Monday, May 6, 2013

The Popular Types Of Celtic Jewelry For Women

Celtic Jewelry For Women

There are many types of sterling silver Celtic jewelry for women. For example, Celtic jewelry for women includes and is not limited to Celtic knot earrings, Celtic knot pendants, Celtic rings, Celtic cross jewelry with Scottish and Irish jewelry.
Celtic jewelry is vast and if you want to see the full collection of silver Celtic jewelry for women then simply click on Celtic jewelry for women.
We will narrow the look at Celtic jewelry for women to the silver Claddagh ring.


Silver Irish Claddagh Ring

All the Irish Claddagh rings we will look at and all the silver Claddagh ring pictures from this collection are all sterling silver.
To understand why the silver Claddagh ring is so popular you need to understand the Claddagh ring meaning. In fact, the Claddagh ring meaning applies to all Claddagh jewelry.
The silver Irish Claddagh ring or any Claddagh jewelry symbol is comprised of a pair of hands that hold a heart. The heart wears a crown. Knowing the Claddagh ring meaning makes it very thoughtful, symbolic and artistic.
The silver Claddagh ring from this collection comes in sizes for both men and women. Many use them for wedding rings. When you know the silver Claddagh ring meaning you'll understand why.

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