling silver Celtic pendant.

The third sterling silver Celtic trinity knot pendant is a traditional sterling silver Celtic trinity knot pendant with a Celtic circle on the outside of the knot.

This last example of the many Celtic trinity knot pendants there are looks like a trinity knot pendant on fire with the upward stylized lines.  Whatever you call this Celtic knot, the sterling silver Triquetra pendant or the sterling silver  trinity knot pendant, it is full of symbolism and dramatic geometric designs.
These Celtic pendants are perfect to make your own Celtic trinity knot necklaces.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Types Of Celtic Crosses


Sterling silver types of Celtic crosses come in all kinds of styles and designs.  Because there are so many types of Celtic crosses we will look at two wildly popular Celtic cross necklaces like the silver Clover cross necklace and the silver Claddagh necklace.
The first picture features a classic clover cross necklace. This Clover cross necklace is made in .925 sterling silver. It comes with a choice of three types of silver chains and four lengths.

The next sterling silver Celtic cross necklace we are showing is a silver Claddagh cross necklace. It replaces the Celtic circle with a Irish Claddagh symbol.

The sterling silver Celtic cross necklace is a great part of cross jewelry.