Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Love You Jewelry

I Love You Jewelry

The sterling silver I love you jewelry is based on the ASL Pendant which means "I love you". From this ASL pendant comes many types of I love you jewelry as you will see from the pictures in this I love you jewelry blog.

This ASL necklace pendant is 3D with the bail or loop in the back. While this ASL necklace pendant is the major contributor to the "I love you sign language jewelry, it is not the only form of an ASL necklace:

ASL Jewelry and the I love you sign language jewelry are the same thing. Both phrases will lead you to the same page of outstanding heirloom quality jewelry.

ASL jewelry has so many different types of jewelry based on the types of ASL jewelry shown in the first two pictures. Take a look at this ASL jewelry piece:

And then look at this I love you sign language necklace:

I Love You Jewelry is a popular type of jewelry that crosses over to ASL Jewelry. It's a great alternative to the heart necklace. The heart means love where as the ASL necklace means "I love you".

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