Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cross Pendants

Cross Pendants

Cross pendants is an interesting phrase or term. It has two meanings. Cross pendants to some Christians , is really a cross pendant necklace. Other use the term cross pendants to mean cross pendants, not the necklace but the cross pendant that hangs from the chain.

All the cross pendants listed on this post are sterling silver cross pendants.

These two silver cross pendants are are just cross pendants. But whether the silver cross pendant is used to mean a real pendant or a silver cross necklace click on silver cross pendant to get countless choices on silver cross pendants or silver cross necklace.

Sterling silver cross pendant necklace.

Irish Celtic Jewelry

Irish Celtic Jewelry

The biggest collection of sterling silver Celtic, Irish and Scottish jewelry is located at which is not just about cross jewelry but they also have the largest sterling silver Irish Celtic jewelry in America in one location.

Celtic, Irish and Scottish jewelry are overlapping themes what is the difference between the genres? It is true that they over lap and it is also true the the majority of the sterling silver collection is the same.

Here is an example of sterling silver Celtic jewelry:

Here is an example of Irish jewelry:

Here is an example of Scottish jewelry:

Here is an example where Celtic jewelry, Irish jewelry and Scottish jewelry are the same:

Silver Cross Necklace For Men

Silver Cross Necklace For Men

The silver cross necklace for men is a great way for Christian men to celebrate their Christian faith and their Christian values. The silver cross necklace for men comes in many styles that satisfies the Christian mans needs for proper fashion.

These silver cross necklaces for men also make wonderful cross necklace for boys. The sterling silver cross necklaces for boys are not recommended for little boys as they provide a choking hazard but a Christian young man or teenage boy would look good on a young man providing a guidepost to their young lives.

A cross necklace men wear is the symbol of their Christian faith and serves for many men as a constant reminder. The cross necklace men wear needs to be designed for men and boys to be fashionable on a boys and mens level.

The men cross necklace pendant is largely what makes the mens cross necklace fashionable and appealing to Christian men. A sterling silver cross necklace men are attracted to dress up whatever you are wearing from casual wear to formal wear and Church wear.

A  cross necklace for men is a warm, inspirational piece of Christian jewelry.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Celtic Pendants

Celtic Pendants

You can certainly buy sterling silver Celtic knot necklaces with the choice of chains and lengths they give you or you can buy sterling silver Celtic pendants and make your own custom Celtic knot necklace.

The Celtic pendant is a sub-category of Celtic knot jewelry and with the Celtic knot pendants, all made from sterling silver, you can make your Celtic necklace with silver chains with more choices of chains and you can make Celtic pendant necklaces with leather or some other organic twine, thin rope or cord.

There are a lot of sterling silver Celtic knot pendants that you can choose from

The Celtic knot pendant has countless options for geometric knot and Celtic designs and styles. You'll always have some great choices to choose from in the Celtic knot pendant collection.

Cross Jewelry

Cross Jewelry

Sterling silver cross jewelry is much more than cross necklaces but because the silver cross necklaces are by far the most popular type of cross jewelry we will do an in depth look at cross necklaces that are in the single biggest silver cross necklace collection in all of America.

 Classic Cross Necklace has the largest sterling silver cross necklace collection in all of America and the world. We will look as deep into their cross necklace collection and see what they offer and just how appealing they are...or are not.

Cross Necklaces For Men

Because there silver cross necklace collection is so large they have broken it down into many categories. Apparently they special in only sterling silver jewelry so all the cross necklaces and cross pendants are made from sterling silver.

Cross Necklaces For Women

One of the cross necklace categories is Celtic cross necklaces.

Celtic Cross Necklaces

Just using the cross necklaces shown in these photographs as cross necklaces web pages would make a great collection of cross necklaces but there are still more cross necklaces.

Silver Fleur de Lis Cross Necklace group of cross necklaces.

Cross Necklaces For Women

Cross Pendants

HandCraftedCollectibles has a diverse and large collection of sterling silver cross pendants.

The Cross pendant is a two page collection, one with Celtic cross pendants and other cross pendants.

Mens Cross Necklace

Mens Cross Necklace

The sterling silver mens cross necklace is a great sub-genre of cross jewelry. The mens cross necklace is a strong category of cross necklaces for men. The mens cross necklace has cross pendants for men that when added to the sterling silver chain turns into a masculine style cross necklace for men.

We will look at a few samples of the cross necklace for men and discuss what makes them a cross necklace for men. Doing this we will see that even though there are pages of cross necklaces for men, there are also cross necklaces for men in other cross necklace categories like Celtic cross necklaces for men, Crusader cross necklaces for men, Fleur de Lis cross necklaces for men and more.

We won't go through all the mens cross necklaces but enough to give you an idea what there is in the way  of cross necklaces for men.

This dog tag cross necklace for men is soundly a mens cross necklace. It combines a dog tag with a cross and makes a perfect cross necklace for men.

This cross necklace is smaller in the cross pendant part of things but not all cross necklaces for men feature large cross pendants. This cross necklace for men has some cool textures with the groves highlighted with chemical oxidization.

Mens cross necklaces are not all about the size of the mens silver crosses. However, having said that this Celtic cross necklace for men right below is one of those mens silver crosses that are huge.

This Celtic mens cross necklace features a Celtic cross pendant for men that measures about 1 7/16" x 2 3/8". That's one of the bigger mens silver crosses in use without being to bling bling.

Keep in mind we have some excellent samples of mens cross necklaces but these mens cross necklaces are far from all of them. To see a complete sterling silver mens cross necklaces collection click on cross necklaces.

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry
Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is the single largest genre in the category of sterling silver specialty jewelry. Call it Celtic jewelry or Irish jewelry, in the end of both definitions they cover all aspects from an Irish Claddagh ring to Celtic knot rings.

Besides Celtic knot rings, Celtic knot jewelry has many other types of Celtic knot jewelry like Celtic knot earrings, Celtic knot necklaces and other types of the Celtic knot jewelry.

Celtic Knot Rings above and below:

The Irish Claddagh Ring is is a multi-purpose ring. It can be used as a friendship ring or an Irish wedding ring.

Word Jewelry

Word Jewelry

Sterling silver word jewelry is design to be word charms or word pendants that have various words engraved on them. These words are often used as personal motivational words to remind the wearer of word jewelry that a certain word is a reminder of a personal positive affirmation or a reminder of a "saying" or a quote.

These positive affirmations ,quotes or sayings maybe several line long or just an affirmation of three or four words long. You pick out the keyword(s) and use the word charm hanging from a necklace to remind you of those affirmations or sayings.

He is a great quote from Louisa May Alcott:

"We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving, and we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing." (Louisa May Alcott)

The following words have silver word charms that can be worn to remind you of the essence of this delight and inspirational message:

LIFE word charm
DREAM word charm
POWER word charm
BELIEVE word charm
WISH word charm

These word pendants come in the eternity circle, a solid heart shape and a hollow heart shape. These word pendants are designed to speak to the jewelry lover of silver necklaces. Although I wear a few word pendants on my key chain.

These word pendants can be used in countless ways.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Animal Jewelry

Animal Jewelry has the largest collection of sterling silver animal jewelry. In this massive collection of silver animal jewelry is a great collection of animal charms and the animal necklace along with animal earrings, and animal pendants.

A short list of animal charms is as follows:
Animal horse charms
Animal dog charms
Animal dolphin charms
Animal seahorse charms
Animal turtle charms
Animal horseshoe charm
Animal butterfly charms
Animal dragonfly charms
Animal starfish charm
Animal sea shell charms
Animal lady bug charm
Animal whale charm

And there are countless more different animal charms.

The animal charm and the animal pendant is what makes the animal necklace. But also consider that the animal charm also can be used to make animal charm bracelets.

Keep in mind that all animal jewelry including the animal charm is made from sterling silver.

Equestrian Jewelry

Equestrian Jewelry

I love the horse even though I have never really ridden one. I love to stop by pastures and watch the horses. There is a pasture close by where I live. I see a lot of different horses as the guy who owns the place rents out to horse owners that need to house there steed.

I drive by a pasture on I-15 that house's six Clydesdale horses. I love the majestic look of Clydesdale horses. Equestrian jewelry celebrates all kinds or horses and all kinds of horse activities from a rodeo to a horse race. Another name for equestrian jewelry is silver horse jewelry.

Silver horse jewelry celebrates a seemingly endless supply of  the silver horse necklace. There is such a large collection of silver horse jewelry that, the foremost website for silver horse jewelry has four web pages dedicated to silver horse jewelry.

There are silver horse necklaces, silver horse charms and pendants, silver horse earrings, silver horseshoe necklaces and silver horseshoe charms to mention a few.

This collection of the silver horse necklace is far greater than the few silver horse necklace pictures posted on this blog.

Dog Breed Jewelry

Dog Breed Jewelry

Being a dog owner, I have a Chihuahua, I understand that very special bond between man and dog. The other night I spent a frantic 45 minutes on the Internet to find out why my Chihuahua has throwing up a white foamy puke. After getting many different opinions it seemed it was not serious and a few sites suggested feed my chihuahua with white rice to settle his small stomach.

We feed our Chihuahua with some unflavored white rice and he keep it down and by morning he was bouncing around and happy and healthy.

This pug dog is a 3D and made from sterling silver. Pug Dog Charm.

People who have a dog are a truly blessed people. I had the misfortune and being raised by parents who would not let me have a dog. After getting married and having a few kids we got our first dog. We've been in love with dogs ever since. We had three mix breed dogs and three Chihuahua's. We really love the Chihuahua dog breed.

I own this dog breed charm of a Chihuahua.

The Chihuahua charm and all the other dog breeds listed in this post are all 3D.

Sign Language Jewelry

Sign Language Jewelry

Sterling silver sign language jewelry is essentially the same as ASL jewelry. ASL  is an abbreviation for American Sign Language. A huge part of this small genre of jewelry...ASL jewelry consists of the famous I love you necklace.

As far as most people who enjoy I love you sign language jewelry they do so because of the ASL necklace which is made from the ASL pendant.

The I love you necklace in this genre come in more than one variation. Look at this I love you necklace as well.

While the I love you round pendant necklace belongs in the I love you necklace category, because its made from a word charm it also fits into the ASL jewelry genre.

The two ASL necklaces that say "I love you", one is symbolism and one in words both fit into two categories. One is the I love you genre and the other is ASL necklace.