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Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry

Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry

Sterling silver Christian jewelry includes so much more than cross jewelry. There are Bible theme jewelry pieces as well as prayer jewelry and many other non cross related Christian jewelry.

Through out this article you will see various sterling silver religious necklaces that depict various types and symbols of Christian jewelry.

One such example is this fine sterling silver 3D Church charm religious necklace.

Another wonderful example of  sterling silver religious necklaces is this Ten Commandments necklace shown below.

This popular religious necklace is the christian fish combo necklace. Along with the Christian fish is a religious affirmation pendant that says "I love Jesus". Can you get any better than that?

Then there is a magnificent St Christopher pendant necklace. St Christopher is the most popular patron saint in all of Christianity.

Sterling silver Christian jewelry is vastly popular and that doesn't even refer to cross jewelry. As you can see, these Christian and Religious necklaces only scratch the surface of what is out there in a non cross necklace form.

The next four Christian necklaces are unique in that they are Christian necklaces made from various Religious and Christian themed affirmation pendants.

The Christian necklace these affirmation charms make really do speak to the soul. Let's not forget the Christian symbolism of the circle. "Eternity". So this Christian necklace that says "I love Jesus" is really saying "I love Jesus eternity".

As far as affirmation charms Christian necklaces goes, there are so many more affirmation charms that you could actually find many words that could speak to the christian part of your soul.

The affirmation charms Christian necklaces are made with affirmation charms where they are engraved on both sides of the pendant and around about 7/8" round.

Religious Jewelry

Religious Jewelry

The single most popular type of sterling silver religious jewelry or just plain religious jewelry in America is cross necklaces and other types of cross jewelry. This post will focus on the mens side of crosses.

Crosses are a huge genre. In fact, the genre of crosses are bigger than religious jewelry. Because crosses are so huge that's all the more reason to restrict our comments on the mens side of crosses.

Christian cross necklaces for men have a lot are various sub categories of crosses and mens cross jewelry that to try to cover them all in one article would turn this post into a Sears catalog. Most crosses, especially mens crosses are also called necklace crosses because that's the way men wear their crosses, around their neck in the form of mens cross necklaces.

Necklaces crosses could be cross charms but for men they are generally cross pendants. Cross pendants tend to be thicker, larger and heavier which tend to appeal to most religious men.

There all types and categories of mens necklace crosses one worth touching on is Crusaders cross necklaces. The Crusaders cross necklaces tend to follow cross designs that are used in Heraldry today and on shields and weapons as designs and for Coats of Arms.

As was said earlier, there is a ton of material if one was inclined to cover all aspects of mens necklace crosses but since that's not really feasible let me just mention one other very popular and interesting category for mens cross jewelry...Celtic jewelry for men.

Celtic jewelry for men is a category of mens jewelry that specializes in Celtic jewelry for men. Under that category their are Celtic cross necklaces for men, Celtic cross pendants for men and even trinity knot necklaces that even though they are not cross necklaces their are many for men and the trinity knot necklace is a great Christian symbol.

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Synthetic Gems, Lab gems and Cubic Zirconia

Synthetic Gems, Lab gems and Cubic Zirconia

One of the best suppliers and manufacturer of synthetic gems, lab created gems and Cubic Zirconia. You can purchase from them at factory price. They even have there own Gem cutting factory in Bangkok and China.

They are supply some natural gems. You can use these CZ's and gems to make your own handmade jewelry as well as sell them. It's a good source for Synthetic Gems, Lab gems and Cubic Zirconia

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Silver Celtic Necklace

Silver Celtic Necklace

The silver Celtic necklace is one of the most wonderful types of sterling silver necklaces and the most diverse. With the interweaving lines and geometric shapes, many signs and symbols and Celtic icons are created with various meanings.

These Celtic necklaces appeal to so many people do to the diversity of the symbols. Some call Celtic necklaces pagan symbols. This is not true. Many of the Celtic knot necklaces have Christian meaning like the Celtic trinity necklace and the Celtic cross pendants. Don't forget the eternity knot pendants.

But that is the richness of the Celtic necklace, the diversity. A Celtic knot necklace can appeal to many people for as many reasons as there are people to wear them. 

The Celtic knot necklace just above is Celtic good luck charm, in fact in the reverse side of the Celtic knot pendant, the word "Luck" is engraved on it.

This Celtic necklace is a trinity knot pendant necklace. A trinity knot is always a three cornered knot. Each knot is a representation of the Christian Holy Trinity. Looking closely at the amazing detail of this Celtic necklace trinity pendant is two major three pointed designs inside the three cornered pendant.

To see a collection of America's single biggest sterling silver collections of Celtic necklaces then click on Celtic knot silver necklace.

Necklace Crosses

Necklace Crosses

Silver necklace crosses or silver jewelry crosses are what makes sterling silver cross necklaces so popular. There are almost countless numbers and varieties of silver crosses for all cross jewelry genre's. From these jewelry crosses you can make cross necklaces with cross pendants or in the case of cross charms you can make cross necklaces and cross charm bracelets.

When talking about all the genres of cross jewelry there are with silver crosses there all types like Fleur de Lis crosses, crusader crosses, men's crosses, women's crosses and Celtic crosses. Of all those genres, the Celtic crosses are by far the most popular. Not every knows them as Celtic crosses but they at least know them as silver crosses.

If you are in the market for any type of silver crosses be it Celtic crosses, or any of the before mentioned crosses then simply click on silver crosses, there you will find a very large collection of cross pendants and cross charms for almost ever genre you can imagine.

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The Story Of The Cross Necklace

The Story Of The Cross Necklace

Susan had just left choir practice on a cold and snowy Wednesday evening to go home. It was a cold third of March. Snow was on the ground, hard packed and slippery. She slid and fell as she was carefully trying to get down the stairs of the Church. but in spite of her best efforts she made the fall and slipped and spun slowly around coming to a stop just inches before sliding into the busy street.

No one stopped to help her but death had been cheated. For if she had slid into the streets she surely would have been run over by a passing dump truck turned snow plow. While still laying on a snow covered side walk she reached into her coat and touched the sterling silver cross necklace hanging around her neck. It was her favorite cross necklace. She wanted the reassurance and touching it before she tried to stand up. To her deep horror she found the cross pendant necklace was not around her neck. She figured it had broke and fallen into her sweater.

She would worry about it later. She was cold and getting colder. She needed to right herself and try to get a little warm before she made the three block walk home.

As she lifted her hands to the snow covered side walk to lift her self up she found her very weak arms working fine but her legs would not respond. She now noticed a burning sharp pain in her lower back. The pain struck her so fast and strong she fell back to the side walk hitting her head and that knocked her unconscious.

By now more choir members came out of the Church and saw her sprawled out on the side walk inches from the fast moving cars on the icy road. Some ran to her aid others jumped on their cell phones calling for help.

Dr. Schwinfield was just coming out of another Church twelve miles away. He and his wife had just gone over funeral arrangement with their Pastor for their 21 year old daughter Anne. Annie, as they called her had been in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver. Her spine had snapped in several places, ironic since Dr. Schwinfield was a neurosurgeon.

He and his wife had just reached the car. He helped his wife into the car to avoid accident in the deep snow. As he walked around his car he thought to himself, how could this happen? His daughter was a very faithful Christian girl and he and his wife raised her and their other three kids to be faithful Christians.

The good doctor had gone on ten missions of mercy with other medical teams to third world countries and performed life saving operations. "Why me...why me? he thought to himself. How could God do this to me?
The ambulance took longer to arrive at the scene of Susan's accident due to the terrible snowy conditions. It took a while in the slippery snow pack sidewalk to slip a C-collar on Susan and taped her to a board before they could put he on a gurney. As one EMT was picking up their gear he saw a sterling silver cross necklace laying under where Susan had been. He figured the bight shine contrasted by the white snow made the cross stand out. There was a bit of a glow to it.
There was a good chance that the silver cross necklace was Susan's so he slipped it next to her on the stretcher.

Traffic was piling up from the emergency vehicles and the falling snow. Dr. Schwinfield and his wife were numb with mourning and didn't say much to each other. Every minute that passed by was like a day.

Finally Susan was in a warm room in the local ER and was swarmed with doctors, nurses, radiologists and other medical personnel. Susan was trying to ask someone, anyone who would listen "where is my cross, where is my cross necklace?". No one would respond, after all they were trying to keep her from going into shock and assessing her condition.

Time past and her parents made their way to Susan's bedside. A doctor came in with all the test results and gave them the bad news. Her spine was broken in four places. She would live but if they could get her into emergency surgery she might go from being a quadriplegic to a paraplegic.

The doctor further said they were trying to contact the closest neurosurgeon to speed things up and advised that she should start being prepped for surgery. All three, Susan, her Mom and Dad said yes. Then Susan said, I would like to pray with my parents before I leave.

Dr. Schwinfield answered his cell phone and was told he was needed for emergency surgery. Dr. Schwinfield yelled at the ER doc and said I'm planning my daughters funeral and you call me for surgery...I'm not even on call. I'm not right for this emergency.

The ER doc apologized and said half the city is with out cell phone service or power and the last neurosurgeon was already in a twelve hour surgery. Dr. Schwinfield didn't say anything and disconnected the call. "The nerve of them calling me to save someones life. Where was a qualified doctor when our Annie needed one?" It was a pointless question because his daughter arrived DOA.

Susan asked her parents if they had seen her sterling silver cross necklace

They said a prayer for Susan and for the doctor who would be operating. They also asked the Lord to bless the person who came in touch with the necklace to be blessed.

A minute later Dr. Schwinfield called back the ER doc and apologized for his previous behavior and said the traffic jam just opened up and he would likely be at the hospital in ten minutes. With a series of perfectly timed green light and the stopping of the snow fall he made it to the hospital in five minutes. He kissed his wife and took off into the ER.

Dr. Schwinfield liked to talk to the patient and family before operating. As he was coming up to the desk he said I'm looking for Susan Johnson and he family. While the nurse was looking for the room assignment the EMT was just signing the last form.

"Hey doc" he said, will you hand the parents this silver cross necklace. I found it at the accident I think it belongs to Susan". The doctor reached out his had and took the cross necklace and said "I will see they get it".

The nurse said the family is in the OR waiting room and Susan was in the OR waiting. He said call them and tell them I'm on  my way.

As he was going up elevator to the scrub room and opened his had to look at the cross necklace and then dropped it from the shock of seeing the cross necklace, the exact same cross necklace his Annie wore. The exact same cross necklace she was going to be buried with. Then he thought to himself that this was a special sign that all would be alright...Alright for Annie, His wife and kids, for himself and the patient he would soon be operating on.

He leaned over and picked up the silver cross necklace. He decided to skip meeting with the parents until after the surgery as every minute counted.

Dr. Schwinfield burst through the OR doors and said let's move! This patient needs to go under right now. As he positioned himself and Susan struggled to turn her neck to say thanks to the doctor she went under.

Susan woke up after what seemed like weeks of being asleep but in reality it was only three hours total. Her parents started talking to her but soon realized she was still very groggy. They stayed by her side all night long. They were awaken to Susan calling them.

They told her all the Dr. Schwinfield said to them. After he had open up her spinal area he noticed that the wound should have killed her. But the spine had not been severed. He didn't think there was much he could do then he felt someone guiding his hands and he did things he didn't know how to do. As they saw Susan drifting off they said one last thing. You will be able to walk again!

Later on as Susan was awake and alone, her parents had decided to take a break and go the hospital cafeteria and she noticed her cross necklace was miraculously in her hand. Just then her parents came in and told her about the cross. How the EMT found it, gave it to the doctor, the epiphany the doctor had with the cross necklace and how a busy doctor took the time to go back to his locker to get the cross and give it to the Mom.

by Callahan
Copyright 2011

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Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic knot jewelry is the biggest segment of the Celtic jewelry genre. Most Celtic jewelry is focuses on the Celtic knot. The two most popular types of Celtic knot jewelry is Celtic necklaces and Celtic rings.

The review of sterling silver Celtic jewelry post is focused on sterling silver Celtic rings.

Celtic Rings

Celtic rings can range from Celtic knots to Claddagh rings and everything in between.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cross Necklaces For Men

Cross Necklaces For Men
What do you get your Christian husband or father on his birthday, for Christmas or on Father's Day? Neckties are a safe bet but I'm thinking of something a little more unique and even something that celebrates his Christian faith.

What do you get the Christian man who has everything? That's a tired old sales pitch because with a Christian man they never have everything. What I'm thinking about is sterling silver cross necklaces for men.

A necktie is nice but depending on the tie you can get a sterling silver mens cross necklace for the same cost or for less if its an expensive tie. With so many cross necklaces for men there's no such thing as a Christian man who has everything. 

You could buy your Christian man a sterling silver cross necklace for men for Fathers Day, Christmas and his birthday for years and he would still not have everything considering how many cross necklaces for men there are. HandCraftedCollectibles has thousands of mens cross necklaces.

Tell your Dad, husband or brother how you really feel with the gift of a religious icon with deep and abiding feeling.

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is primarily unisex design or gender neutral design earrings or Celtic knot necklaces, rings, pendants and charms. But there are some types of Celtic jewelry that is design for women and some mens Celtic jewelry.

We will focus on some types of mens Celtic jewelry in the form of Celtic pendants and necklaces.

The following mens Celtic necklace is a warrior spirit necklace.

Celtic Warrior Spirit Necklace

The picture above and below are sterling silver Celtic dragon pendants.

Here is a Celtic symbol necklace that stands for protection:

These Celtic mens pendants and necklaces are just a small sample of  sterling silver mens Celtic jewelry.


American Sign Language Jewelry

Sterling silver American sign language jewelry is a very unique niche in sterling silver genre. It started with the sterling silver 3D sign language pendants and grew from there into other genres like the I love you genre and other types of jewelry dealing with love.

One of the American sign language pendants looks like this:

The I love you sign language jewelry has many types of sterling silver necklaces and pendant like the one shown here:

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Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Most Christians want to wear a special reminder of their faith, for most this means a cross necklace. Not just a cross necklace but some type of sterling silver cross necklace. They do not want to settle for something like wood or some base metal cross necklace.

Cross necklaces made from some precious metal has an strong emotional appeal. The problem is that with the economy the way it is gold cross necklaces are outrageously priced and discretionary income is hard to come by.

What many do not realize is that sterling silver cross necklaces are still affordable even though the base price silver has increased. The cost of a solid sterling silver cross necklace now is still five times cheaper than a gold cross necklace was five years ago.

Everyone knows what a great symbol the Christian cross is. Why trust it to anything less than sterling silver. Sterling silver has some great properties that make it such a valuable material to make cross necklaces.

Sterling silver is the more reflective of all precious metals. It reflects the light in a way no other metal can. It is in style wherever you are, in whatever you're doing. Silver is a neutral color and can be worn with any outfit. To pick out one of thousands of sterling silver cross necklaces click on cross necklaces

Because sterling silver is the preferred precious metal and it is much more affordable than artisans have create thousands of various types of crosses that are used to make such a wide variety of cross necklaces.

Sterling Silver Penguin Jewelry

Sterling Silver Penguin Jewelry

The penguin, whether it is the largest of penguins, the Emperor Penguin or the smallest of penguins, the Little Blue penguin are cute flightless birds that spend half of their life in the water and half on sea.

They are cute because of their size and their colors, black and white. There beaks and plumage around their beaks can have a little color according to the type of penguin they are. But the majority of there color is black and white like the tuxedo, thus the nick name for a tux is a penguin suit.

They are amazing birds. They are as much fish as they are birds in the water. The feed in the water and lay their eggs on land.

With sterling silver penguin jewelry you can wear sterling silver penguin earrings. With a penguin charm you can add it to a sea life charm bracelet or make a necklace out of it.

The sterling silver penguin charm is all silver with out the colors so the penguin charm can represent any of the different types of penguins.

To see many different types of sea life jewelry and penguin jewelry just click on penguin jewelry.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Celtic Crosses

Celtic Crosses
Celtic crosses are a great way to make sterling silver Celtic cross necklaces. There are a huge collection of sterling silver Celtic crosses. With these Celtic cross pendants you can make a cross necklace with Celtic crosses.

This Celtic cross pendant is a traditional style Celtic cross.
Celtic crosses give your cross necklace much more decoration and symbolism.

Celtic Cross Jewelry

Celtic cross jewelry is essentially anything made with a Celtic cross or Celtic cross pendant.

This Celtic cross pendant is one of the most authentic Celtic cross in all the Celtic crosses on the internet. It is also a Celtic Irish heraldic cross. 
This Celtic cross pendant is one of the most popular Celtic crosses for sell on the Internet.
Celtic cross pendants make great Celtic cross necklaces and give Christians something else to wear in addition to the traditional cross necklaces.

Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry

Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry

Sterling silver animal jewelry and sterling silver sea life jewelry are the best way to enjoy a quality animal symbol for the animal lover. There is another great reason for animal jewelry or sea life jewelry.

I am an animal lover and sea life lover, perhaps even more so a sea life lover. I go to Zoo's and recently on a vacation I went to Sea World in San Diego and the San Diego Zoo. I noticed that with many of the patrons of these recreation areas wore some form of gold or silver animal necklaces or earrings.

I also noticed that the San Diego Zoo and Sea world did not sell nice sterling silver animal jewelry or Sea life jewelry.

When so many visitors to these parks were wearing animal and sea life jewelry why didn't these parks  sell them that quality of jewelry. They did sell sea life jewelry and animal jewelry but it was cheap costume jewelry for a price you could buy an animal necklace or a pair of sea life earrings made from sterling silver jewelry.

Sterling Silver Boutique

Unique sterling silver and semi-precious stone jewelry at Rox Jewelry Sterling Silver Boutique

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Silver Dolphin Jewelry

Silver Dolphin Jewelry

On my vacation to southern California recently, I spent two days at Sea World and saw many Dolphins. I went to the Dolphin show where they included Pilot Whales since the last time I visited Sea World. These dolphins were amazing!

I have always loved dolphins and seeing them in person added to the love affair I share with the brilliant dolphins. I also saw five Beluga whales at sea World. In fact I could write a very large essay of what I saw at Sea Worlds but for this post I'll try to stay focused on the dolphins.

One thing I was taken back on was the lake of quality jewelry souvenirs on the various sea life and dolphins that were all around the park, When you're spending all that money to visit the park and paying tons of money on food and concessions you want to take home a quality souvenir like sterling silver dolphin jewelry.

They certainly had a lot of Dolphin jewelry and other jewelry representing the other types of sea life but they were expensive cheap costume jewelry that could be broke by the time you got home from vacation.

Being that I am a jewelry blogger among other types of blogging I looked at peoples necks to see what they were wearing and they had on silver dolphin necklaces and gold dolphin necklaces and few had on cheap costume sea life jewelry. Yet that's all Sea World sold.

Well, you're in luck. There is a fantastic selection of the sterling silver dolphin necklace that you can buy a lasting, keepsake dolphin necklace to wear as a dolphin lover or as a souvenir from sea world or any other sea life venue that you've been to.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cross Necklaces

Cross Necklaces

The cross necklace is the most popular type of jewelry in the religious and Christian genre's of sterling silver jewelry. The Celtic cross necklace is also the most popular type of jewelry as it overlaps into Celtic jewelry.

This is true regardless of what the cross necklace is made from, in our case however, we are specifically addressing the topic of the sterling silver cross necklace.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celtic Cross Necklace

Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Necklace

Sterling silver Celtic cross necklaces a power house genre of both Celtic jewelry and Christian jewelry. They are the most popular crossover jewelry in the sterling silver specialty jewelry category.

These sterling silver Celtic cross necklaces are made from Celtic crosses and Irish crosses on sterling silver necklace chains.

What is the difference between Irish crosses and Celtic crosses? Some would say there is no difference others would say Irish crosses are Celtic crosses with Irish symbols on it. As I have studied Celtic jewelry and cross jewelry I have come to the conclusion that Ireland, England and the rest of Europe would says they are all the same and would call them Irish crosses.

In America we call them both Celtic crosses and Irish crosses. Sometimes we might call them an Irish Celtic cross but either way Americans specify some difference between the two.

This Irish Celtic cross-over jewelry, a cross over from Christian jewelry and Celtic jewelry are inspirational jewelry for both the fan of Celtic jewelry and for the christian wanting to wear cross jewelry.

Making your own sterling silver jewelry

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry making supplies by Zeelver  Online shop offering wholesale sterling silver jewelry making supplies. They send orders from Bali and Thailand to every countries.

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Sterling Silver Horse Jewelry

Sterling Silver Horse Jewelry

Sterling silver horse jewelry is a very large genre of sterling silver specialty jewelry. Inside the Equestrian jewelry genre you will find horse earrings, horse necklaces and various types of horses like Clydesdale, quarter horse and Arabian horse jewelry.

Sterling silver horse jewelry ranges from horse head earrings to horseshoe necklaces. From horse charms to horse pendants. There are many thoroughbred horses and pure bred horses like the Clydesdale horse necklace.

Equestrian jewelry is just as popular as horse jewelry, especially in sterling silver. There is racing horse necklaces, and harness racing necklaces among other equestrian jewelry.

Horse Necklace
There are silver horse charms, horse earrings, horse pendants and horse necklaces. The most popular of all these types of horse jewelry is the horse necklace.

The sterling silver horse necklace is great for horse lovers. The horse necklaces come in four lengths and three types of chains. If you want to make your own horse necklace then you can select from silver horse charms and many other sterling silver chains and have a customized horse necklace.