Monday, March 19, 2012

Celtic Crosses

All of these Celtic crosses are sterling silver and all of these Celtic crosses come with chains that are sterling silver. Celtic crosses are extremely variable because there is so much that can be don with Celtic knots and these Celtic crosses are mainly decorated with Celtic knots that have a Christian symbol.

The Celtic cross almost always has a "Celtic circle" at the intersection with few exceptions.  The Celtic cross below is a more unique type of Celtic crosses. This Celtic cross is influenced by the Celtic trinity knot.

The Celtic cross below is also a Celtic trinity design as well. To understand many of the Celtic cross types learn the Celtic cross meaning which explain most of the Celtic cross necklaces and many of the unique Celtic crosses.

The Irish cross is very close to the Celtic cross and often these Irish crosses and Celtic crosses are intermixed. The Irish cross below features symbols from both Irish symbolism and Celtic symbolism.

Enjoy the Christian Celtic cross necklace in many types and designs.

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