Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trinity Knot Necklace

Trinity Knot Necklace

Of all the Celtic necklaces the trinity knot necklace is among the most popular. The trinity necklace appeals to the Celtic jewelry lover as well as the Christian who likes the trinity knot symbolism. The trinity knot necklace is also known as the Triquetra necklace which has many Celtic symbols of its own.  We will confine our look at the Christian meaning of the trinity knot necklace.

The Trinity knot necklace shown above is a personal favorite of mine that I wear in a black cord. It has the required elements to make it a trinity necklace, three corners and three sides.
The Celtic necklace above is a very popular Celtic trinity necklace. It has a Celtic circle of life in the trinity knot. From a Christian perspective this is a symbol of eternity which adds nicely to the Christian theme of the Trinity necklace.
The Christian celebrate the Holy Trinity representing the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Each corner or side of a trinity knot represents a member of the Holy Trinity.

As you can see by all these trinity necklaces the Celtic Trinity necklace comes in many varieties that appeal to all types. It is a symbolic Christian icon that you can feel comfortable wearing at any time and in any circumstances.


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