Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heart Jewelry

Heart Jewelry

"Love is not finding someone to live with; It’s finding someone you can’t live without"

"Wherever your heart is, that is where you'll find your treasure"

Love is an amazing thing. You can feel love, you can see love, you give love, you can receive love, its a feeling that never ends. When you love someone you want that person to know how much they're loved. How could you show someone your love everyday when you can't be around them? Simply just by giving them sterling silver heart jewelry.

Sterling silver heart jewelry is the best way to show someone your love through jewelry because, just like love, sterling silver lasts forever. So when you give the person you love a sterling silver heart charm, it will last as long as your love--that is the best gift.

Sterling silver heart charms are also great because they never go out of style, and they are durable. You can wear your sterling silver charms with any outfit, for any occasion and for every season. Love never goes out of style.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry


Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is full of so many types of Celtic knot jewelry that are so full of Irish and Celtic symbols and imagery that they all really qualify as there own genres. There is sterling silver Celtic rings, Irish Claddagh rings, Irish Celtic earrings, Irish Celtic necklaces, and many Irish Celtic charms and pendants and much more.

The terms of Irish Jewelry and Celtic knot jewelry for most people around the world are synonymous with each other. There are a few things that are uniquely Irish jewelry and there are a few items that are uniquely Celtic knot jewelry but most are cross over types of jewelry be at home in the Irish jewelry genre or the Celtic knot jewelry genre.

Some Irish jewelry pieces like shamrock and clover jewelry are particularly Irish inspired but can still be considered Irish Celtic jewelry. Claddagh jewelry is also uniquely Irish with some exceptions.

CELTIC KNOT JEWELRYThe tradtional Celtic knot jewelry is based on the Celtic knot design but as you will see under the Irish Celtic segement of the post, there is alot of overlap.

The Irish celtic jewelry is where you mix two icons, one from the irish jewelry gnere and a Celtic icon from the Celtic jewelry genre together. Check out thiese examples:

This is a Irish Claddagh pendant with Celtic knot and Celtic Trinity knot symbols. a perfect example of Irish Celtic jewelry. To see to more examples of this type of jewelry click on Irish Celtic jewelry.

Religious Cross Necklaces

Religious Cross Necklaces

When it comes to religious cross necklaces you won't find a better quality selection of religious cross necklace or a bigger one than the one you'll find at Religious Cross Necklace.

They have to many variations of sterling silver religious cross necklaces that it bears singling a few out every so often to see what they various designs and styles are about.

In all of Christianity one of the most popular and classical poems is called "Footprints In The Sand". In honor of this special poem jewelry artisans have created a few different footprints cross necklaces.

In honor of these footprints cross necklaces here is that delightfully classical Christian poem, one can never read it to much.

Footprints In The Sand

One night a man had a dream. He dreamed

he was walking along the beach with the LORD.

Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.

For each scene he noticed two sets of

footprints in the sand: one belonging

to him, and the other to the LORD.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him,

he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

He noticed that many times along the path of

his life there was only one set of footprints.

He also noticed that it happened at the very

lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him and he

questioned the LORD about it:

"LORD, you said that once I decided to follow

you, you'd walk with me all the way.

But I have noticed that during the most

troublesome times in my life,

there is only one set of footprints.

I don't understand why when

I needed you most you would leave me."

The LORD replied:

"My son, my precious child,

I love you and I would never leave you.

During your times of trial and suffering,

when you see only one set of footprints,

it was then that I carried you.

Most retail cross necklace web sites sell one Footprints cross necklace. This web site carries two Footprints in the sand cross necklace.


The scope of religious cross necklaces is vast and  inspirational. Wear one to act as you constant visual reminder of the special faith you have.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sterling Silver CLaddagh Jewelry

Sterling Silver Claddagh Jewelry

The Irish Claddagh is a wonderful symbol. As far as popularity, it is right up there with the Heart and Cross as jewelry icons go.

The Irish Claddagh is made up of a pair of hands that hold a heart. The heart is wearing a crown. The heart means love, of course. The hands mean friendship. The crown is loyalty and fidelity. What rich symbolism...It's no wonder that sterling silver Claddagh jewelry is such a popular genre if Irish jewelry.

The single most popular way people wear the Claddagh is with sterling silver a sterling silver Claddagh ring.

Besides the sterling silver Claddagh rings, Claddagh jewelry is made up of Claddagh necklaces, pendants, earrings, and charms. You can wear a full complement of Claddagh jewelry from Claddagh rings to a Claddagh necklace.

The Claddagh necklace is made from Claddagh pendants and Claddagh charms. There are several Claddagh necklaces to choose from. Each Claddagh necklace comes with three different sterling silver chains to choose from and they each have four lengths to choose from. when you are buying your Claddagh necklace from this site  Claddagh Necklace you are getting a nice selection just right for your tastes and interest in Irish necklaces.

Not only is there a great selection of Claddagh necklaces but there is a nice selection of Claddagh charms that can be used to make a Claddagh necklace and Claddagh bracelets. You can also use the Claddagh pendants to make Irish Claddagh necklaces.

The Claddagh pendant is a great symbol the represents the best in Irish culture as well as for making Irish necklaces. You have a wide range of choices when looking for an Irish Claddagh pendant.

The Claddagh pendant calls to mind some of the Irish culture which is responsible for providing the rest of the world some nice Irish quotes and sayings like:

"May God be with you and bless you, May you see your children's children, May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness From this day forward. "

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sterling Silver Irish Cross Pendants

Sterling Silver Irish Cross Pendants

Sterling silver Irish cross pendants are some of the most symbolic and decorative cross pendants in the entire cross jewelry genre.

What's different between the Irish silver cross and the traditional cross? Since a picture is worth a thousand words we'll use a few pictures to compare the difference between a Celtic cross and a traditional cross pendant. Look at these two pictures of cross pendants:

These are average or typical cross pendants.

Now look at a Celtic cross:

You can see a substantial difference between this one Celtic cross and the other cross pendants. There are many Celtic cross pendants. We'll look at a few. But before we do let's talk about Celtic cross pendants and there basic symbolism differences.

Everyone knows the symbolism of the traditional cross. The Celtic cross adds a Celtic circle at the intersection of the cross. Sometimes this is all the is different between the crosses.

The Irish cross has other symbolism like various types of knot work. The knot work typically represents eternity. There is also a Trinity knot which is a Celtic knot that has three corners. Each corner represents a member of the Trinity. These Irish crosses that were talking about are all made from sterling silver.

The Claddagh cross pendant adds additional symbolism to the Celtic cross. The Irish Claddagh. It is a symbol where a pair of hands holds a heart which is wearing a crown. The hands mean friendship and the heart is lover. The crown means loyalty. The Claddagh adds some really nice additional symbolism to the Irish cross.

Sterling Silver Irish Jewelry


Sterling silver Irish jewelry is a very popular and delightful genre of sterling silver jewelry. Silver Irish jewelry is a cross over jewelry. Silver Irish jewelry can cross over into a total of three genres. The typical Irish jewelry fits into the Celtic jewelry genre, then of course, it is by default part of the Irish jewelry genre. Then the Irish cross necklace part of silver Irish jewelry also falls into the cross jewelry genre.

The most popular type of silver Irish jewelry is the sterling silver Irish Claddagh Ring and after that, the next most popular type of Irish jewelry is the Irish necklace.

The Irish culture is as much fantasty as it is enchancting and historical. What country or culture do you know that has as many popular quotes and sayings atrributed to it? Not many.

For Irish weddings you can celebrate with elegant sterling silver Irish jewelry and some delightful Irish blessings and sayings like this one:

"Don't walk in front of me I may not follow.

Don't walk behind me I may not lead.

Walk beside me And just be my friend."

There are so many Irish blessings and sayings for almost all occassions and you'll find many of those proverbs on the same page as these Irishly delighful page of

The Irish necklaces on the page of silver Irish jewelry that we're talking about are attractive to the Irishman and the Irish lover.

With each Irish necklace you get twelve choices. You get to choose from three sterling silver necklace chains. Each chain comes with four lengths of chain. This is really a point worth noting because so many sterling silver necklaces come with a charm or pendant and one chain and one length, take it or leave it. But not this collection of Irish necklaces.

The Irish necklace is not the only type of Irish jewelry for sale on this page. There are four leaf clover earrings, Irish charms and Irish pendants. They also link to Claddagh rings, Irish earrings and Claddagh jewelry. So in reality the whole collection of Irish jewelry is many hundreds of Irish jewellery pieces. Someone aught to count up the whole collection of Irish jewelry some day. If your listening HandCraftedCollectibles.

Turtle Jewelry: Timeless

Turtle Jewelry: Timeless

Turtles are known to be one of the oldest reptiles. They are believed to be around before lizards, birds and snakes. Some species of turtles are known to live to be about 100 years old. A turtles shell is made up of about 60 bones that are all connected, which gives it strength and durability. Turtles are a timeless animal, they were here in the beginning and will be here in the end. has the perfect thing for any turtle lover: sterling silver turtle jewelry. They have a wide selection of sterling silver turtle charms and necklaces. Sterling silver is the best way to represent turtle jewelry because of its durability. Sterling silver is light weight, but very durable and will last for years to come. Just like the turtle living for years and years, your sterling silver turtle jewelry will last for years and years.

Once you find your favorite sterling silver turtle charm SilverAnimals has to offer, then you combine it with a sterling silver chain.  SilverAnimals gives you the option of three different sterling silver chains and four choices of length. With this combination you will have the perfect sterling silver turtle necklace for you and will last for years to come just like your favorite animal.

Track and Field Jewelry

Track and Field Jewelry

Spring has sprung, and so has the great sport: Track and Field. This is every runners favorite season, this is when runners get to compete in multiple competitions ranging from sprints, long distance, hurdles, throws and relays. All around the world people compete in track and field competitions, and is one of the best sports in the Summer Olympics to watch. A great way to show off your love for track and field is by sterling silver track and field jewelry. offers a wide range of track and field jewelry. They offer a variety of sterling silver track and field necklaces with a selection of sterling silver track and field charms. Some of their best sellers are their runners necklaces. These necklaces are great because they can be personalized. If your a girl, they have a sterling silver female runner charm on the necklace. But if your a guy, they have a sterling silver male runner charm.

No matter what event your in, there is always one thing in common, your shoes. The most important thing about running is having great shoes. SilverAnimals has the best sterling silver running shoe charm to go with any track and field necklace. All of SilverAnimals necklaces are durable and made to last. This is because of their sterling silver chains. You get a choice of three different sterling silver chains, with a choice of four different lengths for the perfect track and field necklace.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sterling Silver Cross Pendants

Sterling Silver Cross Pendants is known to have the very largest collection sterling silver cross pendant necklaces in the world on the Internet and probably any brick and mortal store. It's no surprise that they have the biggest sterling silver cross pendant collection online in America and probably the world.

Counting the sterling silver cross pendants, sterling silver cross charms and sterling silver Celtic cross pendants they have over 100. The cross pendant is the center piece of most cross necklaces and other cross jewelry.

When you consider all the crosses they have between their four different pages of sterling silver cross pendants and charms...and all the crosses in their cross rings and cross earrings pages, they have an extremely large quantity of silver crosses. If you throw in the thousands of cross pendant necklaces they have then you're looking at yet again another record. The largest world wide collection of sterling silver crosses.

This isn't meant to be a brag post on HCC's web site. It's meant to make a point. For sheer size of their crosses you have the biggest collection of jewelry crosses bar far than another one else in a retail outlet online or off line. You are bound to find what you like many times over.

With a site of so many crosses you might think that collection could be a little intimidating. Not really. they have many separate pages breaking these sterling silver cross pendants and charms. They break down the Celtic cross pendants from the Celtic cross necklaces and all the cross pages which are substantial are broken by genre to make your shopping experience much nicer.

Friendship Jewelry

Friendship Jewelry

"May there always be work for your hands to do, may your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine on your windowpane, may a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you, may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you."    - Irish Blessing .

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future,
and accepts you just the way you are.”

A friend is a great thing to have, but having a best friend is a treasure. There is no better way than by giving your best friend a sterling silver friendship necklace to show them how much you care about them. Sterling silver is very durable and of great quality, just like a best friend should be. There is no better way to show appreciation to your best friend than by a sterling silver friendship necklace. has a great selection of sterling silver friendship jewelry. With their wide variety there is the perfect necklace for your best friend. The friendship necklaces offered at SilverAnimals comes with a sterling silver chain, sterling silver charm and a sterling silver affirmation ring. You have your choice of length for your necklace. With all these options, you will have a personalized friendship necklace.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Celtic Jewelry

Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

The single most popular piece of sterling silver Celtic jewelry is the Claddagh ring. The Claddagh ring is great for a friendship ring an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a promise ring and a Irish ring. How can the Claddagh ring fit so many categories?

It's all in the symbolism of the Claddagh: There is a pair of hands holding a heart. There is a crown resting upon the heart. The hand mean friendship, the love represents love and the crown stands for loyalty and fidelity.Click here for Claddagh ring history.

So now you understand the meaning of the Irish Claddagh ring you can see why it fit's into so many types of jewelry. There is also a genre of Claddagh jewelry that is made up of earrings, necklaces, charms and pendants. But we will limit this post to just the Irish Claddagh ring.

In the Claddagh ring collection they carry many styles of the sterling silver Irish Claddagh ring and they have rings sizes from 4 to 13.

With understanding the meaning of the Claddagh symbol you can easily see why it is used as a Irish wedding ring. The factor that the Irish wedding ring is made from the precious metal sterling silver also makes it a great choice for Irish wedding rings. There are Irish Claddagh rings that are just right for the bride and Irish Claddagh rings perfect for the groom.

Irish Claddagh rings can be used for all types of situations because the Claddagh symbol is so diverse and unique.


Silver Cross Jewelry For Women

Silver Cross Jewelry For Women

Silver cross jewelry for women covers cross necklaces for women, silver cross earrings and other cross jewelry design for the Christian women. The cross necklaces for women is the single biggest sub genre of the necklaces for women category of silver jewelry.

This blog is going to show two examples of how some of the cross necklaces for women match with silver cross earrings to make a set.

Even though we are only showing to sets of cross earrings you can click on silver cross earrings and see many, many more cross earrings for sale.

Look at this pair of cross dangle earrings:

Now look at this womens cross necklace:

This women's cross necklace goes perfectly with the silver cross earrings shown above. Buy them both and have an inspirational set of cross jewelry for women.

Look at this pair of cross earrings:

Look at this womens cross necklace and compare with the silver cross earrings above, they also make a perfect match. There is a vast collection of cross jewelry for women at!

Seashell Jewelry

Seashell Jewelry

Do you love going to the beach and just walking through the sand, looking at the ocean and collecting seashells? That, besides the beautiful sunset, is the best part of the beach. But most Americans don't live near a beach. Only those that live on the West and East Coasts have access to the beach and beautiful seashells. For the rest of Americans who want seashells and can't get to the beach, the best way to be able to have your favorite part of the beach with you is by wearing a sterling silver seashell necklace.

Sterling silver seashell jewelry, is the best way to display seashell jewelry because sterling silver is great quality, is durable, and goes with any outfit because its great silver shine. offers only the best seashell jewelry. When you find the perfect seashell charm, how would you hang it? Well the answer is by wearing a sterling silver chain. SilverAnimals has three different chains to choose from with four different lengths to choose. With the perfect sterling silver seashell charm and perfect sterling silver chain, you will have the perfect sterling silver seashell necklace.

Sterling Silver Clover and Shamrock Jewelry

Sterling Silver Clover and Shamrock Jewelry

Clover jewelry and Shamrock jewelry are different names for the same thing. A three leafed clover originally made popular in Ireland where legend has it that St. Patrick used the three leaf clover to teach the Holy Trinity to the Pagan Irish.

A four leaf clover is also a shamrock. It is a rarity. On Average there is one four leaf clover for every ten-thousand three leaf clovers. Irish tradition made the four leaf clover a lucky charm.

For one of the most unique and exciting web pages to shop for sterling silver Clover jewelry or even clover necklaces, charm and pendants click on Clover jewelry.

In the genre of Shamrock jewelry there is three leaf clover necklaces and four leaf clover necklaces. They even have a four leaf clover necklace.

Because the three and four leaf clovers are in the same shamrock genre. A clover necklace could refer to either three leaf or four leaf clover necklaces.

In fact, this Clover and Shamrock Irish jewelry page has both and so they specify the difference using the clover necklace to represent the traditional three leaf clover necklace and the four leaf clover necklace to representing the Irish lucky charm.

In their four leaf clover jewelry category they also have some very distinct in detail four leaf clover post earrings.

These sterling silver shamrock or clover jewelry is fun to wear on St. Patricks day and every day. They are a favorite among the Irish and the Irish fans. I'd like to leave you with an Irish blessing to ponder...

May you always have...

Walls for the winds

A roof for the rain

Tea beside the fire

Laughter to cheer you

Those you love near you

And all your heart might desire.