Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kentucky Derby 2014 An Underdog Race


Everyone likes an underdog story. If I would have know the story about California Chrome a little bit better I would have rooting for that thorough bred.  They did mention a very short blurb about California Chrome at the start of the race but I was thinking about Medal Count as my horse to root for. I confess it was the story behind his name that attracted me to him.
But after they elaborated on California chrome I was very happy for his victory.  He can from a mare worth $2,500 and a stallion worth $8,000.  In traditional racing circles the horses that run the Kentucky Derby and other similar races come from much more expensive parents. The idea being that they will have better more qualified horses to run the race.
Additionally, California Chrome was bred in California where most of the other racers are born and bred in Kentucky and surrounding areas.
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