Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Cross Necklace For Men


The cross necklace for men is a wonderful way for Christian men to show their love and faith for their Christian values. The cross necklace for men is truly a Christian icon.

The Mens cross necklace silver jewelry is designed for a mans style and taste. has thousands of choices  for the men's cross necklace. The Men's cross necklaces silver jewelry collection comes in four lengthes: 16", 18", 20" and 24" sterling silver necklace chains.

Not only does sell men's cross necklaces they also sell mens cross necklace and pendants. Cross pendants that you can buy and silver necklace chains and make your own custom necklace.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cross Necklaces


The reasons why specializes in sterling silver Cross Jewelry and no other type of precious metal is for the following reasons:

  • .925 sterling silver jewelry is a high quality precious metal. Perfect to make the celtic cross necklaces a keepsake for generations to come.
  • Fine Sterling silver Celtic Cross jewelry is the most affordable type of precious metal jewelry around. Sharp sterling silver cross necklaces are more affordable than white gold and is more bright and the most reflective of any precious metal.
  • The color of sterling silver is neutral and therefore goes with everything, all the time, anywhere. You can wear you a Celtic cross necklace anywhere you go, except swimming.
  • The right kind of sterling silver cross necklaces will enhance your just right look for Church, Bible study, Sunday School and any other Religious occasion. But you can wear your cross necklace anytime, anywhere for any reason everywhere.
  • Because sterling silver has that neutral but highly reflective bright and shiney look, that cross necklace will certainly enhance a tailored shirt, a Saturday sloppy shirt or your suit for Sunday services.
  • A sterling silver cross necklace can update your entire wardrobe instantly. This makes a good cross necklace even more affordable since it saves you money on new clothes.
  • Sterling silver cross jewelry is the perfect way to personalize your outfit with silver Celtic cross necklaces.

Sterling silver cross necklaces come in thousands more types and genres than a cross necklace in any other precious metal. Because sterling silver is far more affordable than gold, titanium or white gold jewelry artisans (jewelry makers) create 1000's or more crosses than in gold, titanium or white gold. This creates a far better selection of sterling silver cross necklaces for men.

Why should you buy your sterling silver Cross jewelry from

  • Up until came along in 2002, finding the perfect piece of sterling silver Cross Jewelry required a lot of web surfing to find that perfect mens cross necklace.
  • With the enormous collection that has, over 18,000 pieces of sterling silver Christian jewelry that speaks to you, you will find what you're looking for.
  • Wearing your cross necklace openly gives people a subtle glimpse of who you are and what your are all about.
  • Wear your fashionable silver cross necklace privately (under your shirt) is a constate reminder to you of your Christian faith and commitment.
  • With the selection that provides, you will certainly be ably to pick the size, style and look you are trying to achieve by wearing Celtic cross jewelry.
  • Wearing Cross jewelry can help you feel connected to your spiritual roots. Wearing silver cross necklaces typically helps you reconnect to your Christian faith. Cross jewelry can inspire you and make you feel happy, inspired and uplifted.
  • The sterling silver cross necklaces being discussed here can help make you feel connected, inspired, uplifted, positive, motivated, spiritual and hopeful.
  • Whatever your interest is with silver cross necklaces you will find more than enough silver cross necklaces to satify your taste.
  • With help from collection of silver cross necklaces you can easily update your Christian look with sterling silver cross necklaces or other sterling silver cross jewelry.
  • With the massive volume of sterling silver Celtic cross jewelry provided by you will find more than enough Celtic cross necklaces to reflect your individuality.
  • Elegant silver Cross necklaces provide the best gift possible for the Christian men. The massive collection of the mens cross necklace, you will surely find the perfect gift over and over again. You can use the mens cross necklaces, cross pendants, and cross charms to obtain the perfect fit and style for any Christian man.
  • Bookmark and make it your one stop shopping place for dressing yourself in sterling silver cross jewelry and for great gift giving.
What many like to do is buy two or three tasteful Sterling silver necklaces and then buy five or six silver Celtic cross pendants and then they have a large collection of exchangeable Celtic cross necklaces. Whatever your mood is you’ve got what you need in Celtic cross jewelry.

The Celtic cross pendant is perfect along with your sterling silver necklace chain to make customizes Celtic cross necklaces. has been around since 2002 making it a trusted source for all your affordable Cross jewelry needs. They have become a trend setter in the inspirational world of Cross Jewelry. They have the largest collection of sterling silver cross necklaces for men and cross jewelry than anywhere else on the web or off.

They do not charge S&H and use USPS First Class to ship all orders. The mission for is to be your one stop shopping location for all the sterling silver cross jewelry you could ever need at affordable prices and finest quality. Check them out and see what you think at

Sterling Silver Animal Bracelet Charms

STERLING SILVER ANIMAL BRACELET CHARMS is the best place to make your sterling silver Animal Charm Bracelets. First you start with your choice of sterling silver charm bracelets. Then you go through the best collection of silver animal charms found anywhere on the Internet.

Just one of many sterling silver starter charm bracelets to choose from. They all are about 7.5" long.

Once you have decided on a sterling silver charm bracelet then you browse for you favorite silver animal charms.

They have some excellent sterling silver bird charms like a sterling silver Parrot charm or a Dove Charm.

This Penguin Bracelet Charm has matching Penguin Earrings.

Technically a Teddy Bear isn't really an animal but it is 3D and so cute! Check out this Sterling silver Teddy Bear Charm.

For the sea animal fan they have many fish and underwater mamals for your consideration such as  a 3D sterling silver Manatee Charm.

The Sand Dollar Charm is brilliant as shown below.

There a few Sand dollar jewelry charms and sand dollar earrings to choose from, some even match. Additionally to the ocean life genre of animal bracelet charms there are some seashell bracelet charms.

Without droning on too much about all the animal bracelet charms has to offer and pick out the perfect Animal Jewelry Charm and see for yourself just what is available.

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic Knot Silver Jewelry

Celtic knot silver jewelry is a broad category of Celtic knot jewelry. A large percentage of Celtic jewelry is made with the Celtic knot and the majority of Celtic knot jewelry is made from sterling silver.

The reason why Celtic knot jewelry is made from silver is becasue it is affordable for both the jewelry maker and the Celtic knot silver jewelry buyer.

To introduce two additional types of Celtic jewelry requires a super short history on the Celts from which Celtic knot silver jewelry comes from.

The Celtis lived predominately where the UK now resides. Even though the Celtic influence was felt throughour Europe at one time or another. There last real stand was in the regions of England and the UK. The Irish and Scottish both trace their roots through to the Celts.

Even some of their jewelry overlaps with Celtic jewelry. For this reason you have two distinct sub genres such as Irish Celtic jewelry which reflects Cultural Irish symbols with Celtic symbols.

The same is true for the Scottish culture. Scottish combines the Scottish symbols with a certain amount of Celtic influence in Scottish Celtic jewelry.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Celtic Cross Jewelry


In the genre of Cross jewelry, Celtic cross jewelry has come to be a major player. The difference between Cross jewelry and Celtic Cross Jewelry is the style. Cross jewelry is the traditional Christian cross designs whereas Celtic cross designs are also Christian but have anywhere from a minor Celtic influence in design to a major influence from the Celtic knot style.

An example of  a Cross Jewelry piece of jewelry would be something like this:

An example of Celtic Cross jewelry would be something like this:

The same difference with Celtic cross jewelry charms, Celtic Cross jewelry earrings etc. They are all Christian silver crosses but the Celtic Cross jewelry category has the Celtic decorative flare and added symbolism.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sterling Silver Irish Jewelry


Sterling silver Irish jewelry is a popular and broad category of jewelry in that it covers Irish jewelry that represents the rich Irish culture and it covers Celtic jewelry. Celtic jewelry preceded Irish jewelry as the Celtic culture preceded the Irish culture.

Irish jewelry includes its ancestral heritage in Celtic jewelry as well as it's own Irish jewelry and a hybrid jewelry where they mix elements of Irish and Celtic designs into its own genre of jewelry.

Irish jewelry celebrate is culture which in part includes a three leaf clover and a four leaf clover. Irish Dance among others.

Clover Jewelry contains clover necklaces, clover charms and pendants. Even clover earrings.

The Clover necklace variety of clover jewelry has two disticnt styles, a sterling silver three leaf clover charm and a four leaf clover pendant.

St. Patrick, as legend has it, was born in Ireland, got sold and taken away from Ireland and then when he became a priest went back to Ireland and started a major conversion to Christianity. The Irish Cross Pendant is a symbol of his influence on the Celts and later the Irish. The St Bridgit Cross Pendant also traces its influence back to Saint Patrick.

The Prayer of St. Patrick:

I arise today

Through Gods strength to pilot me;

Gods might to uphold me,

Gods wisdom to guide me,

Gods eye to look before me,

Gods ear to hear me,

Gods word to speak for me,

Gods hand to guard me.

Gods way to lie before me

Gods shield to protect me,

Gods hosts to save me

Afar and near,

Alone or in a multitude.

Christ shield me today

Against wounding

Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,

Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,

Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down,

Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,

Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,

Christ in the eye that sees me,

Christ in the ear that hears me.

I arise today

Through the mighty strength

Of the Lord of creation

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry

October in nation breast cancer awareness month. This sterling silver breast cancer jewelry is a delightful way to commemorate this month.

 The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Charm is perfect for making a breast cancer awareness ribbon necklace or a pink ribbon charm bracelet.

Pink Ribbon Jewelry carries with it pink ribbon charms, pink ribbon necklaces and the ability to design your own pink ribbon charm bracelets and necklaces.

Not only does carry the worlds largest sterling silver Christian Cross jewelry collection, it also carries a very nice sterling silver Cancer jewerly collection with an emphasis in Breast Cancer jewelry.

Breast Cancer Jewelry with a "Survivor" emphasis. Perfect to give the breast cancer patient after their last chemo treatment or radiation treatment. Others like to wear it to give them motivation to be a breast cancer survivor while they are undergoing surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

All cancer jewelry necklaces come with four lengths of necklace, 16", 18", 20" and 24".

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling silver cross necklaces is a very broad category. The common denominator is that they are various cross necklaces made from fine sterling silver. The sterling silver cross necklace is gain popularity of cross necklaces made from white gold due to the long and ever increasing cost of the "white gold" alloy.

The thing about "white gold" is that at first appearances you can hardly tell what it is. Is it white gold or sterling silver? Then due to the brilliant reflective qualities of sterling silver you soon realize that white gold is dull compared to the inherant qualities of sterling silver such as brightness and brilliance. Sterling silver is the number one most reflective precious metal or alloy of all precious metals.

Due to those facts the sterling silver cross necklace is far more popular than a cross necklace made from white gold. Sterling silver cross necklaces are also much more popular due to the sky high prices of white gold. White gold made be more affordable the 14 karat gold or even 10 kt gold but white gold is still much, much higher in price than silver cross necklaces.

Because sterling silver cross necklaces are most more affordable jewelry designers and cross necklace makers will create hundreds if not thousands more silver cross necklace designs and styles becasue they can afford to work with sterling silver much more than gold or white gold. This gives the Christian consumer an awesome opportunity to to build up their collection of silver cross necklaces.

As an example of the broad selection of sterling silver cross necklaces, you can find mens cross necklaces and Cross necklaces for women. Plenty of silver cross necklaces for each gender. many sterling silver cross necklaces are gender neautral or unisex.

The sterling silver cross necklace designs can range from a disciples cross necklace to a Irish Celtic cross necklace. From a Ankh Cross Necklace to a Fleur de lis cross necklace, all made in sterling silver.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Judaica Products

Judaica Products  New Zion Gifts on-line shopping gives you a great selection of holy gift products made by skilled artisans. This is the only online shopping place where you will find the perfect gift that will be cherished for years.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cross Jewelry


Sterling silver cross jewelry is a very popular genre of religious jewelry. Cross jewelry is not only religious jewelry but also falls under Christian jewelry and Celtic Cross jewelry.

Cross jewelry is very versatile as we can see crossing over into other sterling silver religious jewelry genre's. Additionally cross jewelry is vast in itself such as Cross necklaces, cross pendants, cross charms, cross rings and cross earrings.

Cross jewelry for men is gaining a lot of popularity especially in the silver cross necklaces for men styles. Cross jewelry is also used in religious jewelry for men.

The Mens Cross Necklace

The Mens Cross Necklace differs from other cross necklaces typically due to the size of the cross pendant. But also the design of the cross pendants can make it appear to be a mens cross pendant.

Mens cross necklaces are very popular and a great way for the Christian man to show his faith and to wear a constant reminder of his Christian values and faith with them always.

Cross necklaces for men, in reality, can be just about anything that appeals to a man just like any sterling silver cross necklace  that appeals to be a cross necklace for women.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sterling Silver Celtic jewelry

Celtic jewelry comes in all types of mediums such as gold, white gold, carved wood, jeweled and in sterling silver. The Celtic knot jewelry we are talking about today in this Celtic jewelry blog post is made from sterling silver.

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is popular because of the fact it is many time more affordable than gold and white gold. Sterling silver is the most reflective of all precious metals. Lastly sterling silver Celtic jewelry has so many more designs to choose from whether it is a Celtic necklace or a Celtic Cross necklace.

Of all the types of Celtic Knot Jewelry the Celtic Necklace and Celtic cross necklace is the most popular style of Celtic jewelry to wear.

The Celtic cross necklace can have so many varieties of the famous Celtic Cross Necklace.

What is the difference between an Irish Cross Necklace and a Celtic Cross Necklace? According to people who live in Ireland, real Irishmen call all Celtic cross necklaces "Irish cross necklaces". so technically there is nothing different about them.

Here in America we might think of the Claddagh cross pendant necklace an Irish cross necklace and the Middle picture a Celtic cross necklace. You're right. The point being their is no right or wrong answer.

The Celtic Necklace

When it comes to sterling silver Celtic necklaces the same hold true to why they are so popular and it all has to do with the fine sterling silver. There are an outrageous number of sterling silver Celtic necklaces to choose from. Farm more than you can ever find in gold or white gold.

Cross Necklace

The Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

The sterling silver cross necklace is the most popular type of Cross necklace in the specialty jewelry genre. The first reason for it's popularity isn't becasue it is so much more affordable thatn Gold. It always has been.

But the sterling silver cross necklace is popular becasue sterling silver is the most reflective precious metal of all precious metals. Of course the second reason is cost, being much more affordable than gold.

The third reason why sterling silver Cross necklaces are so wildly popular is because there are thousands more styles, designs and decorations that what is available in gold or white gold. You will always find what you want in silver cross necklaces.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Silver Celtic Knot Jewelry Charms and Pendants


How do you create your own silver Celtic jewelry?

To assemble your own sterling silver Celtic Necklace select among some quality sterling silver Celtic and Celtic cross pendants and some sterling silver necklace chains. Put them together and you have a Celtic knot necklace just the way you want it.

Select a Celtic knot pendant by clicking here: Celtic pendants and then select your sterling silver necklace chain or select from Celtic trinity pendants and a silver chain to make a Celtic trinity knot necklace.

One advantage to making your own sterling silver Celtic Necklace is that you can select one or two sterling silver necklace chains and six or eight Celtic pendants and Celtic cross pendants and save a lot of money by interchanging the Celtic pendants back and forth and have a Celtic necklace for ever occassion, including Church

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cross Necklaces For Men


Wearing Cross necklaces for men gives you a visable reminder of your Christian faith. Wearing Cross necklaces for men is a subtle way to also show your Christian feelings as you display your choice of a mens cross necklace. 

The cross is a common symbol of  the christian faith. The type of mens cross necklace you choose expresses how you feel regarding your Christian faith. There are countless styles of  sterling silver cross necklaces to reflect how you feel and reflect the look you want to achieve. At the same time this silver cross jewelry inspires you and those who are looking at your sterling silver cross necklace.

Wearing a men's cross necklace can help you feel connected to your spiritual roots. Wearing Cross jewelry connects you to you Christian faith and values. The mens cross necklace can inspire you and make you feel happy and uplifted.

These silver cross necklaces are perfect for all men. They have cross necklaces for teenage boys and cross necklaces for young men as well as for all Christian men.

One sterling silver cross necklace is perfect for a teenage boy, young man or any guy.

Everyone has their only style and taste for a cross necklace but with our large selection of sterling silver cross jewelry there is more than enough styles and designs to satisfy every ones needs.

A silver men's cross necklace makes you feel connected, inspired, uplifted, positive, motivated, spiritual and hopeful. All terrific Christian attributes.

Why These Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces for Men Are Right For You
- It is high quality .925 sterling silver jewelry.

- Sterling silver jewelry is the most affordable type of precious metal jewelry around.

- The color of sterling silver is neutral and therefore goes with everything, all the time, anywhere.

- Come with free S&H regardless of how much or how little you buy. Buy just one mens cross necklace and pay no S&H. Buy 200 cross necklaces for men and pay no S&H.
- With such a large selection of sterling silver cross jewelry we have just what you’re looking for.

- The right kind of silver cross necklace helps you look and feel look sharp for Church, Bible study, Sunday School or for every day wear.

- Wearing a men's cross necklace will enhance a tailored shirt, a Saturday sloppy shirt or your Church clothes.
- One mens cross necklace can update your entire wardrobe instantly. This makes cross necklaces for men even more affordable since it saves you money on new clothes.

- Cross necklaces for men is the perfect way to personalize your outfit.


About (HCC)
HCC has been in business since 2002 and has the largest collection of sterling silver cross jewelry for sale of any web site on the Internet. Over 18,000 pieces of sterling silver cross jewelry. They offer free S&H regardless of how small or large the order is for.

HCC wants to help Christianity by offering an endless array of sterling silver cross jewelry with the finest quality sterling silver suitable for all Christians at an affordable price. HCC is a trend setter in sterling silver Christian jewelry

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Silver Horse Jewelry

Equestrian Jewelry

Animal Jewelry is a great way to accessorize your wordrobe. Sterling silver Equestrian jewelry is a great way to celebrate your love of equestrian events.

Sterling silver is the most reflective of all precious metals. Regardless the equestrian event, a rodeo or a Triple Crown race, you’ll find wonderful sterling silver Horse Jewelry  just right for your horse sporting needs.

The Arabian horse is a favor popular horse all the way around. The Arabian horse is a favorite for racing and other equestrian events.

Sterling silver color is neutral and thus goes with any and all outfits from casual sports to work dress, to formal occasions. Wear the sterling silver Horse necklace with anything all day long.

Because sterling silver so much more affordable than all other precious metals, Horse jewelry artisans work with sterling silver the most giving you your best selection in horse necklace jewelry. This creates a far better selection of Sterling Silver Horse and Equestrian necklaces.

Update your look with horse necklaces or other sterling silver Horse jewelry. (SA) is by far the most affordable place to buy sterling silver Animal jewelry. We offer very reasonable prices and free S&H for any where in America, all 50 states.

What horse lovers like to do is buy two or three tasteful sterling silver necklace chains and then buy five or six silver Horse and Equestrian pendants and then they have a large collection of exchangeable Horse necklaces. Whatever your mood is you’ve got what you need in Silver Equestrian jewelry.

With the size of sterling silver Animal jewelry provided by SA you will find more than enough Animal jewelry to reflect your personality. Buy the Animal lover in your life a sterling silver animal necklace.

The horse necklace is always the perfect gift. With the variety of Horse necklaces offered by SA you could give hundred of horse necklace gifts and still not run out of new and exciting horse jewelry to choose from.

ABOUT SA (SA) has been running non stop since 2004 and has one of the largest collection of sterling silver Horse jewelry and Equestrian Jewelry for sale of any web site on the Internet. They dedicate four pages to Horse and Equestrian Jewelry. One of the biggest and best Equestrian jewelry sites found anywhere on line or off.