Thursday, April 19, 2012

Claddagh Jewelry

Claddagh Jewelry

The sterling silver Claddagh jewelry includes an very large collection of different types of Claddagh jewelry. The Claddagh ring is the most popular and largest type of sterling silver Claddagh jewelry. We will focus on just about all types of Claddagh jewelry except the Claddagh ring.  We will review Claddagh rings in a different post.

The Irish Claddagh symbol comes with a pair of hands holding a heart. The heart is wearing a crown. The hands represent friendship and the heart, of course, means love. The crown means loyalty. The Irish Claddagh is a wonderful symbol that works great on all types of jewelry.

The Claddagh necklace is made from Claddagh pendants. These Claddagh pendants are great symbols of Ireland and the traditional Irish style of jewelry.

Notice that the Claddagh jewelry shown her are mostly the Claddagh necklace. A great part of Claddagh jewelry.

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