Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making Your Own Cross Jewelry

Making Your Own Cross Jewelry

With cross pendants for men and women and cross charms for men and women you can make your own customized, personalized and inspirational cross jewelry.  Making your own cross jewelry is very easy.  You simply select mens cross pendants and cross charms and then if you want a cross necklace you buy a silver chain or some other type of necklace.  If you want to your cross jewelry to be a cross charm bracelet then select from several sterling silver charm bracelets.

By way of clarification let's make sure we are talking the same language or understand the difference between a pendant and a charm.  Looking at the cross pendant above you can see the cross pendant has a "bail" connected to the cross pendant.  This allows the cross pendant to be hung from a necklace, but only a necklace.
Now compare this cross charm shown just above, it has a "spilt ring" connected to the cross charm. This allows it to be connected to both a necklace and a charm bracelet.

There are so many sterling silver cross pendants that is helps, when possible to narrow the cross pendants into groups to help is narrowing the cross pendants down. One such way to  divide the cross pendants into cross pendants for men and cross pendants for women. Celtic cross pendants and Fleur de Lis cross pendants etc.
However, those divisions are not absolutely accurate because the division is subjective. What may be labeled as a cross charm for men may actually appeal to a women and the other way around also applies. 
The same thing applies to sterling silver cross charms. Some for women some for men and all for both.  The silver cross charm is very versatile as we pointed out. If you want to hang it from a silver chain you can do that.
If you want to use a cross charm to make a cross charm bracelet then get a nice charm bracelet.  These ideas with cross pendants and charm with silver chains and charm bracelets are a great way to make your own cross jewelry.

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