Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is a vast genre of all types of jewelry that have a Celtic or Irish theme. In this blog about Celtic jewelry we will look into Celtic earrings and Celtic necklaces. But not just any Celtic necklace or not just any Celtic earrings, we are going to specifically looking into matching Celtic earrings and Celtic necklaces.

Let's look at match number one...between a Claddagh necklace and Claddagh earrings.

Now after looking at these sterling silver Claddagh earrings with a green CZ. Now compare this delightful pair of Claddagh earrings with a sterling silver Claddagh necklace that matches the earrings exactly.

Let's take a look at a pair of Celtic earrings that match a Celtic necklace.

Look at the sterling silver Celtic earrings that are designed with Celtic trinity knots.

Check out this sterling silver Celtic necklace also decorated with the Celtic trinity knot just like the Celtic earrings above.

This sterling silver sample of Celtic jewelry is so small compared to how much sterling silver Celtic jewelry there is. We haven't even touched on Celtic and Claddagh rings, charms and pendants.

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