Thursday, April 5, 2012

Celtic Crosses

Celtic Crosses

Sterling silver Celtic cross jewelry is a rich and popular way to celebrate Christianities greatest symbol the cross. The Irish cross is one of the most popular types of Celtic cross jewelry.

Celtic crosses come with a larger array of cross designs including the traditional Celtic cross and Irish cross and lots of symbols and knots.

All the Celtic crosses shown in this blog are made with the Irish cross. The Irish cross is made with any Celtic cross necklace that has an Irish symbol. But in a wider application an Irish cross is also a Celtic cross especially if you are from Ireland.

The terms that are used to reflect a Celtic cross necklace are about as varied as a Celtic cross necklace itself.

The Celtic cross jewelry is a collection of Celtic crosses and the Irish cross. They make wonderful Irish cross earrings, Celtic cross rings and most important of all the Celtic cross necklace.

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