Friday, May 2, 2014

Celtic Knot Jewelry


Sterling silver Celtic knot jewelry comes in a wonderful array of Celtic jewelry specifically designed with Celtic knots.

Out of all the sterling silver Celtic knot jewelry pieces, like Celtic knot rings, Celtic knot earrings and Celtic knot necklaces, we will look at a few types of Celtic knot necklaces. Keep in mind that while we are looking at just a few, there are numerous types of silver Celtic knot necklaces that you can see but going to Celtic knot necklaces.

Even the sterling silver Celtic cross necklace falls into the Celtic knot necklaces genre. The Celtic cross necklace above illustrates the use of Celtic knots in a Celtic cross necklace.

The Celtic knot often has specific meanings.  The Celtic knot in the above Celtic knot necklace represents a Celtic knot of "luck".

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