Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry

Sterling silver religious jewelry covers a wide range of jewelry by definition. While it is true that under the category of religious jewelry there is non christian jewelry like Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist jewelry there is also Christian jewelry.

In America the biggest part of religious jewelry is Christian jewelry and part of that sterling silver genre of jewelry is made from crosses.

It's not surprising that jewelry crosses are one of the biggest sub genre's of religious jewelry. But it is interesting that from silver crosses jewelry is made that is so meaningful. But crosses are the foundational symbol for Christianity.

Of all the jewelry crosses, silver crosses are by far the most sought after. With silver crosses you can make cross necklaces and cross bracelets. From jewelry crosses comes cross earrings, cross charms and cross pendants.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Basics of Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

The Basics of Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

There are countless styles and designs of sterling silver cross necklaces. Sterling silver cross necklaces are proven to be the most popular type of cross necklaces. More popular than gold cross necklaces, stainless steel cross necklaces and every other medium used to make cross necklaces.

The traditional Christian cross comes from what is known as the Latin Cross, also called the Church cross or Christian cross.

When cross necklaces were first worn the majority of crosses resembled something like the simple styled cross necklace as shown above. It captures the essence of a cross necklace in it's simplicity and basic design.

It is also called a Church cross because many Churches are designed in the shape of the cross. It is also known as a Latin cross and the Christian cross necklace.

As mentioned above there are numerous styles of crosses. They all build on the basic and foundational Christian cross. Often adding more symbolism to the cross. Sometimes these cross necklaces are just considered decorative. other times they are considered all of the above.

This cross, shown above, could be called a shamrock cross pendant necklace, it could also be called a Fleur de lis cross or a Disciples cross necklace. From the shamrock stand point is could be said that end caps are decorated with clovers that have three points. From Irish heritage and folklore it was said that St. Patrick used the popular clovers to represent the Holy Trinity.

Adding a symbol of the Holy Trinity on the Christian cross is a nice symbolic touch. From the Fleur de lis stand point only the tip of shows but the symbolism of three applies the same way as the clover. The cross necklace shown above also symbolizes a Disciples cross because four end caps reflecting the symbol of three times four end caps is twelve which is the number of disciples in the New Testament.

The point of this cross is to show that a cross design is still a cross but can be looked at in many different ways with many different types of symbols.

The cross necklace picture shown above is a decorative filigree style cross necklace.

This cross necklace is called several things...the main name for this and many other crosses like it, is a Celtic cross necklace. A Celtic cross in its basic form is a cross with a circle around the axis of the cross. Everything else is additional symbolism.

The Celtic circle like most symbolic circles represents eternity. The Celtic cross as shown above also has a clover and trinity knots. Both represent the Holy Trinity. It is also a decorative cross.

These sterling silver cross necklaces are called by many names and some add additional symbolism but in the end they are all cross necklaces that appeal to a wide variety of Christians.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sterling Silver Best Friend Jewelry

Sterling Silver Best Friend Jewelry

Having a friend is a precious gift. Having a best friend is priceless. Celebrate friendship with a gift that lasts as long as your friendship lasts...A sterling silver best friend necklace.

To see all the great and completely original best friend necklaces click on best friend necklace.

Besides these original best friend necklaces in sterling silver there is also traditional but popular best friend necklaces of a broken heart where each friend wears one half of the necklace.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cross Necklaces For Men

Cross Necklaces For Men

Sterling silver cross necklaces for men are the perfect way for the Christian man to wear a inspiration and fashion at the same time.

Men have worn cross necklaces for centuries. These men were either poor and wore small hand carved wooden crosses or they were rich, royal or priests and they wore the precious metals like gold, silver and other semi precious metals etc.

Now days while gold is still for the well to do, the sterling silver mens cross necklaces are perfect for the modern Christian man.

The cross necklace for men is now a huge collection design to appeal to the man. To see all the possibilities click on cross necklace for men.

As you can see from these mens cross necklace pictures there is a very wide selection of mens cross necklaces. There are even more at HandCraftedCollectibles.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Silver Dog Breed Jewelry

Silver Dog Breed Jewelry

This brilliant and detailed collection of sterling silver dog breed charms has a great number of sterling silver 3d dog charms and they also have three popular and different Scottish Terrier or Scottie charms.

Sterling silver Scottish Terrier dog charm is also know as a Scottie dog.

The two sterling silver Scottie dog charms above and the one below are all 3D Scottie dog charms.

Of the eight dogs I've had, I have had two Chihuahua dogs and currently I have one Chihuahua dog. My personal favorite.

This Sterling silver Retriever dog charm represents many different dogs that are in the retriever class of dogs.

Sterling silver Pomeranian dog charm is currently the 15th most popular type of dog in America. It is in the small or toy class of dogs. The Pomeranian is a loyal dog to it's owner.

The Sterling silver German Shepherd dog charm represents a very fine dog. German Shepherds are used as drug dogs and seeing eye dogs.

You can use these dog breed jewelry charms to make dog necklaces or dog bracelets.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sterling Silver & Gold Jewelry Boutique

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Irish Celtic Knot Crosses

Irish Celtic Knot Crosses

Like any other crosses, Celtic crosses and Irish crosses have sub categories of crosses for men and for women, Also sometimes there is a difference between Irish crosses and Celtic crosses. However, in most cases the Irish and Celtic crosses were considered to be the same type of Celtic cross.

The Celtic cross pendant is a great decorative and inspirational way to wear cross necklaces.

By clicking on Irish cross necklaces you can wear a little bit of Ireland with your Christian cross necklace.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sterling Silver Affirmation Jewelry

Sterling Silver Affirmation Jewelry

Affirmation jewelry is a great genre of specialitzed sterling silver jewelry. it literally is jewelry that speak to you. it comes in three  shapes, round, and two different heart shapes.

The affirmation charm that is round is about 7/8" round. They make wonderful necklaces that are highly unique and personal.

The hollow heart affirmation charms measures about 15/16" x 15/16".

The solid affirmation heart charm measures about 5/8" x 11/16".

With the exception of the solid affirmation heart charm, the other two affirmation charms or pendants work best as an affirmation necklace.

The solid heart charm, really is a charm and hangs nicely on a silver charm bracelet.

Affirmation necklaces can do a lot. you can have a one affirmation charm or two, or three affirmation charms or more.

Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling Silver Necklace

The sterling silver necklace is a very large sub category of the sterling silver jewelry genre. The sterling silver necklace has many sub-genres of necklaces more specialized in design and of all of those specialty necklaces the cross necklace is the single biggest genre inside of the sterling silver cross necklace.

Sterling silver cross necklaces are very popular in America because America has long been consider a Christian nation and with all the great Christians comes a demand for cross necklaces. For access to the single largest collection of sterling silver cross necklaces click on cross necklaces

It's important to note the not only are cross necklaces the biggest part of the sterling silver necklace genre but cross necklaces are the biggest part of Cross jewelry. Cross jewelry covers a wides range of cross types pieces of jewelry for the Christian minded consumer but keep in mind the cross necklace is the leader of that group of jewelry.

The collection of sterling silver cross necklaces is so large that to make finding the perfect cross necklace they have been divided up into categories on different web pages to facilitate greater ease in finding the right cross necklace. a great example is men's cross necklaces.

Mens cross necklaces are a genre of necklaces that specializes in cross necklaces for men. Along with mens cross necklaces is cross necklaces for women.

Cross necklaces for women is just as it sounds. A collection for cross necklaces for women. A group of cross necklaces that appeal to women as the picture shows.

With all these pictures of cross necklaces you can see it's no wonder that cross necklaces are such a big part of cross jewelry of the sterling silver necklace genres. These sample pictures are a few in a field of thousands.

Sterling Silver Irish Jewelry

Sterling Silver Irish Jewelry

Irish jewelry is home to some of the greatest types of specialty sterling silver jewelry. Under the umbrella of Irish jewelry is Claddagh jewelry such as Claddagh necklaces and charms. Then there is Claddagh rings. Also under the Irish jewelry genre is Scottish Luckenbooth jewelry.

This collection of Irish jewelry focuses on the traditional types of Irish clover necklace like the Irish clover necklace which sometimes includes four leaf clover necklaces.

The Irish four leaf clover necklace is considered one of the Irish good luck charms. In fact many of the types of Irish jewelry are considered Irish good luck charms. However the rarity of a four leaf clover is the most valued Irish good luck charms.

These Irish four leaf clover earrings are Irish good luck charms and match the Irish four leaf necklace shown above and it also matches the Irish four leaf clover necklace shown below:

Irish necklaces are some of the richest types of jewelry to fall under the Silver Irish jewelry genre. Irish necklaces can range from Irish Claddagh necklaces to Irish Clover necklaces to Irish jig dancing necklaces and more.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Religious Jewelry


This religious jewelry web site has a very large range of religious jewelry ranging from crosses to medals, from medals to Jewish jewelry.

Their religious jewelry comes in 14 kt gold, titanium, stainless steel, and sterling silver. A nice selection of inspirational jewelry.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sterling Silver Butter Jewelry

Sterling Silver Butter Jewelry

Sterling silver butterfly jewelry is very popular in all of the animal jewelry kingdom. The natural reflectivity of sterling silver makes the light dance of the winds of the butterfly pendant as it hangs on the butterfly necklace.

The silver butterfly necklace shown above is a big bright butterfly pendant with the bail on the back. It comes with your choice of three sterling silver necklace chains and four lengths of chains which means this butterfly necklace is really one of twelve butterfly necklaces.

This butterfly necklace is similar to the one above in that it has twelve possible selections. In fact all silver butterfly necklaces for sale at butterfly necklaces are that way, regardless if they all butterfly charm necklaces or butterfly pendant necklaces.

This butterfly necklace shown right above has matching butterfly earrings as do several of the butterfly earrings in this sterling silver butterfly jewelry collection.

These butterfly earrings above and the butterfly earrings below have matching butterfly necklaces.

Sterling silver butterfly pendants and charms are what these butterfly necklaces are made from along with sterling silver necklace chains. In fact, if you don't like the butterfly necklaces that are available then you can create customized butterfly jewelry.

Silver Horse Jewelry

Silver Horse Jewelry

Silver horse jewelry represents the most majestic and regal animals ever to work with man, besides the dog of course. It's no wonder most equestrians prefer sterling silver over gold for their horse jewelry.

The horse necklace can represent any type of horse where there is a horse charm or horse pendant to represent the great steed.

Click here to see one of the fullest collections of silver horse necklaces: of all the collections of horse necklaces this collection of silver horse necklaces has the widest range of horse necklaces in one horse necklace page.

You will see a Clydesdale horse necklace, a mustang horse necklace, thorough breed horse necklaces, silver race horse necklace, horse head necklaces and many more types of silver horse necklaces.

The silver horse necklace provides one sided and 3d horse pendants. The silver horse necklace provides great quality, excellent detail and a heart warming reminder of your love for horses.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Affirmation Jewelry

Sterling Silver Affirmation Jewelry

Affirmation word charms are the main aspect of sterling silver affirmation jewelry. There are three types of affirmation word charms that are used to make affirmation necklaces. There are all roughly the same size just different shapes.

The round affirmation charm is about the size of a quarter or about 7/8" round. It is engraved on both sides and there are around 160 words or phrases to choose from.

The affirmation charm is a round sterling silver flat charm with a word or phrase engraved on both sides of the word charm. The affirmation charm is really an affirmation pendant but they are called both charm and pendant.

The other two types of affirmation pendants are similar in size but are heart shaped. The first of the two affirmation heart charms is solid and is engraved on both sides. it has around 30 words to choose from. Some of my favorite affirmation heart word charms are Love, Friendship, Best Friends, Forever and Love affirmation Heart pendants.

The affirmation pendant in the shape of a heart is compared with these two pictures showing the different in the heart jewelry charms.

The sterling silver affirmation jewelry charms are some of the very most unique types of jewelry charms for sale in the sterling silver genre. These jewelry charms are primarily used for affirmation necklaces like this picture.