Friday, May 17, 2013


The Triple Threat Of Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry

When I reference the "triple threat" of sterling silver Celtic jewelry I am talking about how Celtic knot jewelry belongs in three genres of sterling silver jewelry: The Celtic knot jewelry genre itself, Christian jewelry and Geometric designed jewelry.
We will look at a little of each of these genres with Celtic knot jewelry examples.


The first genre we will look at is Celtic knot jewelry.  Pretty much any type of sterling silver Celtic jewelry fits in the Celtic knot jewelry genre. The pictures to this point all fit into Celtic knot jewelry.
Silver Celtic jewelry also belongs in the Christian jewelry genre as well.  There are two types of silver Celtic jewelry pieces that belong to Christian jewelry. The Celtic cross necklace and the silver Trinity necklace.
The picture on top is one of the more popular Celtic cross necklaces. The next Celtic necklace is an example of the many Trinity knot necklaces.

Celtic Jewelry For Women And For Men

Celtic knot jewelry, silver Celtic jewelry and Celtic jewelry for women all have geometric designs that place Celtic knot jewelry into the geometric jewelry genre.

Silver Celtic jewelry for women have all types of designs that fit into geometric designs and all other types of Celtic jewelry.



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