Monday, December 16, 2013

Compare Cross Pendants To Cross Charms

Compare Cross Pendants To Cross Charms

The cross is the most prominent type of Christian symbol of all time. The cross is a huge part of Christian jewelry. So what is the difference between sterling silver cross pendants and cross charms?

Cross Pendants

We will look at the difference between the two and show examples of them as well. Let's start with an example of cross pendants.

The cross pendant has a "bail" that allows the silver cross pendant to hang from a chain.
The silver cross charms have "split rings" that allow the cross charms to hang from a silver chain or charm bracelet.
 Looking at the two examples above of the silver cross pendant and the silver cross charm you can see the bail is not adjustable so it wouldn't connect to most charm bracelets but the split ring on the cross charm would be flexible enough to hang from a charm bracelet and a silver chain.
While the "bail" on a cross pendant is more sturdy the split ring is more flexible allowing the cross charm to be used for both a necklace and charm bracelet.

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