Monday, May 27, 2013

Celtic Jewelry For Christians


Sterling silver Celtic jewelry is so large and contains so many types of Celtic jewelry they even have Celtic knot jewelry for Christians. They have Celtic cross necklaces and Celtic cross pendants.
The sterling silver Celtic cross necklace has elements of Celtic knot jewelry or Celtic knot designs in the Celtic cross pendants.  Part of the Celtic knot jewelry design can also be called geometric designs.
These Celtic line designs come in a circular pattern and square along with Celtic weaves and other geometric shapes. In the Case of the Celtic cross necklace there is almost always a Celtic circle geometric shape at the intersection of the cross.

While the emphasis seems to be on the knot ro geometric designs, not all Celtic cross pendants have circles on them. Let's look at a couple of examples of such a Celtic cross necklace.

The Celtic cross necklace shown just above has Irish three leaf clovers at each end cap. It is still an Irish Celtic cross necklace. Look at this next Celtic cross necklace, it has a Celtic circle on the outside o the Celtic cross necklace.  It is also one of the most authentic Celtic cross necklaces in the collection.

Celtic Cross Pendants

Each of these Celtic cross necklaces and all the rest in the collection come with a choice three silver chains and four lengths but with Celtic cross pendants you can make your own design or style of a Celtic cross pendant. There are many sterling silver Celtic cross pendants to choose from.

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