Thursday, April 19, 2012

Irish Jewelry

Irish Jewelry

The type of Irish jewelry that we are looking at today is Clover jewelry. In the Irish jewelry sub-genre of clover jewelry are three-leaf clover necklaces and four leaf clover jewelry. All these types of Irish jewelry are made from sterling silver.

Many types of four leaf clover jewelry come in the Irish necklace and four leaf earrings as we shall see in the following post.

So let's see a sample of the Irish clover jewelry.  Clover jewelry is not just three-leaf clover necklaces but it includes the four leaf clover necklace and any other types of four leaf clover jewelry like the four leaf earrings.

This sterling silver four leaf clover necklace is a main stay of clover jewelry.  These is also another type of four leaf clover necklace like the one below which matches a pair of four leaf earrings.

Look at this pair of Irish clover earrings and notice the striking detail in the clover earrings.

Whenever you wish to wear a little bit of Ireland or are interested in some traditional Irish jewelry including clover jewelry just check out this collection of Irish jewelry.

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