Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Irish Claddagh Jewelry


Irish jewelry is as vast and rich as it sounds. One aspect of Irish jewelry is Claddagh jewelry. Since the full collection of Irish jewelry is beyond the scope of this post we will examine some of the cool aspects of Claddagh jewelry.

The Claddagh symbol is comprised of hands, heart and a crown. The hands represent friendship, the heart equates to love and the crown stands for loyalty and fidelity.

Claddagh Jewelry

The most popular type of Claddagh jewelry is the Claddagh ring but the biggest variety of Claddagh symbol styles are found in Claddagh pendants and Claddagh necklaces. Let's check those types of Claddagh jewelry out.

So far we have seen a Claddagh charm, a Claddagh pendant and a Claddagh necklace. In each instance the Claddagh symbol has all the required elements to be a Claddagh but they all look different but similar.
The hands are there for friendship,
The heart is there for love.
For loyalty throughout the year,
The crown is raised above.
The Claddagh pendant is great to make a Claddagh necklace with while the Claddagh charm works on both a charm bracelet and a silver chain. The Claddagh charm does double duty.
The sterling silver Claddagh necklace can be used as a great gift for your lover or your friend. The Claddagh necklace can be bought and used by you because you appreciate the symbolism or like that aspect of Irish culture.

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