Monday, April 16, 2012

Kokopelli Jewelry

Kokopelli Jewelry

This blog reviews some of the most popular types of Native American Indian jewelry. We will look at Kokopelli jewelry, Thunderbird jewelry and Man In The Maze Jewelry. We will start with Kokopelli jewelry.

This collection of sterling silver Kokopelli jewelry includes Kokopelli necklaces, Kokopelli charms, Kokopelli pendants and Kokopelli earrings.

Another popular type of Native American jewelry is Thunderbird jewelry. Silver Thunderbird jewelry comes with thunderbird necklaces, Thunderbird charms and Thunderbird pendants.

The sterling silver Man In The Maze jewelry is a popular and delightful type of Native American jewelry. look at this Man in the maze necklace that represents all the man in the maze jewelry.

Disclaimer: None of these Native American jewelry pieces are actually made by Native Americans.

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