Sunday, March 25, 2012

Irish Jewelry

Irish Jewelry

Sterling silver Irish jewelry is a great genre of jewelry celebrating Irish heritage and Irish culture and is popular among Irish and American jewelry wearers. In fact more Irish jewelry is made and bought in America than Ireland.

Of all the Irish necklaces and of most of Irish jewelry the clover necklace is the most popular type of Irish jewelry. The only type of Irish jewelry more popular than the clover necklace is the Claddagh ring.

The Clover necklace includes three-leafed clovers and four-leafed clovers. Look at the examples of the clover necklace genre.

Irish jewelry has other types of Irish necklaces and Irish charms that celebrate the Irish culture like the Irish jig dancer, look at this Irish necklace below:

Irish charms provide many different Irish themed Irish charms, some celebrating Irish dancing like this Irish soft shoe shown right below:

The Irish charms, the Irish necklaces and clover necklaces all make up a great collection of silver Irish jewelry.

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