Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Fantasy Jewelry


The sterling silver Celtic jewelry genre is the most popular type of Celtic jewelry. It is more popular than gold Celtic jewelry of stainless steel Celtic jewelry or any other type of Celtic jewelry. We will confine our look at Celtic Fantasy jewelry to the type made from sterling silver because we have more choices to choose from.
Because the Celtic knot in Celtic knot jewelry is so versatile it allows Celtic jewelry to lap over into the fantasy genre. Think of how many fantasy movies over the years you've seen with Celtic knots used in the movies in so many ways. This can range to the very obvious Charmed Triquetra charm from the "Charmed" TV series.
The sterling silver Celtic knot necklace and the Celtic knot pendant are where you find more selections of Celtic fantasy knots and designs that you would in Celtic rings. But that's alright. Celtic knot necklaces are more showy than a Celtic knot ring.
The sterling silver Celtic earrings also feature some wicked awesome fantasy style Celtic knots like this pair of Celtic knot earrings
Just keep in mind when your looking for fantasy jewelry for whatever reason go to Celtic jewelry.  From all these examples it is clear that Celtic jewelry provides what you look for in fantasy jewelry.


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