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Aerobic Or Weight Training For Loosing Weight

Aerobic Or Weight Training For Loosing Weight

Every one knows that exercise is very important to loosing weight. Reducing the amount of food intake is very important. What I want to dwell on is which is better exercise for achieving weight lose and sustaining weight lose...aerobic exercise or weight lifting anaerobic exercise.
In simple terms, aerobic exercise is sustained elevation of your heart rate. Typically, aerobic exercise is walking, running, jogging, swimming, aerobic dance, cycling etc.  The most popular type of aerobic is walking because all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and you can walk around the block. Running or jogging is a close second in popularity.
Cycling has grown in popularity.  Swimming is fun but it requires you to go to a place where you can swim, typically a public pool. Most private pools aren't big enough for lap swimming. All aerobic exercising is good for the heart and good for burning calories.
Weight lifting burns calories. In fact, any action by the body burns calories. The greater the effort the more calories are burned. What good is burning calories i you take in more than you burn off? You can never forget you diet.
But remember we are looking for the best exercise for loosing weight and keeping it off. I am not an expert in exercise or dieting but I understand a basic point in loosing weight and using exercising to help.
When you exercise you burn calories and build muscle. The degree of burning calories or the degree of building muscle depends on the degree and regularity of your exercise.
When your muscles are worked out the get damaged slightly and need to repair. That process typically takes about 24 hours to repair the damage. The repaired muscle tissue becomes tougher and bigger. That's how your muscle grows. The act of muscle repair burns calories.
So the act of exercising burns calories and the degree of repair burns calories. The process is exactly why exercise is so important to weight loss and maintaining weight loss.  People say that because of this process weight lifting is the best form of weight management.  Weight lifting is all about building muscle so it stands to reason it would be ideal for weight management. But is it?
Yes, weight lifting is great for wight management but it's not he only dance in town.  From here on out we'll refer to aerobic exercise with the words "running" and "walking".
I you are running three miles every other day and it takes 45 minutes every day, at first you will get a very beneficial weight management benefit.  But if your still doing the same thing for months on end the weight benefit slows down to practically nothing. The secret is intensity. The same applies to walking and swimming etc.
The secret is intensity. The reverse is true of weight lifting. If you don't increase is reps and sets and weight then your body will get use to it and the benefits decline.
So with running or walking you need to increase the intensity. Run up hill or if you're on a treadmill then increase the incline steadily. Another way to increase intensity is to work on your time. If you're walking 20 minute miles then work on 19 minutes miles and then on 18 minute miles. Then work interval training into the equation all to keep working the muscles harder to affect the maximum muscle repair and resultant weight loss.
Now we come to the important issue of motivation.  If your heart and health don't motivate you what will?  But if you're reading this blog it's because your interested or looking for more information or you're doing what I do. I read and constantly review articles partly to learn, partly for motivation and to learn secrets from people who are doing it.
I would like to suggest a unique idea for motivation in addition to all the other good secrets to motivation. The secret is attractive word jewelry. Word jewelry is made up of word charms and these word charms have words engraved on them. A bunch of the words deal with sports and motivational words like HOPE, LOVE, PERSEVERANCE, TRACK AND FIELD, CROSS COUNTRY, SWIMMING, FIERCE, ACHIEVE, BALANCE, LIVE and LIFE.
Between the three types of word charms there are over two-hundred word to choose from. These word charms make wonderful necklaces you can wear as a remind of your exercise goals. You can wear one, two, three or more word charms on a necklace to express your mind set.
Every time you look in the mirror or feel the necklace bounce around you think of your exercise goals.  They really are a great reminder and motivator to keep up with making exercise a lie time pursuit.
The word jewelry is made from sterling silver so do not swim with the word jewelry.
In many of the sports jewelry pages that use word charms are other types of jewelry like running shoes, a hockey stick or a male or female runner etc. Since the primary topic of this post is about walking and running we'll talk about running jewelry as an example of what word jewelry can do.
Notice the running shoes charm that appears in more than one picture. It can be used for any sports activity that requires an athletic shoe.  It is particularly appropriate for weight lifting, running and walking.
Whatever you do, just keep exercising with weights or walking/running or better yet, both!

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