Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dragonfly Totem Meaning


Until I started reading up on the totem symbolism of the dragonfly I didn't think much about the dragonfly or know much about the dragonfly. The sterling silver dragonfly jewelry is an amazing collection of jewelry dedicated to the amazing dragonfly.
Let's look at the dragonfly symbolism of the meaning of the Dragonfly totem.  When you're talking about animal or totem symbolism you are typically talking in generalities. The key to the totem is what animal are you drawn to more than other animals. Then it helps to understand the attributes of the animal. 
With the Dragonfly totem... it represents wisdom, transformation and adaptability.  Those attributes are based on the physical aspects of the dragonfly.  Attributes like change and light also connect people to the dragonfly.
The sterling silver dragonfly necklaces shown here are made with a silver dragonfly pendant.  If the Dragonfly is your totem then celebrate it with a silver dragonfly necklace.  Additionally you can use a dragonfly pendant as a good luck charm or reminder of your spirit animal.
Other great attributes of the dragonfly are adaptability, joy, and lightness.  It is also used as a symbol for digging deep into your feelings and emotions.
The collection of silver dragonfly jewelry that these types of dragonfly jewelry comes from has a full ranges of dragonfly types.

There are two types of silver dragonfly necklaces that include a "love" word pendant that speak to dragonfly lovers.  The sterling silver dragonfly necklace in this collection is very diverse while pointing out the grandness of the dragonfly itself.
The dragonfly is also symbolic of a connection between you and nature and the spirit of nature and spiritual realm of nature, or at least to those who think that way. However you like the dragonfly, celebrate that with highly reflective sterling silver dragonfly jewelry.

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