Saturday, March 24, 2012

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Sterling silver Celtic pendants and Celtic knot pendants are a big part of Celtic knot jewelry. Celtic knot jewelry as opposed to "Celtic jewelry" implies a little something different...The difference is that Celtic knot jewelry implies only Celtic jewelry that uses Celtic knots.

Let's take a look at Celtic pendants and see what is offered with the Celtic knot. Notice in all these pictures the Celtic knot has a least one thing in common, the Celtic knot pendant is some sort of geometric design which is a large part of the Celtic knot pendant.

Celtic pendants are very useful in making your own custom designed Celtic knot pendant necklace. Select some Celtic pendants from the collection of sterling silver Celtic pendants and then select silver chains or some black cord to the Celtic pendant and you have your own unique Celtic pendant necklace.

Sterling silver Celtic pendants can vary from Celtic trinity pendants to Celtic eternity knot pendants to Celtic cross pendants to Celtic zoomorphic pendants and the list could ramble on for a few sentences. The point is this blog isn't big enough to list all the dozens of Celtic pendants.

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