Sunday, January 5, 2014

Clover Jewelry


Sterling silver clover jewelry is a sub-genre to Irish jewelry. It specializes in various types of clover jewelry like clover earrings, clover necklaces, four-leaf clover necklaces, clover pendants and clover charms.
Irish jewelry is much bigger than just clover jewelry but sterling silver clover jewelry is huge so we will devote this blog post to clover jewelry.

The first two types of clover jewelry are a pair of matching four-leaf clover jewelry in the form of a four leaf clover necklace and a pair of four leaf clover earrings. Even though the size of the four leaf clover in the earring and the charm appear to be different, in reality they are the same size and are designed to be a set.

The sterling silver clover necklace shown just above is a three leaf common clover but a big part of clover jewelry.  The clover necklace comes in many sizes and shapes even though their are only three leaf and four leaf clovers.

The collection of Irish clover jewelry shown in this post all come from the same collection and there are many more types of clover jewelry to see as well.

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